Sonar from Save Our State shot this video at yesterday’s march in downtown Los Angeles. I’ll have my video up sometime on Tuesday.

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  1. Educated American says:

    Interesting. The use of Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman lends it a sort of surreal edge. I wonder how many of those folks on the sidewalk value their Raza, or foreign status, above that of U.S. citizenship? What I mean to say is this: I wonder what the pro-illegal immigration crowd thought of the black and hispanic Americans marching as/with the Minutemen? How is that reconciled with the Mexica Movement for instance? Do they understand the full rights and responsibilities of the American citizen? Do they understand our system of government? I saw some red and black flags in there. Red = communist, obviously. The guys holding the Mexican flag upside down was classic! As was that guy holding the flyer upside down.

    I saw two reports of the march on the local news. They were basically neutral just mentioning that it “turned into a shouting match”. Two pro-illegal immigrant dudes got arrested, one of whom was a prominent activist, apparently. I can’t wait to see your videos Watchdog. You were in a brief shot of one of the news reports. (At least, I think it was you.)

  2. SkyPainter says:


    Whoever said we don’t have a problem with illegal immigrats?

    Those latinos on the streets are the most vile, hateful and racist people I have ever seen!

    Since when does an American Citizen has to have protection from the police to be able to march down the streets of its own Country? Why are we letting this happen. Why are our elected officials denying that there is a huge problem.

    Our Senators and the President want to give Amnesty to that? What on Earth are they smoking in the Senate?

    NO NO NO… NO Amnesty… NO guest worker program… NO WAY!!!!

  3. tim55 says:

    So far this is the only video I have seen that tells the true story. I just finished Radford’s story and have never seen such unadulterated BS. She must have dropped acid before reporting. As a participant in this march, I was flabbergasted at the vile hate and overt racism displayed by the pro illegal crowd, it was absolutely disgusting seeing their pro communist signage…I had no idea what overt communists they are, and on American soil they have no right to be on, no less. Their use of the word racist has absolutely no meaning unless they happen to look in a mirror as they say it. There was one guy out there holding a child out and yelling, “You paid for him, how do you like that?” The kid was crying. I didn’t see any network coverage on this, but it is my hope they showed the signs I mentioned above, and the display of vile language and threats hollered at us in both English and Spanish. These people have taken a once beautiful city and turned it into a High Rise Tijuana.

  4. Contend says:

    If American Politicians are motivatted by numbers then what about all the illegal chinese that are watching this, they will be next, but they will be carrying guns/ we must stop this shit now.

  5. johnny says:

    here is is guys! impeach bush!
    we have to start some place!

  6. Sherri says:

    SkyPainter is right! Why should American citizens have to have protection in order to peacefully demonstrate in their own country? That is absolutely ridiculous!
    Of course the Mexicans didn’t like it! They’d prefer that everyone lay down and let themselves be run over. God Bless everyone that was at this march! We need more Americans to get out into the streets and protest loudly and make ourselves REALLY heard! Just in sheer numbers alone, if all Americans got out there and protested, our numbers would be much greater than the illegals. That would really send a message, wouldn’t it?

  7. BUSH'S BRAIN says:

    Just an observation: I didnt see alot of people on the street really reacting one way or another. It was a group of hecklers carrying communist signage that seemed to account for most of attacks.

    According to the large shape-less hag, otherwise known as Leslie Radford of indymedia fame, the communists prepped the crowd before the minuteman march with cries of “racist minutemen”. None-the-less, I see ambivelance, curiousity or maybe even “shock” by most people on the street. It is this constantly moving band of communist hecklers from ANSWER that seem to constitute the primary reaction against the minutemen from the street.

    The crowd’s shouts of “racism” had little effect once they realized that 30% or more of the minutemen isnt white. So, what did the crowd cry out instead?

    “The minutemen could be heard chanting, “U-S-A! U-S-A!” But the protestors quickly countered with “Working people have not nations” —

    So, it isn’t really about race at all but rather whether mexicans can freely come to the US and take jobs and receive tax-payer benefits, at will. Of course, if the merits of this issue were openly discussed, the leftists would get little support outside their illegal alien enclave. The vast majority of Americans dont want their jobs export or taken by foreign workers.

    This is the real issue. And the communists and reconquistas know it.

  8. JOHN CREASY says:

    Very good video. Shows exactly just what kind of repugnant miscreants these turds are. They talk alot of crap and suggest how violent they can be…they must not need read history, because the most violent people on earth, when called to be so, are the American people. Just ask the Japanese, Germans, Vietnamese, Iraqis, and yes…Mexican historians. I agree with Contend, if this crap isn’t put down hard and soon, the other illegals are going to get emboldened as well. We, the American people, are going to have to take to streets en mass. There needs to be an organized—MILLION AMERICAN MARCH on Washington.

  9. Robin says:

    I was at the march and this video is absolutely great. It captures the counter protest we waded through very well. AWESOME we have this record, this history - excellent.

