Ethnic Clash Over Citizenship Erupts Into Gunfire

Citizen Times

A parting gunshot from a vehicle leaving Waffle House in West Asheville, NC shattered a window and caused a minor injury, police said.

The shooting happened around 3:00 a.m. Saturday after a group of whites argued with a group of Hispanics at the 24-hour restaurant on Smokey Park Highway, Asheville police Lt. Wallace Welch said

“The two groups were jawing back and forth with each other over citizenship issues and whatnot,” Welch said.

As the Hispanic group drove off, someone in the vehicle fired at least once into a large window near the front door, he said.

Whether from a ricocheted bullet or flying glass, Welch said, one man’s arm was bleeding when police arrived.

Police were looking for a white Dodge Intrepid that left the restaurant going west.

The CITIZEN-TIMES newspaper is currently streaming the 9-11 calls from the Waffle House on its website.

32 Responses to “Ethnic Clash Over Citizenship Erupts Into Gunfire”

  1. Jimmy Says:

    Raza couldn’t win the unwinable argument, so they resorted to what they know best. Violence.
    Deport the bums, now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. mike Says:

    Get ready for more of this. The Civil War II just started with its first shot.

  3. Mike Says:

    This is inevitable… we will be fighting with these illegals and there supporters …bush wants middle grounds ,…there are very few for such grounds the vast majority will want one side or the other… George will HAVE to get off the border fence and pick a side eventually… I’m guessing he will be forced to take ours,… the American side as violence increases…

    The sad truth is more of the same will only allow for the tensions to continue =….. he called for nationly gaurd …so he’s only kinda stuck the middle finger up @ mexicans…kinda,… but they get the piont!
    And all he is doing is testing the water to see if it will get bloody when he drops some thing into it.. WHile he is up on his Boarder FENCE so to speak…
    He IS delaying the inevitable these illegals are holding our country hostage for there gains to control part of country they are using threats of fear of there ability here… as did the President of Fear of terrorism…
    Time for American’ s to stop being affriad agian,…we did that and sent the troops to get alquida…now it’s in our house and where thinking twice…. we handed over a gentle plea of please stop coming and consider the eviction notice agian cause we really ment it…just to see what the reaction will be…
    O and by the way you can stay as long as you pay the back due rent and penaties HHHHHHHHAAAAAA ya right what will we get,? a return middle finger…
    AMNESTY is George’s solution…the odds are this will get more violent…REMBER FRANCE…You know like rember the ALAMO…I mean come on it’s coming! Are we all blind france burned ….Now America just might to… but we should not leave the police try to handle this alone…it will take more than the police to handle the size of what will come if violence continuies….. be ready America……..

  4. Eddie B. Says:

    Man, Ashville is one of my favorite places in the USA. This really tells me that it is everywhere now becasue this is in the mountains where the Blue Ridge and Great Smokey Mountains join. Disgusting.


  5. James Paul von Helton Says:

    Kosovo burned…..(Illegal Muslims)

    France burned…….(Illegal Muslims)

    Will America burn too? (Illegal Mexicans)


  6. The unknown American Says:

    THe great battle of good & evil, a fight for the future of America has begun.

    It is time for every US citizen to purchase a weapon, preferably several & go to a gun range & LEARN how to hit what your shooting at. It is time for this countries patriots to rise up & be ready, prepared & trained to defend this land.

    We should NEVER be the agressor in thee conflicts. We should always lok for other options to avoid violence. That being said, if our families & homes, indeed our very honor & nation is threatened we will defend it to the death.

  7. Eddie B. Says:

    I am right there with The Unknown American. They will want to take away our ability to own a gun for sure. Mark my words on that. They want us to be unarmed. Do it now while you can.

    Remember, gun control is the ability to put two bullets in the same hole. That is gun control. If a home invader comes into your house, you don’t want to be standing there without the great equalizer. I have been burgularized SEVEN TIMES. Never again when I am around.

  8. Vincent Narodnik Says:

    I would like to add a question to the response from Unknown American. ; Does anyone know if its illegal to paste a sombrero on your target at the firing range? While were on the same subject, gun owners are a great group to invite over to our side. If you find yourself at the firing range this weekend, why not try to spread the word of this and any other pro America sight-especilly the sights that invite opinions of readers (unlike congress). Everyone likes to give an opinion-Lets ‘take aim’ at gun owners!

  9. Tom Says:

    NO Amnesty for congressmen that support illegals.

  10. David Diaz Says:

    Mexicans and Whites fighting. whites may be taller. But Mexicans are more vicious fighters. If their ever will be a civil war it should be done with fists and not guns. Hopefully it will never come down to it.Pray to god it won’t.

