Blacks Increasingly Join Minutemen Ranks

Washington Times

Blacks in the region are joining the Minutemen who are opposed to illegal aliens working in the United States, saying they take jobs from blacks and piggyback off the strides made during the civil rights movement.

Several blacks Friday attended a Minuteman rally in the District. And yesterday, Ted Hayes, a black Los Angeles-based homeless activist and founder of the Crispus Attucks Brigade, held a rally in Upper Senate Park denouncing attempts by immigrant rights groups to link their movement to that of black civil rights.

‘Illegal immigration is the greatest threat to black people since slavery,’ Mr. Hayes said. ‘The civil rights movement was made by black citizens of this country, but [illegal aliens] are claiming civil rights as a key to cross the American border illegally.’

He and several area blacks at the rallies said losing jobs is their biggest concern.

Mr. Hayes said illegal aliens are accepting ’slave wages’ after decades of blacks’ not allowing employers to pay them less than minimum wage.

Northwest resident Mae Bruce, 68, said her biggest concerns are illegal aliens’ ‘flooding’ historically black neighborhoods without assimilating and taking advantage of overburdened government resources such as public education and health care.

Sylvia Thomas, a black woman living in Alexandria, recently said she plans to join a local Minuteman chapter.

‘If I’m going to be held to abiding by the law, they should be, too,’ she said. ‘I don’t like my tax money going to people who are living here illegally.’

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  1. Gabriel Says:

    I feel sorry for those black people that are buying into that racist crap
    your all being brainwashed… dumb asses
    Mr Hayes said the following ” Illegal Immigration is the greatest threat to black people since slavery” If I were black Id be insulted.

  2. IllegalsGoHome Says:

    STFU You fascist pig!

    US CITIZENS are waking up and FIGHTING BACK against the GLOBALIST CORPORATE ELITE that are trying to reign in a new era of universal SLAVERY! This is, at best, a BIG MISTAKE on the part of our so-called representatives because they will pay the price at the polls. The US population will RISE UP and take back this country, we have done it before and WE CAN DO IT AGAIN!

    If this travesty is passed the first thing we all need to do is unite and refuse to pay taxes to a tyrannical government that has obviously lost all touch with the electorate.

  3. Sherri Says:

    Gabriel, those people are not being brainwashed. They’re just more pissed off Americans who are tired of being invaded by arrogant people who think that we owe them something. This country is being invaded, and anyone who can’t see that has their head in the sand…or shoved somewhere else…

  4. Gabriel Says:



  5. Contessa Says:

    Gabriel: you have nothing intelligent to say other than use infantile name calling. You must be another anchor baby and product of an illegal alien dominated public school district. No original thoughts to be had. I’m one of millions of Hispanic Americans whose parents had the moral decency to immigrate here legally and make positive contributions to this society without using or accepting handouts from anyone. How dare you disrespect this nation and this country? You are ungrateful and un sin verguenza. Sin Falta.

  6. Donald Says:

    Contessa, NO ONE could have said it more eloquently.
    Great Job!

    If no one believes you, then why are ALL companies forcing press 1 for english…
    To respect this country, others should learn our language.

  7. Jimmy Says:

    I agree with Contessa. Anchor babies are not Americans. Sherri, and Illegals go home are also correct.
    I heard Tim the pig Russert and Katie the communist Couric this morning talking about the Bush speech. Tim said we couldn’t really do anything about this sick problem because of lack of funding.
    What a crock. The money wasted every day trying to educate the uneducatable, like Gabriel, could easily fund another moon shot, much less a true border fix.

    And all this bull about a nonforgable card for these so called immigrants is also bull. They can forge anything. They are the lowest of criminals, and welfare and free schooling moochers.

    Another thing, while I’m ranting. The gov mobsters seem to think we will swallow that the employers of these migrants should catch all the blame and guilt for hiring them in the 1st place.

    That’s a crock too. You are damned if you hire them, but more damned if you don’t. All the ones that don’t get hired have to do is run down to the local priest, and enough hell will be raised to make you wish you never had a business in the 1st place. This actually happened to my parents’ small business in Texas. A government radical lawyerette (of anchor baby extraction) came down and made life costly and miserable for my poor parents for about a week.
    She finally left when she couldn’t find anything wrong with anything. The woman who ran to the priest also disappeared, but not after having cost my folks a lot of lawyer money and emotional distress. But I guess she didn’t give a damn, sort of like Gabriel.

