Phony Mahony Antagonizes Catholics on Immigration Stance

Full Disclosure Network

Los Angeles, CA. Cardinal Roger Mahony violates his own office when calling for his priests to defy U. S. Immigration Laws. This according to Stanley Interrante, host of the “Catholic News & Views” Radio show, when he appeared in a seven minute rebuttal video blog with Cardinal Mahony on the Full Disclosure Network.

5 Responses to “Phony Mahony Antagonizes Catholics on Immigration Stance”

  1. Darlene Says:

    Me thinks that Mahony and his pals may want more little boys to play with. In truth, many pedophile priests from America are exhiled to small towns in Mexico. The peasants are extremely poor and uneducated and look at priests as a true GOD figure. Because of this, they tend to never believe the children when they speak of abuse and molestation. And also, the Catholic Church needs to fatten up those coffers after all of the pedophile suits that they are paying off. Whatever the case, if Mahony doesn’t shut his pie hole, the Church should lose it’s tax exempt status.

  2. Eddie B. Says:

    From those wonderful folks who brought you child molestation.

  3. Mike Says:

    They should remain neuteral in this neither report the eligals nor aid and abid them,,… food water yes spirital guidence yes! If the elligals are in the church leave them be,as soon as the step out of the house of god,,,open game! And no preist should apose this reasoning..
    Church and state are seperate, ..should they be required to report these people,, no. Should they advise these people to turn them self in, yes.
    And they should not directly interject them selves in the way of law enforcement,… no officer should be allowed to force them selves into a house of god to enforce justice…if the priests want to hord illegals, no problem it’s better than herding alter boys,.;. teach pedro to do that job…

  4. marleen Says:

    i am catholic… i am also very disgusted about the lawlessness of the catholic church…the way they turned their backs for YEARS while innocent children were being molested ..the church knew…now they AGAIN acting above the law with this illegal immigrant fiasco… the leaders of the church live like kings,so superior,so removed from everyday living…no worries where the next paycheck is coming from..true elitist.

  5. peter Says:

    go to anti cair.

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