Photo by Tulip (click it for a bigger version)

Here are my videos from the march.

    Part 1 high quality version (click here)

    Part 2 high quality version (click here)

    Part 3 high quality version (click here)

Here are a few more video’s shot by Sonar of Save Our State. (here, and here)

More pictures and video’s of the march can be found at Save Our State. (here, and here)

    Police Arrest 2 At Anti-Immigration Protest

    (CBS) LOS ANGELES At least two people were arrested at an anti-immigration protest that drew counter-protesters, which erupted into a rowdy melee, with shouting matches, pushing and shoving.

    Protesters interrupted a rally organized by homeless activist Ted Hayes, Minuteman Project members and Save Our State at Broadway and Olympic Boulevard.

    Originally 50 officers were called in for the protest, however more were called in to deal with the two crowds, which grew increasingly hostile towards each other.

    “I thought something was going to happen,” said a nervous Cruz Yax, 40, of Hollywood, who was shopping downtown but got caught up in the fray. “I tried to go over there but I couldn’t,” she said, gesturing away from Broadway.

That was the initial biased report by local Los Angeles CBS news station, channel 2. They couldn’t even get the headline correct. It’s not anti-immigration its anti-illegal immigration.

A ROWDY MELEE with pushing and shoving? This is a flat out lie. Also, the reporting is so ambiguous that it sounds as though members of the Minutemen were arrested when it was actually the communists protesting against us that were arrested. And just how does CBS miss the fact that these protesters are Communists with all the red flags and Che Gueverra shirts?

Their follow-up report was just as bad.

    The three counter-demonstrators that were arrested during Sunday?s downtown rally that was held by the Minutemen and other groups opposed to illegal immigration may face misdemeanor charges of interfering with a march. About 100 people — including homeless activist Ted Hayes, who has sided with the Minutemen — participated in a march from Broadway and Olympic Boulevard to City Hall yesterday, outnumbered at least two to one by pro-immigrant demonstrators.

    Helmeted police officers, who tried to keep the groups separated, reported that the counter-demonstrators threw eggs and a glass bottle at them.

    Communist Salute

    Simon Blanco, 25, denounced the marchers as fascists.

    “What is more criminal, to work to help your family and lift the economy of this country or to sow hate and attack ethnic groups?” he asked in Spanish.

    Police acted as a barrier between the marchers and the counter-protesters on the sidewalks.

    “The people are very angry, the tensions are flying,” said immigration amnesty supporter John Osmand, 36, of Ventura, who charged that the Minutemen sought to trigger a riot while pro-immigrant activists demonstrated “a great deal of self-restraint.”

What the reporter fails to mention is that the people he interviewed, the ones that called the Minutemen fascists and charge that they were trying to start a riot, were members of the Communist party. To call these Communists “pro-immigrant” and to mention how they were using “a great deal of self-restraint” is infuriating.

Watch the incredibly weak CBS 2 news report (VIDEO). That’s me at the end of the report on my rollerblades.

    Prescott Wood

Prescott Wood is the head of A.N.S.W.E.R. in Los Angeles. A.N.S.W.E.R. has been instrumental in organizing the big illegal alien marches all around the country. They are a front group for the Marxist-Leninist Workers World Party. They idolize Joseph Stalin but when organizing Latino’s they promote Communist leaders Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro, and Che Gueverra as hero’s of the common man.

    Viva La Revolucion

    Here’s a photo of an “immigrant” who came illegally into the United States in search of a better life for himself, his wife and his five babies. He does the jobs that American’s are too lazy to do. He’s a very hard worker.

27 Responses to “Communists Protest Minuteman At Los Angeles March 5-21-06”

  1. 1 Educated American

    Wow! I’m SO bummed I could not go. Drats! I look forward to the next march. That one old WWII veteran was amazing. A few observations:

    1. Remember the March 25 “Gran Marcha”? Remember the SEA of Mexican flags? Then the PR people got a hold of them and said “No, No! You guys need to be carrying American flags - get it?”. So we saw a sea of American flags through the next two pro-illegal immigration marches. Now how many American flags were there on the sidewalk in the above videos? ZERO. Just Mexican flags and communist banners. It is now plainly obvious to anyone with an open mind what is going on here. They do not value, want, or care to comprehend what American citizenship entails. They appear to want Reconquista through massive illegal immigration, followed by a nightmare communist dictatorship. Lovely.

    2. The behavior and rhetoric of most of those on the sidewalk was almost comic. I liked that one communist girl with the bullhorn sputtering in frustration. She said something like: “What are you black people doing over there? Why are you with the white racists?”. - Or something to that effect. Answer: Because they are AMERICANS who are damn fed up! You could tell she was experiencing some serious cognitive dissonance.

    3. Are you certain that guy was MS-13? If not, he still looks pretty gang-inspired. He seemed pretty low-key. Probably had a bunch of warrants out on him. Those type of individuals are the ones that need to GO VERY FAR AWAY. FOREVER.

    4. That one guy at the very end of the third video seemed fairly reasonable. I mean the guy talking about fruit-picking and saying “you need us, we need you”. He at least has gotten a fair mastery over the English language, and he was not spewing hatred. Someone like him would probably at least listen to our side of the arguement.

    Summary: To me, it looked like the marchers expressed a generalized aura of American patriotism. This patriotsim came with a specific message, of course. Those on the sidewalk seemed to disagree . . .

  2. 2 Brad

    Amazing as always Brook. The last video was especially good.

  3. 3 Darlene

    The gang dude with the tats is high on something….flying higher than a kite!

