El Presidente Bush Fools No One With National Guard Stunt

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Tonight at 8 pm EST the President of the United States will try, once again, to use rhetoric to secure our borders. It is a continued example of the administration’s strategy of words?
instead of deeds?when it comes to tough issues.

The President will address the nation from the Oval Office calling for the National Guard to be deployed to the nation’s southern border. The plan to commit 5,000 National Guard troops along the border is a wool-over-the-eyes effort to resuscitate the unpopular Hagel-Martinez guest worker amnesty plan (which died in early April) in the Senate today. The President believes through this political stunt he can sound tough on security and the American people will reverse their overwhelming disapproval of his amnesty schemes.

His plan: use the already overtaxed National Guard to assist the Border Patrol, but not give them authority or responsibility for detentions or arrests of illegal crossers. This seems to be taking a direct cue from the successful Minuteman Civil Defense Corps. (whom the president called a “vigilante” group), in that they will simply provide “logistical” support.

This sudden push to “do everything? to secure the border” is “what the American people want,” said the President’s national security advisor Stephen Hadley. However, as the Senate continues to debate a massive guest worker amnesty program, the President has also indicated that his plan to deploy the National Guard is a token gesture to the conservatives of his party who have continued to oppose his scheme to bring in millions of foreign workers to take more American jobs and increase the burden on the middle class.

While his stunt seems to offer a more secure border, the President will continue to press for the Hagel-Martinez guest worker amnesty scheme; a true disaster in the making. Former Speaker of the House and architect of the GOP House takeover, Newt Gingrich admitted as much yesterday to Tim Russert on Meet the Press: “I voted in 1986 for the bill which in fact amnestied three ? almost three million people. It said we’re going to set up a temporary worker program, it said we’re going to control the border, and it said we’re going to enforce the law on, on employers. None of that happened. So now you are where we are today.”

Yesterday, President Bush received a call from Mexican President Vicente Fox “concerned” about the proposed National Guard deployment. President Bush seemed to ease Fox’s worries about securing our southern border as his office released a statement saying that Bush is “analyzing the administrative and logistical support of part of the National Guard, not the army, to help police the border.” That statement alone uncovers the true purpose of this sudden move: political rhetoric to fool the American people.

While the President eases the worries of Mexican President Fox, the American people are still being threatened by not only a border that only looks to be more “secure”, but also by the looming guest worker amnesty proposal set for debate today in the Senate. Please call your Senators to let them know you are NOT fooled by this “political stunt” and that anything less than enforcement-only legislation is NOT acceptable to the majority of Americans. It is time our elected officials listen to their bosses?the American people.

13 Responses to “El Presidente Bush Fools No One With National Guard Stunt”

  1. Jimmy Says:

    And I thought Clinton was bad.
    The phone line to the white house is jammed, or at least I can’t get through.
    Impeachment is looking better and better to me, and I voted for this person.

  2. marleen Says:

    im with you Jimmy..it does not look good ..i just heard oreilly say that'’ Bush will have the national guard on the border along with a guestworker program'’ so a border that is 2 THOUSAND MILES LONG will be ‘’guarded'’..for how long?

  3. Mike Says:

    More spin,…. around and around and Barf !!!!
    Can he really keep this up,…. are people really this retarded… sorry to the retards wouldn’t want to classify them with the pucks that are trying to pull this stuff off,…..
    Can’t believe he called the minutemen vigilantees!!!!
    I mean isn’t that his roll!!! He should be honoring the voluntary service of the minute MEN and WOMAN,… Now if you guys where rich and he smelled money maybe things would be a little different coarse he would just use you guys to make himself look good then push you out of the way while he passes his amnesty bills….

  4. Brad Says:

    5000 troops! What the f*#@ are 5000 troops supposed to do? Big impression Jorge! Yeah that will get us to ease up. I believe the man is truely an imbecile. Of course the idiots in Congress will play this for all their worth. I am so disheartened at the quality of people running this country, it’s like there are no patriots at all in government. No one is willing to do what is right for this country and its people. It’s an everyman for himself attitude. We have nothing but a bunch of leechs in Washington.

  5. Charles From Alabama Says:

    I say vote them all out and start off fresh next year!

  6. James Paul von Helton Says:

    5,000 men on our border is almost insignificant………

    …..Truthfully, it’s like not putting anyone there at all.


  7. Brad Says:

    Be sure to vote in the poll on Lou Dobbs web page. It asks if your Senators or Congressmen vote for an amnesty, will you vote to re-elect them? You can find the poll here:

  8. Brad Says:

    Here is a speech, I think every American wishes the Liar in Chief would give tonight. Check this out, its pretty good.


