We Are Not All Immigrants

A letter from a Native American.


Native Americans (or American Indians) are insulted every time we hear our President, Congressmen and Representatives and our fellow citizens say the phrase, “We are ALL immigrants”!

Have you forgotten this entire continent was occupied with Indians when the first Europeans came to this continent? Do you remember what we did when you first arrived? We fed you and taught you how to live on this land. We healed you and shared with you. As your population grew and you began to push us off our land, we began our fight for this continent. We were murdered by the masses, but we were conquered. Now we still live here today and we feel this is our nation because we love it as much as anyone can love a nation.

At least we Native Americans did put up a fight! This continent is again being overrun by a new people. We are feeding them, we are healing them, we are educating them. They are growing ever stronger and now they are demanding a voice. They want rights as illegals! They will only demand more and more. When will our America begin to fight? Are we to continue to welcome these people and give away everything that we have all fought for, died for, and worked for?

Why is everyone opposed to a fence? It sends the wrong message? Are we too timid to say, “We don’t want illegals!”? Illegal means unlawful. Why is it wrong to say that? Can’t you see that if nothing is done, we will re-visit this problem in 10 years, then in 20 years, will it take 50 years before we are ready to put up a fence? Can’t you see that will ultimately have to be done? Must we have a civil war before we get serious about this problem?

Please, learn from us. If you don’t want to be living under the Mexican flag, if you don’t want our country to become impoverished, please fight for what we have. And please remember: “We Natives are not all dead, and We Are Not ALL Immigrants”!

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  1. trisha Says:

    When you hear from the illegals they were here first. I don’t want them here. I know the big business men and our government are responsible for this. They are traitors to this country, because they know the impact it is having on America and they keep letting it happen. They want to make us like China so they can tell you when to go the bathroom. Bull Grap

  2. Mary Says:

    I’ve been reading around the blogs on this issue and it seems from my admittedly unscientific survey, most Native Americans are opposed to the illegals.

    Check out this guy, an enrolled Commanche Indian from Oklahoma who is disgusted with what’s going on:


  3. Eddie B. Says:

    Native American says ‘Are we too timid to say, “We don’t want illegals!”? Illegal means unlawful. Why is it wrong to say that?’

    We aren’t timid, we just can’t say what we think. First, we would have to take a poll to see how many people woud be offended if we used the word “illegal”.

    In order to conduct the poll we would have to translate the survey form into 150 different languages (it is a Federal Government law and we sure don’t want to break the law). Then we would have to hire pollsters to go to each house hold (kind off like the census), knock on doors and ask the legal residents what they think of the word “illegal”.

    Now that we have the answers in 150 different languages we would have to do some statistcal analysis becasue the sampling factors for immigrants of Hispanic origin probably got skewed. Some residents migh have thought that the pollsters were from the census bureau, or ICE, and jumped out the window while they were knocking on the front door. At least the illegal immigrants jumped out.

    I would use the word INVADERS but that would be politically inccorect and we don’t want to offend anyone during our poll. And it is very important to have a poll that reflects the opinion of everyone. Including the middle class.

    So, all those middle class Americans in favor of calling an “illegal invader” an illegal invader say “God Bless America”. Man, that felt good didn’t it? And it certainly wasn’t timid.

  4. marleen Says:

    i personally think we have enough legal immigrants here already. why is there such a need for more people from mexico? considering that thousands of our jos are outsourced [gone]..and we have thousands of people from all over the world also doing ‘’jobs that lazy Americans won’t do'’ right here on our soil.

  5. Contessa Says:

    It’s about time we hear from Americans of Hispanic descent who say to the illegal immigrant lobby “You Don’t Speak for Me’, the black community who should be insulted and extremely offended that the illegal immigrant lobby is comparing their unjustified demands as the “civil rights” movement of the ’60’s and Native Americans who are also offended because this was their land, it is still their land, they are U.S. citizens and want our laws enforced like all Americans. It’s time to have the voices of 290 million U.S. citizens heard loud and clear:


  6. The ashamed american Says:

    We should then apologize to nAtive Americans we stoled their land so Why us white are complaning about Mexico. they are not her to kill us nd take everything. If you care so much Then give the Native Americans back their land.

  7. Jimmy Says:

    The Aztec’s never occupied Texas. Comanche’s did, along with other tribes.
    Raza has no claim on Texas, yet they are replacing us as fast as they can.
    And we pay for it.

    Stupid, criminal politicians. The worst crew since the War for Southern Independence.

  8. mr. basic Says:

    I agree w/trisha——- when illegals say they have a right to be here i want them gone. this hispanic-extortion has turned me completely against them.(im a blackmale) the “enabling” public-media said the mayday marching was essentially peaceful. lying-traitors. here in seattle when a car made a wrong turn & drove thru a section of the march downtown, i seen an aerial-view of hispanics “attacking” this guys car!…banging on his trunk-area w/both hands, kicking his doors & attempting to reach thru his window. it was very barbarian(filmed by a media-cam, w/no reply). i also have read(before mayday06)of anti-amnesty protesters across usa being punched in the face & falling to the ground, having water-bottles hurled at them, & being shot by paint-balls!—-1 good thing from this is that it has “opened” my eyes to the countless “other” foreign-nationals that conspired/conspire to cheat our borders “daily” w/absolutely no regard for border laws. isn’t this a declaration of war?!?

  9. nikki Says:

    The Ashamed American- you speak english like it’s your second langue. si? BTW- some Native Americans want illegals out to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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