  11. Anti-Illigal Immigrations Says:

    Unknown American, I couldn’t said it better myself, thank you

  12. peter Says:

    start a run on the banks take your money out and watch them panic

  13. JOHN CREASY Says:

    David Diaz : “Mexicans and Whites fighting. whites may be taller. But Mexicans are more vicious fighters. If their ever will be a civil war it should be done with fists and not guns. Hopefully it will never come down to it.Pray to god it won’t.”

    mexicans are more vicious fighters?? LOL!! Tell you what, take an equal number of mexicans and equal number of the Hell’s Angels and see what happens. During WW2, the American soldier, far and away, dominated hand to hand combat engagements against both the Germans and Japanese. The mexicans better hope and pray that the everyday “redneck” doesn’t decide to take possible civil war seriously, because if they do…it’s going to be a real dark for mexicans…fists or not.

  14. marleen Says:

    David Diaz, i also pray that this does not come to a civil war..BUT you do need to KNOW that regardless to how ‘’vicious'’ you say the Mexicans fight, you have not really seen a person FIGHT for'’ their country'’ the way you will see OUR AMERICAN MEN IN ACTION.. you should consider all the military ‘’trained'’ men, [ Seals,ground soldiers,Marines,Coastguard and National Guard] then there are ‘’our Police'’ FORCE'’ plus our verywell ‘’built'’ bouncers, Hells Angels,boyz from the hood,and our own homegrown ‘’Rednecks'’ and least lets NOT forget our college educated ‘’Jocks'’ hand to hand combat? no problem!

  15. nikki Says:

    I went to the laundromat last week, and the mexican girl who works there put batteries in a dryer with my clothes in it, while I watched her! I was so f*cking mad about it, but what could I do? I hope the Senate does right by us, they have sold us out. I think mexicans think white people are weak.

  16. Cyrus says: Says:

    The clip about Aztlan really angered me. The Mexican mothers are having babies as fast as they can on our soil to create more citizens faster. The concept of Aztlan is very disturbing…thinking of populating those southern states with so many Mexicans that Americans will move north. That is anarchy and the more people hear the story, the more the anger against the illegal Mexicans will grow.

  17. marleen Says:

    nikki, im sorry to hear about your ordeal in the laundromat, i agree that mexicans along with most foreigners think we are weak.what they lack is the ability to distinquish a civilized person from a common person. they have no idea how being born in America and living in a great society as America, ‘’rears'’ us Americans as ‘’good -civil'’ citizens. we are taught early on to ‘’respect'’ other people.[ rich or poor] to be tolerant ..but to the'’ common folk'’, we are looked at as namby-pamby.even though it was humiliating to you, it is best to let it slide..she will run up against someone who will give it back to her a thousand fold.

  18. The Watchdog Says:


    What do you mean she put batteries in your dryer? What kind of batteries and what did you say to her after she did it? This is a weird story.

  19. IllegalsGoHome Says:

    Yes, I have been saying this for a long time, and for many days here on watchdog’s site–buy a gun before it is too late. Keep it cleaned and learn how to use it AND respect it by securing it.

    These people view whites as weak because we are SOOOO tolerant, but just wait to see their surprize when we finally realize that the path to war has been thrust upon us. For all we suffered, we still do not want it. For all our kindness and tolerance, we certainly dont deserve it. But, make no mistake, for all our might, we absolutely will win it.

    Do not assume that right will win the day in congress, but be prepared for the day when might will be the only way to ensure the rights of citizens are restored to what the constitution has always promised us. All true patriots must be aware that the constitution+bill of rights not only gives us the right to bare arms for our personal defense, but it also obligates us to join together to throw out a tyranny when we identify it.

  20. nikki Says:

    watchdog- I got their about 7:15pm, and she told me I couldn’t use the regular washers, because she had already cleaned them. I asked what time did they close, and she told me 9pm. so I used the bigger washers. I guess she just wanted me to leave. after I moved my stuff to the dryers, I went out to my car to put my purse in the trunk, when i came back in I saw her putting something in the dryer where my clothes were, and start the dryer back up. I didn’t say anything, and she went in the back. at first I thought she was trying to steal my clothes, but when the dryer stopped and I took my stuff out there were 2 c batteries in the dryer, and they were f*cking hot! I got my stuff and left. what am I suppose to do?

  21. nikki Says:

    That was weak of me to just leave, I should have confronted her.

  22. Sherri Says:

    Americans are racist because we don’t want illegals here, but they resort to violence and it’s okay? Enough is enough! This is going to lead to a war in this country. As much as I would hate to see it, I’m afraid it’s inevitable. America has been far too generous for it’s own good, and it’s screwed us. It’s time to stop worrying about looking like Mr. Nice Guy to the rest of the world while screwing your own people. Worry about looking good and nice to your own citizenry because they’re the ones that pay the taxes and vote.
    There is an old Chinese curse: “May you live in interesting times.” We are there now.

