Rosie Avila (R) for U.S. Congress, 47th District

Rosmarie ‘Rosie’ Avila has been a governing Board Member of the Santa Ana Unified School District for 14 years. A Biola University Trustee, and the President-Founder of the Orange County Youth Commission. Rosie defeated the failed bi-lingual education methods, and restored phonics reading instruction. She also established a mandatory U.S. Constitution test for eighth graders.

City Journal

The gall of Mexican officials does not end with the push for illegal entry. After demanding that we educate their surplus citizens, give those citizens food stamps, deliver their babies, provide them with doctors and hospital beds, and police their neighborhoods, the Mexican government also expects us to help preserve their loyalty to Mexico.

Since 1990, Mexico has embarked on a series of initiatives to import Mexican culture into the U.S. Mexicoâ??s five-year development plan in 1995 announced that the â??Mexican nation extends beyond . . . its borderâ?â??into the United States. Accordingly, the government would â??strengthen solidarity programs with the Mexican communities abroad by emphasizing their Mexican roots, and supporting literacy programs in Spanish and the teaching of the history, values, and traditions of our country.â?

The current launching pad for these educational sallies is the Instituto de los Mexicanos en el Exterior. The IME directs several programs aimed at American schools. Each of Mexicoâ??s 47 consulates in the U.S. (a number that expands nearly every year) has a mandate to introduce Mexican textbooks into schools with significant Hispanic populations. The Mexican consulate in Los Angeles showered nearly 100,000 textbooks on 1,500 schools in the Los Angeles Unified School District this year alone.

Mexican consulates also push for bilingual education in American schools, with the same odd logic with which they defend teaching Mexican history: teaching in Spanish, they say, will make students better English speakers.

47 Responses to “Mexican Meddling In Our Schools”
  1. Contessa says:

    Hooray, Rosie Avila! Stand up to the meddling of Mexican officials. Send this clip to o’Reilly, Neil Cavuto, Lou Dobbs. This deserves national attention because many citizens in other parts of the country have no idea about the extent of the influence and intereference by the Mexican government and in particular, its foot solders of the consulates. They should be deported.

  2. Jeanne Reid says:

    It’s not any wonder that the illegals do not try to assimilate when OUR schools are teaching them the Mexican constitution and the Mexican history! This is an outrage and this crap must stop!

  3. David M. says:

    Amazing. A foreign government can teach THEIR history in OUR schools now. WTF!?

  4. Eddie B. says:

    Famous Mexican Scholars… that is a pretty slim book. They will be able to publish “Taking Over America for Dummies” pretty soon though if we don’t shut these parasites down. Man, what a cancer on America.


  5. Gerardo says:

    Yeah you stupid morons don’t you know this was Mexico and soon it will be again and then we’ll throw all you idiots out!

  6. Tammy says:

    This just gets more ridiculous as the days go by, If they want their children to learn about their Mexican culture and history, Why can’t they learn in Mexico where they belong

  7. Eddie B. says:

    Hey Gerardo… go pound some sand you friggin’ traitor. And just in case you forgot… Mexico sold their lands to America you idiot.



  8. John Creasy says:


    LOL! listen, you’re not making senses, so, for the future…please sober up before posting, thanks.

    Anyway, good for Rosie!

  9. Contessa says:

    Oh yes, Gerardo, with all the Mexican intelligentsia running around here as dishwashers, landscapers, our jails, cooks, maids, day laborers, we will really be running scared about the takeover. The thing is, they’d have to read enough English and speak enough English to take an oath of office. Ha, Ha. That’s a good laugh. Son unos pedazos de sin verguenzas.

  10. Jimmy says:

    Can anyone imagine what would happen if we the people of the United States showerd mexican schools with our history books, etc.? All hell would break loose.

    Seems like a total one way street. This also sounds subversive, and aimed at a future mexican
    Alta California. I pity the poor schlub mexican in our Southwest if mexico ever really does take back over. Say goodbye to the FREEDOMS you have now. Say HELLO to marxism, elitism, classism, and no middle class. The better life will be over, then what will the poor suckers do who bought into this fake mexican patriotism?

