Senate Bill To Double Immigration

Washington Times

The immigration reform bill that the Senate takes up today would more than double the flow of legal immigration into the United States each year and dramatically lower the skill level of those immigrants.

The number of extended family members that U.S. citizens or legal residents can bring into this country would double. More dramatically, the number of workers and their immediate families could increase sevenfold if there are enough U.S. employers looking for cheap foreign labor. Another provision would grant humanitarian visas to any woman or orphaned child anywhere in the world ‘at risk of harm’ because of age or sex.

The little-noticed provisions are part of legislation co-sponsored by Republican Sens. Chuck Hagel of Nebraska and Mel Martinez of Florida, which overcame some early stumbles and now has bipartisan support in the Senate.

4 Responses to “Senate Bill To Double Immigration”

  1. nikki Says:

    I voted for Hagel. Wish I could take it back. Nebraska has a dirty little secret- they love the illegals. I will bug Hagel all week. I’m starting to feel overwhelmed!

  2. IllegalsGoHome Says:

    Hang in there Nikki! You are true contemporary patriot. If we can succeed, future generations, that have hopefully learned the lessons of this disaster, will look back and praise the tireless efforts of people like you.

    From one citizen to another, thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you do…I know it’s hard to work all day, then come home to work all night reading and writing about this issue, but we cannot give up. The alternative is is just simply unimaginable.

  3. nikki Says:

    Thank you illegalsgohome- I was having a bad day yesterday, but today i’m all fired up again. I love coming to this website and reading the replies everyone leaves. Watchdog- you make this easy!

  4. Eddie B. Says:

    I voted for Bush…… Wish I could take that one back too. Friggin’ Globalist, Communist, taco-loving turn coat.


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