H.S. Teacher Won’t Face Punishment For Promoting Communist May Day March


Superintendent Wilfredo T. Laboy has decided that a high school teacher under fire for forwarding an e-mail advocating that students stay home for this week’s pro-immigrant protests won’t face any punishment. That’s because the teacher, Pedro Payano, sent the e-mail on his own time from his personal computer and it went only to other adults, Laboy said.

Last month, Payano forwarded a general e-mail asking people to take part in the nationwide ‘’A Day Without Immigrants’ protest that took place Monday. The e-mail called for people not to go to work, buy anything, or go to school in support of the May 1 pro-immigration rallies. It was the same e-mail forwarded nationally by immigrant advocate groups.

Tommy Duggan, who runs the website valleypatriot.com, obtained Payano’s e-mail and posted it online saying the teacher was ‘’encouraging kids to skip school in support of illegal aliens.’ A talk show host on 96.9 FM also obtained the e-mail, causing a stream of phone calls and e-mails to Laboy’s office and to Mayor Michael J. Sullivan, who chairs the School Committee.

5 Responses to “H.S. Teacher Won’t Face Punishment For Promoting Communist May Day March”

  1. Sherri Says:

    Any teacher that pushes their political agenda to students should be fired, period.

  2. Eddie B. Says:

    Is Pedro a citizen? Is he speaking at La Raza meetings? Is he a part of Voz De Aztlan? Or worse, is he a member of the Mexica Movement? Friggin’ unbelieveable. If that were a white man sending emails to students telling them at attend a KKK rally they would be howling for blood. It woud make natioanl television. Telemundo would cover it for a year.

    Did Pedro go to work May 1st? Did he get paid for not showing up like the California members of congress?

    Too bad we don’t have his email. I would love to send him a letter.

  3. Mike Says:

    I disagree depending on the class being taught… if it’s political sciences or something along those lines…. and the age of the students.
    However in this case he was promoting the defence of illegals,…SOOOOO fire the traitor!

  4. Educated American Says:

    As some of you may have gathered, I’m a teacher. A history/social sciences teacher. I don’t have my own classroom right now, so I’m substituting. (I’m pretty new to the profession, but I did have a classroom of my own last summer). Anyway, you know what I did on May 1st? I counteracted the protest by BUYING two books: one about the Founding Fathers, and one on The Anti-Federalists. Then I ATE OUT. Touche Mr. Payano!

    Sherri: I hear your frustration. However, there is an overwhelming urge to share one’s views on issues as a teacher - especially if you are a history teacher. It does slip out sometimes. Students will ask you: “Mr. Educated American, what do YOU think about such-and-such?”. You have to kind of catch yourself before you answer. You don’t want to preach to them, but to offer them a full spectrum of views and then say: “Folks, your opinions on these topics are up to you. Don’t take my word for it.” Sometimes you want to go on a rant, though. In recent days, there has been little said in the high school classrooms I’ve subbed for about the May Day or earlier marches. I don’t bring it up because that’s not my job. But boy-oh-boy do I WANT TO! Mr. Payano was at least careful enough to do it on his own time - even if he is flat-out WRONG on the issue.

    Everybody: I’ve got a really juicy story involving L.A. Unified, La Raza, and job interviews that I know everyone here will just LOVE, but I’m starving. I’ve got to eat something. I’ll post my little story on this thread in the next day or so.

  5. The Watchdog Says:

    Educated American,

    You can email me the story and I’ll give it its own thread.

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