    If the gov was really serious, they would start by policing themselves. No more free services for the ingrate mob from points south. No more anchor baby citizenship, which they don’t deserve.
    No more free lunches, no more free schooling. (You should see how much my school taxes are going up each year to support these freaks)

    But Bush won’t do anything real. He’s “keeping it real”, yea real dumb.

    This white house must be the most out of touch, arrogant, or stupid bunch ever.

    And that’s all I’ve got to say about that, at least for now.

    And Gabriel, we didn’t steal this land, but your kind is. Also your kind is pissing us off big time. No more wasted schooling on anchor baby traitors.

    Bye Bye

  8. John Creasy Says:

    Hey, Gabriel, what, do you really think Blacks are dumb asses?! Because if you do, well, the only dumb ass then is YOU! Listen up, Blacks, like myself, are very political savvy and understand that hispanics/mexicans/latinos, are even more anti-Black than whites. Tell us, mate, how are Blacks faring in Latin America? Please, who do you think you are trying to fool? LOL! Thank God that more and more Blacks are seeing through the latino/hispanic/mexican bs. DEPORT the illegal hispanic/latino/mexican reconquistas and their leech anchor babies…regardless of how old they are…NOW!

  9. BabyDoc Says:

    Anchor babies are not americans, period.

  10. The unknown American Says:


    I hope that you are the first killed in the war that is coming. We are going to take back our country & drive the invaders from it. Your going to leave, either on your own, by force or in a body bag.

    Those whose allegiance is not to the USA need to get out of our country. Interesting how the “whites” allowed the illegals to deomonstrate & march undisturbed, yet when the minutemen marched on washington the illegals were so antagonistic, throwing bricks & rocks that the Mall police had to be there in large numbers.

    It is time to take back our country by force, & we are going to do that. Leave or die. Your choice, I couldn’t care which you stupid ignorant pig. Go back to the toilet Nation you came from.

  11. Patty Says:

    This is not even about a racial thing, It’s about the law. PERIOD. I don’t know why are goverment won’t see that. ENFORCE THE LAWS it will work the ILLEGALS will leave.

  12. Jimmy Says:

    Enforce the laws. They only enforce the one’s they want to.

    The job discription of politicos should be changed. #1. No lawyers allowed to serve in gov.
    #2. Primary job: save money, don’t spend it. #3. Study the Constitution everyday, and follow it.
    #4. Only real people need serve. Those who have been in the real world. (No Kennedy’s, or other trust fund types need apply, since they have no conception of reality.)

    I could go on, but what’s the point. This should happen, but it won’t.

    God save the United States, for our crooked fool politicians won’t.

    I love America, but the gov, I do not love or respect. (With the exception of our brave armed forces.)


  13. Arthur in Alabama Says:

    Unknown American, please don’t use violent rhetoric when talking to that schlub Gabriel! That just makes himself and his buddies more determined to come here illegally and threats just hardens their resolve to stay here!

  14. David Diaz Says:

    The only hispanics who are Anti-Black are The Mexican Mafia. they are mercilesss killers. They have joined up with the white supremacist gang the Aryan Brother hood to kill blacks. Im sorry to all the African AMericans.but its the truth

  15. c. williams Says:

    hey gabriel…i’m a black woman..i’ve lived in east L.A. for six years, a 100% mexican and hispanic community…let me tell ya they were racist as hell…didn’t have a problem calling us the “N” word and other insulting profanities….and letting us know that we didn’t have the right to live there. (the nerve) a bunch of stupid, nasty ass mexicans. eventually the stench got so bad i couldn’t wait to leave lil’ mexico. i say deport all illegals in my country they do not have the right to be here..let alone demand anything in this country…ungrateful leeches…and you’re one ungrateful spic yourself!

  16. The Watchdog Says:


    Do you have a link to a story about the Mexican Mafia and the Aryan Brotherhood joining together because I find it hard to believe and I’ve never heard of this.

  17. peter Says:

    gabriel who do you think is going to fight iran ? mexican .and you said black are brainwash lol

  18. JOHN CREASY Says:

    David Diaz: “The only hispanics who are Anti-Black are The Mexican Mafia. they are mercilesss killers. They have joined up with the white supremacist gang the Aryan Brother hood to kill blacks. Im sorry to all the African AMericans.but its the truth”.

    Watchdog, what he says is the truth. This is taking place, as far as I know, only in the Cali jails where the mexican turds combined with their aryan brotherhood masters outnumber the Blacks. The mexicans want to establish superiorty in the jails and on the streets. They can pull this off in the jails, but not on the streets. Anyway, no Diaz, the mexican turd mafia is just the more glaring expression of latino/mexican/hispanic anti-Black behavior. If you doubt what I’m proferring, then tell us, as I asked, what is the condition of Blacks throughout latin america?