    Sorry for ranting, but Gerardo ticked me off.


  11. Contend says:

    Gerardo, go kiss Vicente fox you know what!

  12. SkyPainter says:

    Rosie Avila…. Please run for the SENATE… I will vote for you.

    Here is an American Citizen of Hispanic roots. Now… That’s what legal immigration is all about.


  13. Ron says:

    Gerardo is just another reconquista anchor baby, we’ve seen and heard your kind Gerardo. You and your true countrymen where thoughs illeterate, unknowledgeable, anchor babies who left American schools to show your solidarity with your illegal alien parents from that wretched third world ceespool Mexico in the illegal alien marches.

    Lastly, Gerardo, if your so dedicated and ready to reclaim your “stolen land” why don’t you and the rest of your illegal alien countrymen start spouting off your racist reconquista rhetoric somewhere besides your barros. I and many Americans I know would be more then happy to “discuss” your beliefs with you personally anytime. All you have to do is start marching down and waving that buzzard rag anywhere near me and the neighborhood I live in and the communication between us would flow fluently.

  14. kate says:

    It sounds like we have already lost our Country.thanks Jorge thanks alot breaking our laws……..Get them out of our country..I hope Rosie Avile gets elected she seems to be for our country…I don’t know about yall, but I am not a imm. I was born here..I didn’t come here from another country. I am getting tired of this crap they are trying to push down our throats……We are losing our rights everyday and the illegals are ganing rights that don’t belong to them………..NO AMNESTY..NO GUEST WORKER PROGRAM…CLOSE THE BORDERS..

  15. Ron says:

    Be careful what you wish for Reconquista, because many Americans have had about as much talk as they can stand. I personally am sick of talking about this invasion, action/progress is about the only option I’m interested in anymore.

  16. johnny says:

    Hey garaldo of course you dumb mexicans want america back because its all built up now with an economy! the problem is though, if we gave it back to you then you would run it into the dumps like mexico. geraldo you are a peice of mexican garbage and i can not wait until the mexican american war breaks out again!

  17. marleen says:

    i want to get my 2 cents in here too’..from what i learned [heard] the aztecs were the original inhabitants ,south of the border….but frankly i dont give a ‘’shale” i know that this is MY country…period.

  18. Cragar says:

    The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo was the peace treaty that ended the Mexican-American War (1846â??1848). The treaty provided for the Mexican Cession, in which Mexico ceded 1.36 million km² (525,000 square miles) to the United States in exchange for USD$15 million. The United States also agreed to take over $3.25 million in debts Mexico owed to American citizens.

    The cession included parts of the modern-day U.S. states of Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, and Wyoming, as well as the whole of California, Nevada, and Utah. The remaining parts of what are today the states of Arizona and New Mexico were later ceded under the 1853 Gadsden Purchase.

    The treaty was signed by Nicholas P. Trist on behalf of the United States and three plenipotentiary representatives of Mexico on February 2, 1848, at the Villa of Guadalupe (today Gustavo A. Madero, D.F.), slightly north of Mexico City. It was subsequently ratified by the United States Senate on March 10 and by the Mexican government on May 19; the countries’ ratifications were duly exchanged on May 30, 1848, at the city of Santiago de Querétaro.

  19. Gabriel says:

    Roses are red
    Mexicans are brown
    thats my race
    so don’t put it down!!
    My MEXICAN pride
    I will not hide
    My MEXICAN race
    I will not disgrace
    My MEXICAN blood
    flows hot & true
    My MEXICAN peeps
    I will stand by you
    thru thick & thin
    till the day we die
    Our MEXICAN flag
    Always stands high
    I yell this poem
    Louder than all the rest.
    cuz every 1 knows
    MEXICAN Pride in my mind
    MEXICAN BLOOD is my kind
    So step aside and let me through
    Cuz its all about the MEXICAN crew
    Life sucks and then u die
    but if your MEXICAN
    You die with good ass pride!!!!