  23. Fred Miller Says:

    It is unfortunate that so many Hispanics act the way they do. They demand respect and dignity. Respect must be earned, it cannot be given. The illegal aliens do not deserve any respect because they have not earned it. The people in Washington seems to have forgotten that, and now are in the process of destroying this nation from within.

    If this immigration reform bill passes, the economic decline of this country will move so fast, that in twenty years we will become a third world country.

    The violence displayed by the shooting that took place is just a small sample of how Hispanics act. What will happen in twenty years when there will be millions more acting the same way.

    Will America become an uncivilized society, embroiled in a civil war?

  24. David M. Says:

    You know, North Carolina is the LAST Place you want to start shooting at someone. At least it did not turn into a full fledged gun fight.

  25. Eddie B. Says:

    If you give the ILLEGALS anything then you have set the precedent. They will not stop until we run out of everything. Period. We are not weak. We are being governed right now by greed and corruption. THE ILLEGALS WILL NEVER BE HAPPY NO MATTER WHAT WE GIVE THEM. THEY ARE NOT EARNING IT. THEY HATE US. WE ARE NOT BRONZE. PERIOD.

    As far as the fist fight goes David… good luck. By the way don’t bring your machete to a gun fight. Guns are outlawed in Mexico so if I were a betting man I would give the first advantge to the Americans. You may have some guns here but I would guess we will have more. Right to bear arms and protect ourselves against foreign agression is a CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT.

    Lock and load.


  26. John Creasy Says:

    David M. :”You know, North Carolina is the LAST Place you want to start shooting at someone.”

    LOL!! damn skippy!

  27. steakknife Says:

    This is the USA,not mexico. You illegals cannot demand a damn thing! This thing is just starting. But I believe we will prevail. Spread the word & more then anything,vote the dirty bastards who have betrayed us out!! This problem cannot be solved easily,and we cannot depend on our gutless politicians. They are worthless. I am not suggesting violence,word of mouth is our messinger. God Bless You & our USA.

  28. Vincent Narodnik Says:

    What Fred Miller says above is as true as true gets-to the point where we have to wonder why we must clarify. Respect can ONLY be earned. Dignity is an inherent property of respect. Respect has nothing whatever to do with transgression-and I wish that someone would tell Mahoney that transgression is the very nature of sin. (to be a little bit philosophical about things)
    Stolen respect-and the dignity that comes with it ,is absolutely worthless. On the other side of the coin, It is not in any way possible to FORCE anyone to respect ANYTHING-that is utterly contrary to human nature.
    We are being forced to ‘respect’ a people who everywhere show nothing but contempt for us. This does great violence to the very concept of Respect.
    I dont think it is possible to wave your magic culture wand and make the glaring incompatibilities of our nations go away. I fear along with alot of people here, that the solution will be the age old low tech solution, such as in St. Bartholemews Day, 1002 in England against the Danes. I apologize in advance to all of those who will suffer. It aint gonna be us. We’ve already suffered enough, thanks.-Any irredentist foriegn national living within our boundries is hereby instructed that the road to peace heads straight south with no detours and ends in the Bronze Nation. Please get heading there right now.

  29. Roger Says:

    This is how they settle differences, with violence, and one of many thousands fronts in their missions for a final invasion . That explains for their 35 % occupations in California jails.

  30. Sherri Says:

    Fred Miller is absolutely right! Respect must be EARNED, and these people and their anchor babies have not! They DEMAND respect! Do they respect us and our laws? No. Therefore, they can demand respect all they like, but they will not get it as long as they behave the way they do. Americans owe them nothing, and they’d better get used to that fact of life.

  31. Jerry Alexander Says:

    Don`t ever forget that “bush” will turn our own “Military” on us…never forget that fact…and don`t ever forget “Kent State”.
    I think “bush” has “Bastard Children” in Tiajuana and Foxx is “Blackmailing” “bush”.

  32. Blacks&Whites-United Says:

    Bush, the Hispanics, & U.S. Employers, are Trying to “FORCE” Their: “Illegal Border-Busting, Traitorism, & Greed” by…….”Crucifying” We “Innocent”-Americans Work-Ethic!———”THINK ABOUT IT!” They’re All SATANICALLY trying to use “HARD-WORKING AMERICANS WORK-ETHIC”, as A: *SCAPEGOAT* to JUSTIFY Their Midnite BackRoom-Agendas! Innocent-Americans CAN’T be held ACCOUNTABLE for: Border-Busting, S*it Amnesty, [or] Illegal(run for the border)Hirings. How The f**k could we?!!! THIS IS HOW ALL OF THE ABOVE ARE TRYING TO ARCHITECT THIS! WE’RE BEING: “FRAMED”!

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