    We fight on and this film just lights a fire!!!!

  10. Sonar says:

    Thanks for the compliments & thanks to Watchdog for posting my vid, its truly an honor to be on this killer site. What a great day it was for all of us that marched.

    It really is Time to say goodbye to illegal immigration.

    Keep fighting for America! Never give up!

  11. Ron says:

    Great video, thank you to all the Americans who marched for the future of this country. Your all very brave and patriotic and deserve to be recognized for your devotion and selflessness.

    Let’s make this issue are talking points(parties/social gatherings) with all are friends and families and use videos like this and others to force them to recognize the threat to themselves and their families, not to mention to this country.

  12. kywildcat says:

    Great video. Wish the media would show this, but of course they are working to keep America in the dark, so they won’t. So the job is left up to the rest of us.

    Another good video is at

    Check out the forums at too!

  13. Arthur From Alabama says:

    I think that there may be a problem on my end because the video is somewhat choppy but I did see the entire thing!

  14. Darlene says:

    Excellent Job Sonar! And thanks to all of you brave Americans who dared to march in downtown L.A….it appears that these criminals were becoming very agitated over that fact. It generally appears that you had super police support. These losers actually thought you were invading their land! HA! What fools they are!

  15. Litl Bits says:

    I watched these videos and wept! I heard of them from and Chelene. She had written about it before I saw the vids.

    We MUST reclaim this country! we MUST again return to our Constitutional government. OUR contstitution is the greatest civil document in human history - and our “leaders” are sweeping it under the rug! I hope they are all paying attention - because EVERY ONE OF THEM who votes in favor of the ILLEGALS and ignores the AMERICAN CITIZENS, had better start looking for new careers! THEY ARE IN VIOLATION OF THE CONSTITUTION!

    WE MUST MAKE ALL AMERICANS AWARE! They don’t want to be citizens - they want to keep leeching off of us! Why not? They get free medical care! They get free schooling, all kinds of social services, EVERYTHING they need! and they don’t have to pay taxes or medical insurance or anything!

    Please all of you keep up the fight! America is worth fighting for! I don’t want MY children and grandchildren to live in Communism! The Left is Socializing this country and the Republicans are weak-kneed wimps who are afraid to their own shadow! (actually, they’re afraid if they’re not “in the club” in DC, they’ll lose some of their perks!

    let’s wake up America! and then CLEAN HOUSE

  16. AI_BOT says:

    America is no longer a Sovereign Nation.

    In its meaning â??sovereignâ? is stated as: independent, self-governing and not ruled by any other state. And in this description we, as a nation, are lacking. Our government officials who have sworn themselves to act as the voice of the People they represent are operating in direct opposition of this nationâ??s sovereignty with every speech they make and every vote they cast that is not in line with the will of the People. The fact that officials of foreign governments have more sway with our president, senators, representatives, and state governments and officials than the voice of the majority of lawful voting citizens of this nation is a travesty and makes a mockery of the beliefs and efforts of the Founding Fathers.

    This nation has and continues to provide a means for peoples of this world we share to come and be a part of the American Dream. However, in contrast to what is allowed by law, our government has turned a blind eye to those who would enter our country illegally for whatever reason. The argument that these people can do better for themselves and their families here than where they come from, and therefore they are not doing anything wrong, is insane. The mere fact that they are here without the expressed approval of the American People leads to the undeniable fact that their presence here is contrary to what is allowed by law. Action contrary to what is allowed by law is illegal activity. A person found to be engaging in action contrary to the law is a criminal. There is no other way of seeing this. Being a person, a human being, a member of the World Community is not illegal. Being in a particular place at a particular time that is against what is allowed by law is illegal. A person in my house without my expressed permission is in violation of the law. Their presence is illegal and is referred to as trespassing.

    Until every American Citizen in need of work has a job no illegal alien should have one. Until all the children of American Citizens have been fed, clothed, protected and educated no child of an illegal alien should have more or better. I do not deny that basic humanitarian aid must be administered to any person in our country that is in need, however, identity and country of origin for non-citizens in this country must be established prior to release of any person receiving care so that the individual who received care or their government can provide reimbursement for the services provided.

    To this end I would agree with those who say we need a National Registry, a means of absolutely identifying any individual as a citizen of the United States of America. With this we could make it so that non-citizens would not be allowed to rent housing or transportation beyond the time allotted on their VISA and strict penalties and fines could be levied against those found to be breaking the law including those renting or leasing housing and/or transportation to illegal aliens.

