Senate Bill Will Burden State Taxpayers

Dallas News

As the Senate inches toward votes on a plan that would legalize millions of immigrants, one topic remains unaddressed: What would be the effect on state and local governments?

The fiscal burdens of illegal immigration have long fallen heavily on state and local taxpayers, initially in Texas and other high-immigration states but more recently in places such as Georgia and Utah as migration spreads.

State and local governments pick up the tab for everything from indigent care at hospitals to rising classroom enrollments as well as the majority of incarceration costs for illegal immigrants convicted of crimes in the U.S.

The greatest costs ? health care, education and public safety ? would remain regardless of their residents’ legal status.

In fact, some say, a legalization plan could impose new costs.

As illegal immigrants become citizens, they’d be eligible for food stamps as well as joint federal-state low-income benefits such as Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program.

The Congressional Budget Office estimates the Senate bill would cost $27 billion over its first decade in increased federal spending alone on Medicaid, food stamps and tax credits for low-income taxpayers. And the price tag could balloon in the second decade as the new citizens become fully eligible for a range of government benefits, Mr. Cornyn contends.

‘What is clear is that a large-scale amnesty like the one in the current Senate proposal would cost U.S. taxpayers tens of billions of dollars, and the true impact may not be felt for years to come,’ the Texas Republican said at a recent congressional hearing as he detailed his opposition to the bill.

2 Responses to “Senate Bill Will Burden State Taxpayers”

  1. Sherri Says:

    So what else is new? Isn’t it interesting that the states can’t do enforcement because it’s a Federal responsibilty, but paying for the cost of caring for these illegals is a state responsibility? If the Feds are so hot to have these people here, let them pick up the tab! Otherwise, each state should cut these people off and tell the Fed to STFU or take care of it themselves. Watch how fast enforcement and attrition would take place if the Fed had to foot the bill!

  2. Jimmy Says:

    I am tired of paying ever increasing taxes to support an alien culture and people.
    If you give someone something, they just won’t appreciate it as a general rule.
    Make the illegals pay for the free stuff they get. Stop making Joe and Jill America of all colors pay. Give the illegals the dignity of self paying their own way. But, I forgot, they come from such a corrupt culture, they will refuse to pay. Well, hell, force them to, then……….
    Why doesn’t Jorge & company get it? We have been taxed enough.

    Juan Mexica needs to start paying his own freight. I am as kind hearted as the next guy, but I have been extorted enough. And the flag waving anchor babies last month was the last straw.

    End public education as we know it. It is unredeemable. No more excessive taxation for a zero return. Mexicans and other illegals, pay your own way, you are not our responsibility or our childrens’. You are wrecking our country, and we resent the hell out of it. Begone………

    Hasta la vista, baby……………….

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