  20. Sherri says:

    Gerardo, what ever you need to tell yourself to inflate your sense of self-worth. I feel sorry for people like you. You can’t do it yourselves in your own country, so you attempt to come here and take away what has been built up by someone else, on the backs of Americans. Go back to Mexico if you want Mexican culture.
    To Rosie Avila: YOU GO GIRL! We need more people like this woman! She needs to run for the Senate and replace one of the morons that wants amnesty. It’s nice to see someone with some guts for a change instead of all of this poltically correct nonsense.
    As for teaching Mexican history in our schools, perhaps we should audit the books and start holding people accountable for the things they do with taxpayer money. Then we need a good, old fashioned book burning party where we burn every Mexican textbook along with the Mexican flag. That should get the message across!

  21. steakknife says:

    Mexico is a land of losers. Now they slither here to try to destroy our country. They are destoying everything in this country & devastating our economy. They drain our hospitals,schools, & other programs. They are like sponges in a glass of water. But they will not prevail ’cause they are dumber then a box of rocks! Geraldo, go clean the toilet & shut up!

  22. David M. says:

    Gabriel, go be a proud Mexican in Mexico.

  23. Eddie B. says:

    Hey Gabriel -

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    F*ch Mexico
    And f*ck you too.

    Go Home and take Gerardo with you. AND VOTE THE BUMS OUT.

  24. Tammy says:

    Hey Gabriel! Take your wack azz back to mexico, and take your wack azz poem with you.

  25. Jimmy says:

    Cuz it’s all about the mexican crew. So says Gabriel, and the other anchor babies.

    How nice.

    I can see why the rest of latin america views the mexicans as arrogant, dumb ass sob’s.

    If this infantile rant doesn’t prove that mexico is not a friend, never was, never will be, I don’t know what will. Around 1900, I believe mexico had a population of about 16 million mexicans. But due to modern medicine, modern ways, etc. (developed by the arch fiends in AMERICA) now the population is so huge, they have decided to invade us, for more living space.

    We have done it to ourselves. Our goodness and generosity are wasted on mexicans of raza creed. Just think, if AMERICA had not existed, Gabriel and the other anchor baby twerp would not even exist. AMERICA, you are just too good for your own good.

    rants away

  26. Educated American says:

    Am I just tripping, or did I not leave a post on this thread yesterday?! I could have sworn I did. In fact, it almost exactly resembled Crager’s little history lesson. I watched that video and then commented . . .

    I swear I did . . .

    Oh well, I guess I need more sleep. I second Crager’s entry. He’s got more info. 1848, it was a done deal a long time ago! . . . Yeah.

  27. Jim says:

    That is right, if mexico continues to extend its border into the US, it will find itself fighting for its very own existence against the US version of invasion like Iraq.
    With 19 billions remittances from Mexicans/ illigal aliens living in the US, it is of no surprise that Mexico must think in advance way into the future to protect its revenue through illigal human invasions, promotions of their roots, and even Spanish language as a primary language,…. All of these actions and programs are aimed at one and only one of their common cause of RECONQUISTA .

  28. The Watchdog says:

    Educated American,

    I do remember your post. I must have deleted it by accident. Sorry, it was an accident.

  29. Educated American says:

    To Watchdog: Hah! I knew I wasn’t crazy! Wow . . . that was a little “Twilight Zone” moment there. . .

    Again, Crager gives a more detailed account of what I wanted to express, so I’ll just go with what he posted.

  30. Average American says:

    Roses are red
    Yes they are red and all colors of the rainbow.

    Mexicans are brown
    Yep, you are brown. so what?

    thats my race
    La Raza? Racists fuck tarts.

    so donâ??t put it down!!
    We don’t have to put it down, just look at your country.

    My MEXICAN pride
    If you have so much “Mexican” pride, then why are you here?

    I will not hide
    Hide from what? ICE? Hell, you don’t need to hide from them anymore.

    My MEXICAN race
    I will not disgrace
    Again, I say look at your own country…

    My MEXICAN blood
    flows hot & true
    Flows hot and true? Just what does that mean? Don’t spring a leak!!

    My MEXICAN peeps
    I will stand by you
    thru thick & thin
    till the day we die
    Most of your Mexican “peeps” are in Mexico, go stand by them there.

    Our MEXICAN flag
    Always stands high
    Yeah we saw that, before “Americans” tore it down and burnt the rag.