    Deportation costs should be charged back to the country of origin and they in turn should work out how to extract reimbursement from their returned citizen through any means they see fit. Foreign nationals for whom we can not establish a documented nationality or who are refused by their respective government for lack of documentation shall be considered a â??person without a countryâ? and will be detained by the U.S. Government in a specially designed worker program wherein detainees will work for room-and-board building government projects like the border wall. Detainees will have the right to life, to adequate food (which they can grow themselves), a fair dayâ??s work, and medical attention on par with the world average. Procreation will not be allowed in detention; therefore, men and women will need to be separated in different work groups. This would eliminate the possibility of the establishment of a permanent sub-culture of â??people without a countryâ? not unlike the theoretical â??welfare stateâ?. This would also be a good deterrent to possible illegal immigrants or would at least ensure incoming illegal immigrants would have well documented identities. This program should be designed in a way to be self-sustaining where the products and services of the detainees can be generate enough revenue to sustain it and, if possible, relieve part of the average American citizenâ??s tax burden. I would have no problem spending the same amount of money tomorrow for a head of lettuce as I spend today but knowing that, instead of farm subsidies of cash, the government paid farm land owners a lease value for their land and worked it with this free labor.

    Legal action should be initiated by the American People against all illegal aliens and all U.S. government officials that support them. The illegal aliens should be accused of trespassing by having entered the property of the People without permission, having caused injury to the People, having caused injury to the property of the People, having caused injury the rights and privileges of the People, and having intruded upon the time and mindshare of the representatives of the People thereby causing what should be Our government, the voice of the People, to be their government, the voice of the illegal foreign national minority, the voice of criminals, the voice of terrorists. The illegal aliens and government officials that support them should be accused of inciting an act of war against the People of the United States of America. The illegal aliens have invaded our land and have trespassed upon the rights of all American citizens. Now they are not only illegally assuming those rights and privileges they are demanding the legal recognition that it is indeed their right to do so. Our government officials that have ignored the sovereignty of our nation for so long and now support the illegal aliens in any way and/or refuse to enforce the current law of the People indeed support this act of war upon the People. For this they should be labeled and treated as traitors to the government of the United States of America during a War. For what is our government without the People? Nothing! For the government of the United States of America was, is and shall be of the People, for the People and by the People and to operate in opposition of this is to operate against America.

    The American People are loosing â??Government of the People, for the People, and by the Peopleâ? with platform politics, foreign influences, special interests, and politics as usual. No platform will give you exactly what you want. And even if they lay claim that they will you will soon loose when the special interests and lobbyists add their influence. In the end your vote is for the lesser of two evils, for the candidate most closely aligned with your core beliefs. Our government officials say one thing to get your vote then do something different once elected. And we are told it is simply â??politicsâ? and one is sometimes needed to give a little to gain a little. The whole â??scratch my back and Iâ??ll scratch yoursâ? mentality of politicking does not emanate from the People. Politicians have decided that they have been elected to decide what is best for the â??peopleâ?. That it is their choice to trade on the desires of the â??peopleâ? that support one issue to placate the â??peopleâ? on another issue saying â??I had to give up on this to win support for the otherâ?. But make no mistake about it, the will of the People is never even considered. There should be no voice outside the will of the People! If the People want something then they should be told upfront what it will cost them and then it should be put to the People to decide. The citizens who support an idea but do not like what it will cost them will need to think long and hard about their decision. In the end the People should decide.

    Just like the original Patriots of this nation we must cut our ties with and withhold support from any government operating on Our behalf that refuses to represent the will of the People. We can not allow an out-of-control government that taxes Us but no longer represents the People.


    The fact that Our government is acting outside the will of the People is undeniable on the issue of illegal immigration. For this reason it is no longer the American government and should not be supported by the American People. What will it take for the American People to open Our eyes and understand that this government, bent on winning votes from any minority group of â??peopleâ? without regard to the People, is not the government of the United States of America established by the People? What will the People loose next? Our Social Security? Wait, they already gave that away! Social Security no longer belongs to the People; now it belongs to the â??peopleâ?.

    Some of you would like to block my logic with screams of â??Racistâ?. The fact is that this claim is absurd. I am an American and believe that it is Our duty to protect the sovereignty of Our nation. Our nation is established and recognized by the World as having one law to govern its People, one government to represent its People, an established area and borders to hold its People, and one People to be known and counted as Americans. I welcome each and every American to stand with me and be counted on every issue. I even welcome each and every American who takes an opposing viewpoint to mine to stand and be counted. I welcome anyone who is a citizen that is an American first and proud of their heritage second. It is our right as citizens of this nation to take a stand for what we believe and be counted. But the will of the People can not be ignored. This is why we raise our voices to be counted. It is the whole idea on which our country is founded. If you are not in the majority on an issue, well, let the will of the People be done. Accept this and our government works as intended. But, if the will of the People, the majority, is ignored and politicians pander and bend to the will of the â??peopleâ?, the minority, then we are truly lost as a nation.


  17. Ed says:

    I totaly agree with AI_bot & it was excently stated.Ok noe if or gov reps ignoreing the people of america then how do we go about forcing them out of office & dishing out the proper pushmrnt to them,We can not let them off the for the media I say boy cot cbs nbc & abc.when the see thier rattings drope like a rock & their revenue they will stop with their lies & respond to the american people in the manner we expect them to.

  18. rick lowman says:


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