  19. David Diaz Says:

    To Jhon Creasy:I don’t know how Blacks are faring in latin America ive never been there only to mexico. I am Latino and I apologize with the way they are acting. The mexicans and Blacks fight each other because they are minorities and they know the White men can’t be touched. It is sad Whites have some responsibility in this. Did you know us Mexicans have Afro blood in us? Did you know Tha the first president of Mexico was Black? When Blacks would run away from their slave masters they would go where to mexico. Mexicans did not want slavery in Mexico. The whites did, which was also one of the reasons that the Mexican-American war started.

  20. BabyDoc Says:

    David Diaz, would you be kind enough to tell the black posters on this forum what “Miate” means? I have heard many hispanics call blacks this, but I am still unsure as to the meaning of this word….

  21. Jonathan Says:

    David those former slaves were used after the aztecs began to die from plauge which africans had immunities too. The spanish brought the first slaves to the new world in 1502 right after they found it.

  22. Contend Says:

    I am a Black American male, and what I see is Blacks, Whites, and other races living in America are being discriminated against, blacks did go to Mexico to excape slavery, and were treated just as bad as they were in the United States. How many blacks Mexicans own businesses in Mexico, how many Blacks in Mexico are in Politics? Illegal aliens, their illegal children will be removed from the United States. The time is coming when Americans from all races will wake up and do the Job that the Federal Government refuse to do. I have joined the Minutemen in the City where I live, and Blacks are joining, I am in contact with members from the National Action Network ran by Al Sharpton, as well as Members of the Naacp are begining to wake up. We will reclaim America for Legal residents. This is one war Mexico will regret that it started. Our President maybe sleeping at the wheel, the American voter is fully aware of what need to take place. We will Vote out of office, demo, and repubs, who do not have our best interest at heart. I voted for Bush twice, but will go to a third party, probably the Constitution Party, or the independent Party, lets take back our Country!

    The character portrayed on the stamps, one Memin PenguĂ­n, is a caricature of a Mexican of African descent and his mother. Memin was a popular comic book character for about 20 years in Mexico, up to about 1977.

  23. Educated American Says:

    Wow! A lot of passion going on in this thread!

    I’m glad to have people of ANY race in this fight. Two of my closest friends are non-white LEGAL immigrants and they feel the same way as I do. As I’ve said before, you can’t get much more red, white, and blue than being black in America. Most have been here longer than many white or hispanic Americans. African-Americans have fought in nearly every war America has engaged in, the majority of which occured BEFORE the civil rights gains of c.1955-early 70’s. African-Americans have contributed greatly to America’s evolution as a nation. The one thing that touches me personally in that realm is music. Where would our culture be without the likes of Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, John Coltrane, Miles Davis, and Jimi Hendrix? OK - I’m just gushing now, sorry. I say again - welcome aboard brothers and sisters!

    One last note. I was breezing through a chapter on a book about the history of California. It mentioned that many of the Spanish rancheros in alta California didn’t really respond with great enthusiasm when Mexico’s independence was declared in 1821. A few had retained their identities as Spaniards, while others thought of themselves as “Californios”. A couple of these Californios teamed up with some raggedy yankee mountain men and declared the Bear Flag Republic! So let’s not forget that our hispanic/latino brothers and sisters have roots in America’s founding, too.

    (My role in life thus far: “People, remain calm! All is well! Can’t we all just . . . ah, forget it . . .”)

  24. peter Says:

    who cares about sh-t that happn in 1821 that not here or now so drop bs

  25. Jimmy Says:

    Educated American, you are right. The AMERICAN family is of every race, hipanics, blacks, asians, american indians, whites, and all points in between.

    But these illegal freaks, don’t want to be a real member of the family. They are no better than burglers, or break in artists. If they really want to be in the family, then act like it. Learning and USING ENGLISH as a 1st language would show some good faith. But these bozo’s won’t even do that.

    Hooray for the family, boo on the gate crashers and line jumpers.
    Arrogant sob’s.

  26. Educated American Says:

    To Peter: I’m just trying to remind everybody that the historic situation is a little more detailed and nuanced than: “WHITE AMERICANS defeat BROWN MEXICANS in 1848 - end of story!”. Clarification to my previous post: it was in 1836 (a decade PRIOR to the U.S.-Mexican war) that the Californios and Americans declared an independent republic - and lost. They were trying to sort of pull a Texas Republic deal but failed.

    No haters!

    To Jimmy: Its all about assimilation. Immigrants must assimilate and learn English.

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