  9. Bob Says:

    We no longer have statesmen and patriots running our Country, all we have is a bunch of power and money hungry vote chasers. They suck up to what ever minority is making the most noise. We will have our turn in November. Forget party affiliation and vote out anyone who supports/votes for an amnesty bill. It is the only way the American Citizen will ever get the attention they deserve.

  10. Brad Says:

    Hey in case everyone forgot here is what was going on with El Presidente and immigration last year.


  11. Sherri Says:

    I sat and watched that ridiculous PR stunt disguised as a speech and I wanted to throw up. Does he really think that putting a few National Guard troops on the border with no authrority to do anything is going to appease the American people? Sorry, George, but all it’s going to do is make Americans more determined than ever to stop this crap. I certainly wasn’t fooled!
    I saw Tom Tancredo and Peter King on Fox’s O’Reilly Factor, and both said they would not compromise with the Senate on an immigration bill, and that they would fight against any amnesty. King also stated that the guestworker program is nothing but amnesty in disguise. We already know that! Michelle Malkin was also on O’Reilly and stated that this is completely unacceptable and that the speech was nothing but a PR campaign to get the American people off of his back. Right on Michelle!
    Charles from Alabama has the right idea: Vote them all out and get some new blood in there. Vote only for candidates that support enforcing our immigration laws.

  12. IllegalsGoHome Says:

    Bush supports a guest worker program…We need to support a program that has all true Americans speaking to their friends and family and anyone else who will listen, then get them to agree to VOTE THOSE BUMS OUT that show their contempt for US citizens by voting for anything resembling amnesty.

    Dont settle for anything short of:
    + Felony penalties (including jail time) for employers (CEOs, Presidents, top echelon) who knowingly OR UNKNOWINGLY benefit from the hiring of illegal aliens. Penalties would include stiff fines to pay back the people of this country for decades of our tax money being used to subsidize their slavery profits.

    + Enforcing EXISTING immigration laws. Including the empowerment and mandate for local, state, and federal law enforcement to actively and thoroughly investigate immigration violations. NO CATCH AND RELEASE.

    + Holding those responsible to enforce the laws accountable by fining them and putting them in prison for negligence, if they shirk their sworn duties.

    + DEPORTATION OF ALL ILLEGAL ALIENS. No exceptions, no anchor babies.

    + Strong warnings and real sanctions against any foreign government that attempts to meddle in the affairs of the US or any of her State’s governments. Expel any foreign government lobby organizations.

    + DIGITALLY SECURE NATIONAL ID CARDS for US citizens. For US NOT THEM, STUPID!!! When I was nine social security cards were paper, today they are paper, ridiculous! Rework any identification requirements that do not include this ID as one of the required forms of ID. No foreign IDs allowed for any purpose. Require this ID to be presented for ANY and ALL SOCIAL SERVICES, and as the SOLE proof of employabilty.

    + Repealing any Federal, State and local laws that allow government paperwork to be printed in any language other than ENGLISH! Even forms to apply for citizenship should be in English, they will HAVE TO LEARN IT, it’s better to start them off on the right foot.

    + Ending English as a second language classes in all public schools and legislate that children of illegal aliens do not qualify for public education.

    + Replacing jus soli, or right of birthplace with jus sanguinis, or right of blood, period. Unless both parents are naturalized citizens of the US, citizenship should not be granted.

    + Recalling the troops from Iraq and put 36,000 on the border. Transfer all latino border patrol agents from the southern border to the northern border. Fire that hispanic that is currently running the border patrol. I couldnt care less about what happens in Iraq, up to and including putting Saddam back, if it means we can get the troops we need here at home.

    + did I forget anything?

    Even if we only got half of what is on this list it would be two-thousand miles ahead of Bush’s, McCain, Kennedy, Haggle, and the rest of the traitors who want to destroy us.

  13. Anti-Illigal Immigrations Says:

    Recent mass illigal aliens nationwide certainly did not live in shadows,as Bush claimed in his rhetoric, thnks to his support of amnesty. Bush said the vast majority of illegal immigrants are decent people. Well, all illigals are US immigrations criminals. They broke the laws, and one third of inmates in California are illigal aliens. Bush also said that they are part of americans life, that’s because of reluctant deportations enforcements, no interior enforcements, and the failures of broken US immigrations laws.The laws should not protect the laws breakers, only for laws abiding citizens.
    Bush went on to say that’s its unrealistic to round them up for deportations, then why bother having the immigrations laws?. Essentially, Bush was sending a message of acceptance of defeat and surrender in the war against illigal immigrations and admission of Reconquista’s victory.

    Last but not least, illigal aliens have no dinity, as Bush said, otherwise had they would not violate the immigrations laws.

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