    I yell this poem
    Louder than all the rest.
    cuz every 1 knows
    Best at what? Lawn care, dishwashing, or planting trees?

    MEXICAN Pride in my mind
    MEXICAN BLOOD is my kind
    So step aside and let me through
    The only time I will step aside is when your heading back accross the Rio Grand.

    Cuz its all about the MEXICAN crew
    The Mexican lawn care crew again?

    Life sucks and then u die
    but if your MEXICAN
    You die with good ass pride!!!!
    Again, I say look at your country, where is the pride in a corrupt country such as yours? Your dumb ass fox must have made that a law for his slaves.

  31. Sylvia says:

    I am a American with Mexican blood. I was born and raised in this wonderful country. My Paternal grandparent were from Mexico and Maternal grandparents from Texas. I’m proud to be an American with Mexican blood. My mom was raised in a family were the primary language was Spanish when she went to school there was no bilingual education and she learned to speak english, why because she had no choice.

    I don’t agree with bi-lungal education, for two main reasons. No other country is as stupid as we are to teach kids in their native language as we are you want to live in this country learn our language. Bilingual education doesn’t help students it holds them back.

    However, I don’t know to many whites or blacks who would be willing to work washing dish, picking up your trash or cut your grass for what you pay them.

    To all those who don’t like this country or the laws go back to yours and change it.

    I will tell you if California ever becomes a part of Mexico, I’m out of here.

    God Bless America the land of the FREE

  32. Rob says:

    Gerardo, I’d actually like to sit back and watch how powerfully your “Reconquista” would fail. Do you think California, Texas and the Southwest’s numerous populations of Americans of african, asian, east indian and native american descent would take kindly to a bunch of freeloaders saying “This is our land, you must leave”. You would find massive opposition. Also, when you retake these lands that were never really yours to begin with, what then? No more US economy, no mas trabajo! Your people would be scampering over the borders into Idaho, Oregon and probably even Canada to look for work!

  33. Border Raven says:

    Get the Mexican books outta my schools.
    Let students learn about Mexico, in a college class,
    but not be sublimly indoctrinated, in their youth.

    How insidiuos a plot to destroy the USA, than for Mexico, to donate poisonous literature to our children.

    The school board erred, by allowing the Mexican’s
    donations to be distributed, in a Socialist-Marxist plot,
    but the gig is up, and we are angry and hot.

    We are now standing up and growing stronger each day.
    Mexico will fall, and be swept to the sea.

    Our plan is clear to secure our border today,
    and tomorrow along the 25th latitude, build a fence of 400-miles,
    then deport the Mexicans, and burn down TJ, NL, and all other slum towns.

    We come in peace to make our life better,
    Manifest Destiny, needs more land.
    Sorry, to intrude, we hope you’ll understand.

    Let us start a war, and you a revolution,
    the corruption will fall, it is evolution.



  34. Border Raven says:

    Rosmarie â??Rosieâ?? Avila for Congress!

    So the Mexicans want ot satelite in the class content, but force the taxpayers ot pay the college $$ per student, while also paying the utilites, for after hours classes, and to provide the equipment and repair services?

    If anyone wants to complete their Mexican education, then they can do so on their dime and their time.



  35. Falvarez says:

    When are we going to finally put an end to the anchor baby phenomenon? Nowhere in the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution is citizenship bestowed upon the children born of illegal border crossers. This is absolutely nuts! END THE ANCHOR BABY PHENOMENON NOW!

    P.S. And that goes for you, too, Gerardo! Es usted bastardo mexicano grande, and also a fool!

  36. AsianGirl says:

    To those of you who speak about your Mexican pride. Were you born here? If you were, as an American citizen, you have restrictions on the jobs you can get in Mexico,and the property you can hold in Mexico. Your people will treat you like a second class citizen. They don’t want you, they want the money you send home, they could give a crap less about you and your family. You have forsaken America, and you are Mexico’s unwanted child, you have no country.
    Vote Rosie Avila!!!

  37. Tim says:

    If you’re so proud to be of mexican decent, go back there and never return to the United States of AMERICA!

