Senate Plan Will Destroy America As We Know It

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The staff of GOP Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) has completed and released the results of an in-depth impact analysis that shows that if the Senate’s Republican immigration bill S. 26 11 should it become law, up to 217.1 million new legal immigrants will be cleared to immigrate into the United States over the next 20 years, a number equal to 66 percent of the total current population of the United States.

Even if the maximum levels are not reached, the increase to the U.S. population caused by S. 2611 will be at least 78.7 million in 20 years, just over 25 percent of the total current population. This lower estimate assumes that the bill’s escalating caps on certain visas will not increase at all over the next 20 years; if the bill’s caps are hit each year, the total number will be the higher estimate.

“Until now, most of us have focused on securing the border and deciding how to treat the illegal alien population already in the United States,” Sessions said. “Few, if any, of us have looked ahead to see what the long-term numerical impact of the bill would be. My staff and I have just completed such a study, and the results are shocking.”

The Senate bill would increase permanent future immigration into the United States in several ways.


H-2C Workers: By creating a new (H-2C) visa category for “temporary guest workers” (low skilled workers) with an annual “cap” of 325,000 that increases up to 20 percent each year the cap is met, the bill allows at least 6.5 million, and up to 60.7 million new guest workers to come to the United States over the next 20 years. There is nothing “temporary” about these workers. Employers may file a green card application on their behalf as soon as they arrive in the United States, or the worker may self-petition for a green card after four years of work.

H-4 Family Members of H-2C Workers: By creating a new visa category (H-4) for the immediate family members of the future low-skilled workers (H-2C), and allowing them to also receive green cards, the bill would allow at least 7.8 million, and up to 72.8 million immediate family members of low-skilled workers to come to the United States over the next 20 years.


H-1B: The bill would essentially open the borders to high-skilled workers, as well as low-skilled workers. By increasing the annual cap of 65,000 to 115,000, automatically increasing the new cap by 20 percent each year the cap is hit, and creating a new exemption to new cap for anyone who has an “advanced degree in science, technology, engineering, or math” from any foreign university, the number of H-1B workers coming into the United States would undoubtedly escalate. The 20-year impact of this escalation could be anywhere from 1 million to 20.1 million. H-1B workers are eligible for green cards and would be allowed to stay and work in the United States for as long as it takes to process the green card application.


Family Based Green Cards: The bill would increase the annual cap on family based green cards available to non-immediate family members (adult sons and daughters, adults siblings, and the spouses and children of adult siblings) by more than 100 percent, upping the current cap of 226,000 to 480,000 a year. Immediate family members are already able to immigrate without regard to the family based green card caps. The 20-year impact of this change would be an increase of 5.1 million non-immediate family member green cards.

Employment Based Green Cards The bill would increase the annual cap on employment-based green cards by more than 500 percent, upping the current cap of 140,000 to 450,000 until 2016 and to 290,000 thereafter and exempting all immediate family members that currently count against the cap today (spouses, children and parents) from the newly escalated cap. The new exemption would result in an average of 540,000 family members receiving green cards each year of the first 10 years, and an average of 348,000 family members receiving green cards each year of the second 10 years. The 20-year impact of this change would be an increase of 13.5 million employment-based green cards, for a total of 16.3 million employment-based green cards issued over the course of the next 20 years.

12 Responses to “Senate Plan Will Destroy America As We Know It”

  1. IllegalsGoHome Says:

    OH MY GOD!!! WHAT ARE THEY THINKING!!!! This will mean we are all screwed! End of story, finito! Anyone that is not freaking terrified of this bill is living with their head in the sand.

    Who are these politicians listening to? We want to stop, or at the very least drastically reduce, the amount of immigration, and they are proposing to raise it to levels that will result in the GENOCIDE OF THE MIDDLE CLASS!@!

    God help us! …but for the sake of your country, buy a gun while you still can, just in case we need to fix this crap ourselves.

  2. Sherri Says:

    This really makes me sick. It’s obvious that it’s going to be up to us, the American people to fix this problem ourselves. Do it at the state level and tell the Feds to stay out of our way since they don’t want to do their job. Jeff Sessions is one of the very few that actually get it! As for the rest, they all need to go!

  3. Vincent Narodnik Says:

  4. Vincent Narodnik Says:

    …”Senate Plan Will Destroy America As We Know It’…That comes with the belief that the plan is, in fact, the senates. Or, in fact, a ‘plan’. Then again, We also believe that bush is ‘our’ president and that our country is in truth ‘ours’.

  5. Quantum foam Says:

    Before Senator Sessions worst case scenario is realized, there will be war or revolution with blood in the streets.

  6. Tony Says:

    I firmly believe that the speech last night pushed us down a path that will lead to civil unrest. I do not think the american people will ever let this bill stand and the illegals believe they have already won the right to stay, every one of them. This is a disaster waiting for a spark. I pray the house sees the brink and will step back from it. No bill is better then the House one.

  7. marleen Says:

    Quantum, this is what i worry about, there are millions of Americans who haven’t ‘’a clue'’ about what is really taking place..the MSM is not ‘’telling'’ so Americans will lose jobs and just think it,s the economy. at some point the word WILL get out and then all HELL will break loose! this is not just a border problem. they are here in New York State by the millions..and not just from Mexico. plus they have such an attitude of entitlement and they network together to run out any American on the job. their foreign ‘’status'’, bonds them on a very primal level. i pretend that i do not know what’s going on so i can keep the job[waitress] to PAY MY i am outnumbered.i am so angry about this because I LOVE MY COUNTRY.

  8. Tony Says:

    I think this is what you will start seeing as more Americans stop being PC and say I am not a racist. I want the laws of my country enforced just like the ones in your country are.

  9. Eddie B. Says:

    What middle class Americans need to do is stop paying income tax. This is b#ll sh*t. Boston Taco Party 2006.

    I don’t think any of these politicians can use a spead sheet. Honestly, are there no math skills left in Congress or they outsourcing math to India too. Take away the Federral Government’s credit cards.


  10. peter Says:

    start a run on the banks take your money out then watch the panic

  11. Eddie B. Says:

    Amen Peter because one of these days India is going to fix it where we put in our ATM card and onthing comes out. My software company builds a backdoor to EVERY SINGLE APPLICATION we sell. All it will takes is one software engineer who has ties to Al Queda and is working on CITIBANK’s software and then on 9/11 2007 out go the lights.

  12. steakknife Says:

    Yeah People, Do anyone of you believe the gubment cares about you? It used to but not now. All it cares about is big business. And big business is all about illegals. They make huge dollars off these law breakers. Yet the people you & I elected cater to these businesses & totally disregard anything that legal citizens have concerns about. In Illinois We have a super bad problem with illegals. Yet Sen. Durbin caters to them. So does Obama. They refuse to listen to the voting citizens because they want the hispanic vote. They are traitors in every sense. We are at a turning point in this country. Either we give up & let the mexicans take control or we stand firm on our loyalty to our country. This is NO JOKE. It is do or die. Please spread the word. Many US citizens are unaware of this. the media is a tool of the politicians, they don’t show the people the true story. I Love the USA. I hate to see what is happening. Please spread the word & vote the dirty traitor bastards out!! God Bless You & Yours!

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