Amnesty For Americans First


The politicians like George Bush, Ted Kennedy, Hillary Clinton, and the rest of the open borders lobby, are telling us the illegal aliens deserve amnesty because they are just breaking the law to earn more money than they can earn at home as law-abiding citizens. They don’t say it that way but that’s the translation from their New Speak prattle to real English.

Well, let’s take them at their word. If they want to give amnesty to foreigners who just break our laws to earn more money than they were making, let’s give amnesty to Americans who committed crimes to earn more money that they can make as law-abiding citizens. But let’s give amnesty to the Americans first.

6 Responses to “Amnesty For Americans First”

  1. Sherri Says:

    Kudos to Michael Rogers for an excellent article! He makes a very valid point!

  2. Brad Says:

    Heck lets take this a step further. Lets give amnesty to all the CEOs who have absconded with corporate pensions and the crooked politicians who have taken bribes. Lets not leave out the identity theives, bank robbers, kidnappers, car thiefs, drug dealers, embezzelers and tax evaders. Lets give all an amnesty. Better yet, lets decriminalize any crime on the books that has to do with wanting more money. That way all of us who don’t want to support a government that doesn’t represent us can refuse to pay our taxes because we all want more money!

  3. Mary Says:

    I picked fruit in the Sacramento Valley in the summer for 7 or 8 years when I was a kid. Because I worked the fields in California, I feel entitled to ignore the laws that say I can’t break into Gil Cedillo’s or Mayor VivaLaRaza’s house and steal everything they own. If either of them have a giant screen TV, I would be especially interested, as I’ve been wanting one for years. Also, I’d like to be able to spray paint racist messages on the outside of their houses in garish, ugly graffitti , and to smash my car into theirs without having insurance.

    I picked fruit in California orchards! It’s my right. I’m entitled!

  4. Eddie B. Says:


    Excessive desire to acquire or possess more (especially more material wealth) than one needs or deserves

    Insatiable desire for wealth personified as one of the deadly sins.

    It is all about the money.


  5. mr. basic Says:

    I love that patriot who said since the govt. isn’t doing what “we” want, then let’s fight for “100%” income, sales, state, local tax “exemption-status”; because you know we u.s. patriots wanna make better money so we can finally after over 50 yrs. live a better life. you know like kennedy, bush, cheney, clintons, & tricky dick nixon, oh & bleeding heart carter.

  6. Patsy S. Says:

    HEY AMERICA- REMEMBER THAT WE STILL HAVE THE RIGHT TO VOTE! Give these selfserving greedy politicians a run for their money, which is what the Bush administration and all his cronies are about. As long as they don’t have to look at the day to day destruction in their neighborhoods why should they care what happens in ours. This government is ripping us to shreds financially and they want us to be compassionate to a bunch of people coming here from another country taking over jobs, breaking schools, hospitals, and welfare systems. And, while your at it, can each one of you go rob a bank and send me some money for gas? Don’t worry, just follow the message given to us by this fine government that our laws are to be laughed at and there are no consequences for breaking them.

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