    If you want to become an American citizen by going through the propper qualifications, then you are more than welcome here. If you do not want to assimilate to this country, do not apply for citizenship. For the Mexicans reading this that do not understand what assimilate means, here is the definition. [ to integrate somebody into a larger group, so that differences are minimized or eliminated.] In other words, if you don’t come here with the United State’s best interest in mind and in your heart, STAY HOME!

    One more thing for the idiots that come here wanting a revolution of sorts. Can you not understand that you cannot win such a battle. That’s why Fox, and his cronies that are already here, are trying to win through politic’s. George Bush is fighting for them also, so he needs to be impeached.

    Do not vote for a single person that believe’s in ANY kind of amnesty for illegals this coming election. Regardless of party afilliation. America can win this fight. It is just a matter of how we choose to do it. In the political arena, or in the streets. Actually, the fight in the streets would be the easiest to win, but it would be nice to see the political leaders actually do somethig the American people elected them to do. DO what the CITIZENS of the U.S. want them to do. Whatever happened to “for the people.”

  38. Valerie says:

    What a mess. If Mexicans want to learn about Mezican heritage and Mexican “Pride” then they should go back to Mexica. Americans Love America. Mexicans what to take advantage of what we have. Fix your own country.
    USA texts in the USA.

  39. Melanie says:

    Hi, everyone… well it’s so sad to see racism and ignoracy at the day in time, I’m not in favor of teaching mexican history in our schools, but I’m not in favor of every immigrant leaving aither….There’s a lot of hispanics that work and go to schools here and decerve to have a legal status in the USA. It’s not fear that those people who have never done anything but give to this country have to just leave. Some people have bought homes pay taxes and give to the economy of this country. It’s sad to see that some people refer to hispanics as a pest knowing that everyone who is NOT A NATIVE AMERICAN is a immigrant too. Before, it was so much easier to get your legal status in this country, that’s why people came legally, now its so much harder so it can’t be compared. Please stop the racism and start giving to the community. It’s not fear that every illegal person leaves the country they need help and america should give to them, AS LONGEST THEY HAVE NOT COMMITED A CRIME AND HAVE DONE EVERYTHING RIGHT. EVERYONE DESERVES A CHANCE TO MAKE THING RIGHT!

  40. NoYouCant says:

    I watched my beautiful home town fall to crap because of illegals. You think I should have compassion for the 40 plus men crammed into the house next door to me? You think I should give a rats azz about trashy human beings that used their backyard as a toilet? Care about these scums that completely took over my neighborhood and have forced myself, my friends and family to move away? Never!
    I don’t even go to the ocean anymore! I can’t stand to see the trash being tossed about in the waves or listen to nothing but very loud Mexican music!
    It is a damn shame what is happening to this country!
    I am not a racist, I just want my young daughters to grow up in the same country as I did!
    Merry Christmas and hello everybody!

  41. Bill A. says:

    It was just a matter of time before the trolls came in. Lets have fun with them.

  42. jadenx says:

    LOL God bless AMERICAKKKa, home of the brave, indigenous holocaust and the home of the slaves can’t wait till the government starts to putt chips in to your hands and bug your phone track you down make sure you don’t get far who do you thing sold the chemical weapons to saddam you guys did they have every thing on tape’s and you guys are blinded by patriotism to notice it and the only reason why mexico is so poor its because the people that run the country are the only white spaniards thats were not mixed and the New World Order was born on September 11 and it’s probably not you guys typing all this is the MK-ULTRA kicking in minute man is the same as the Klan border watch except all the non whites that are in the minute man are all white washed and after they have no one to scare they will turn on you is sad u guys killing people in other country’s because The Dick and Bush told you they where jealous of your freedom i can’t believe you bought that excused rocking the mother fucking flag don’t make you a hero read between the lines and free your minds Revolution is the birth to equality and the anti-thesis to oppression all the mestizos from mexico will unite with their native brothers and take back what once belong to them is just amerikkka had bad karma and what goes around comes around you almost whipped out all natives but their still here and are not going to stay quite any more this was there land and it will always belong to them Europe is where your people belong and when are kicked out of here take all those white washed bastards white you they love you so much they will fallow you fucking ignorant bastards i will never fight for amerikkka or any other white control country i’ m proud of my people in mexico and not the government so don’t say “what’s there to be proud off look at your country” my people and the government are to different things the mexican government are whites my people are not so there and don’t call me anchor baby because i was born 10 years later after my mom was here and you want to take us to prison just because we won’t humanity for patriotism idiots

  43. jadenx says:

    lol of course was comment was not going to post it was to much for you red necks mother fuckers

  44. CHIKI09202006 says:

    ok as a salvadoran-american, i don’t believe that Mexican children should be reading Mexican textbooks or striving for Mexican diplomas via satellite here. in order to succeed in this country, integration is essential. however, i am not by any means for assimilation! imma just propose that American students might want to take a look at these Mexican textbooks and rid themselves of their narcissistic perception that they have. y not learn about other people and their cultures, especially those of our neighbors????????????? that’s y we, as Americans, are perceived as ignorant all around the world! this ignorance is illustrated when ms. south carolina or watever demonstrated her lack of knowledge surrounding maps and geog and/r the woman who asked if europe was a country on a popular American show. also “meddling” in the title is too harsh in my opinion.

  45. ozomatlilly says:

    First of all, the majority of those replying on here should have an educated perspective on the issue before making nonsensical comments. Read the vast research out there on this topic and then have an opinion. What is America other than a melting pot of different cultures. I have never come across anyone that can define American culture. Why? Because there is no such thing. The U.S. is a country composed of Immigrants. Other than the Natives, we’re all immigrants: Contessa, Eddie B….everyone. I tend to agree with Gerardo…we’re just taking back Aztlan & hell no we won’t go. For those that argue that the U.S. “bought” the land from Mexico lindo, think about the terms of the Treaty of GH. It was more of a fraud. If it is argued that schools shouldn’t teach Mexican history, then we shouldn’t be allowed to teach about the English colonizers. “But WHY? It’s part of how the U.S was born!!” Well YEAH, it is. BUT SO IS MEXICAN HISTORY. Without the Southwest, what is presently called the U.S wouldn’t be the U.S. Like it or not, Mexican History is part of U.S. history. Punto final.

  46. Jimmy says:

    “we?re just taking back Aztlan & hell no we won?t go.”

    Punto final.

    Yea. We read you loud and clear. Everyday we read you and your type.
    We are tired of having to put up with your ‘pride’, trash, and mayhem your group forces on the rest of us.

    Do you and your ilk ever stop and think?

    You would not be here at all, if we as a nation enforced the same laws as
    mexico has, in regards to illegals? Hmmmmm???????????

    Your sorry ass would either be in jail, thrown out, raped, robed, etc, etc, etc.

    Your heaven, mexico, does this to illegals ALL THE TIME you dead head.

    I truly wish we did enforce with a vengence laws to throw your sorry asses out, just like in your “heaven” mexico.

    No paying to try to educated the uneducatable. No having to hear your “language” all the time. No having to put up with your arrogant a-hole ways.
    ETC. ETC. ETC.

    Hell no you won’t leave. Why would you. You have it made here. If you had
    been left in your heaven, you would really have it bad.

    Our problem as a nation is that we have been too good, especially toward
    ingrates like you and your kind.

    I once complained to a mexican newswoman who kept pushing for you creeps.
    I told her of how your “heavens” laws were very harsh on illegals in mexico.
    Her response was priceless: We are suppossed to be better than that, here in
    the USA. Well Duhhhhhhhhhhhhhh……..

    I am tired of being better than the arrogant bully nation that calls itself mexico.

    I am tired of their spawn being squirted out here to cause untold sorry on our

    You would not be able to handle being a low class illegal in your “heaven”.

    You can only get away with your crap here.

    Instead of gratitude. We get you. A total waste of oxygen.

    Leave. Get out. Or shut up. How about being grateful we don’t treat you like
    your homeland treats people like you??????? Hmmmmmmmmm???????????

    Your prideful ‘brain’ probably can’t comprehend the grateful part.

    So begone. Cowbird.\\\

    We can only hope…………

  47. Jimmy says:

    Thanks for nothing mexico.

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