  4. 4 Sherri

    Notice how it was the pro-illegal aliens and communists that reacted violently and not the other way around? This is what we get to look forward to: A thug mentality when someone doesn’t get their way. Oh, yes, that’s REALLY a benefit to America! These people have so much to contribute: crime, higher poverty rates, reduced wages, trash and garbage all over the place—yep, that’s what we need to improve America, all right! Gag! This makes me sick!

  5. 5 johnny

    These videos show just how ignorant these people really are!
    It is amazing to me that instead of begging for amnesty they are actually demanding it and stating that the land is theirs!
    These people act as if they were forced here by the United States and we are supposed to let them free!
    They are acting as if they are everyday citizens who are being repressed by the government.
    I am so peed off by the way these people think that I owe them something and how they call us racist for flying our flag!
    what would be really funny just to fuck with their heads would be to hold the same march but, fly mexican flags instead of usa flags! hold up the same banners that say we want to deport them but fly the mexican flag instead! That would be some funny shit!

    anyways it was just a thought! I know this is some very serious stuff!
    It is so unreal to me that this amnesty is taking place and I am beginning to wonder maybe, just maybe it is a government conspiracy against the illegal aliens to get them to leave peacfully since they seem to be so violent and demanding?
    But then again look at all of the corrupt politicians!
    Is this all really taking place?!

  6. 6 Darlene

    …and nasty, evil potty mouths! In front of the babes, no less! I also noticed the strangest thing….the thugs all have something wrong with their hands. It appears that they only have a straight middle finger, with the other four curled grotesquely underneath. Is that a bone disease? Arthritis? Birth defect? It sure seems like it’s an epidemic! ;>)

  7. 7 Vincent Narodnik

    “Today we march, tomorrow we vote!” …if that were not the most frightening 6 words ever uttered from an assembled throng, I dont know what would be.
    “Eccrasaize l’infame!” they screamed, along with Voltaire and I dont think we need to be reminded of the result of that.
    The rape/publicans have banked our entire existence on the bizarre hope that these ‘people’ would be loyal to them [THEM!!!] but the screaming truth is that they are from too far of a social remove from us to even concidered tractable. Hungry uneducated people with a cultural bias against literacy/learning are not nags to bet on in this devils horserace.
    Sadly the congress has bet the entirety of our ancestral farm on this one race, a race to the bottom.
    As soon as these people get actual legitimacy, the rape party will surely see that kulturbloks are not chips on a poker table belonging to them. However it is WE who will suffer greivously when the truth becomes obvious.

  8. 8 kate

    I wish Jorge and his cronies could see these video’s. This is what he is fighting for Huh he must want to go live with them over in Mexico with his brother fox…This will be in every street in America before long and we will have a civil war..Vote the bums out and we all need to take to the streets and let our voices heard…The mexicans and what else ever are scared of the mm…I am glad because they know when americans start waking up their will be hell too pay………..

  9. 9 Eddie B.

    These people can’t even read or write. They will vote for La Raza and also begin to nullify juries, bankrupt every social service net we have, and then go berzerk.

    I guarantee you their demands will never stop until we are in flames. The Islamists have got to be loving this. You had better arm yourself now because our Government will be trying to take that priviledge away under the pretense of too many guns on the streets.



  10. 10 Border Raven

    I think the Communists are jealous, that we could put 100 people on the street.

    I’ll bet you if the Communists marched alone, they’d not be able to match our number.

    For the Gran Marcha, they had to bus in day laborers, homeless, poor families, and give away free signs, flags and tee shirts, and probably a free lunch, to get their numbers up. I hope it cost their coalition (NCLR, SCAMS, etc., a whole bunch of money.)



  11. 11 Vincent Narodnik

    “…I guarantee you their demands will never stop until we are in flames.”
    NAIL ON THE HEAD. You know what the sickest thing of all is? You would be hard pressed to find even ONE those ‘protestors’ who could tell you ANYTHING about what it is they claim to be fighting for. They might know the name Marx, but they wouldnt know Mordechai Levi. They wouldnt know Hegel or Feuerbach or Bauer or Rousseau etc. -or any other dark luminary who is responsible for constructing their world view. The starving dogs know only ‘revolution’. I once lived in a former gulag state teaching English to the former slaves of the regime that the above are agitating in favor of. (I was an illegal alien there, also) It is with nothing but horror that I watch this wilfull attempt to relive the living death that is socialism. May God grant us unremitting victory over these our enemies!
    (speaking of God, Why in the [world] is Mahoney and his wrecking crew marching in lock step with the very antithesis of Christianity??? A perfumed phrase like ’social justice’ hardly covers the stench of the death all over this incursion.)

  12. 12 Mike

    Get this videos emailed to Bill Orielly @ fox news, all of them,.. he must have some sanity left in him ,.. to show these video’s… or atleast a clip, that counts, him or LOU DOBBS!!!

  13. 13 Harrison Bergeron

    I’d just like to thank all of the pro-illegal alien protesters who attended the rally. I really appreciate the Mexican flags and the cries of racism. That sort of stuff really pisses off the American people, though of course you’re too stupid to figure that out. And since the vast majority of Americans oppose illegal immigration and amnesty, you’re basically stoking the fires of anger and resentment amongst the American populace when you spread your tired lies. Which is great. Because it gets Americans motivated to *do* something to stop illegal immigration.

    So thanks again for all of your help. And feel free to tell the media about how US territory is the rightful land of Mexico. You’re not really getting that message out as well as I’d like, and I want to make sure America hears all about it.

  14. 14 j

    You rednecks should all be ashamed of yourselves.

    Were your ancestors on the Nina, Pinta, or the Santa Maria?

  15. 15 amy

    I get sick of hearing that Mexicans do the work American won’t do because we are lazy. I clean house, do odd jobs or whatever for a living before that I was in the military. I have nothing against the Mexican people…but don’t tell me they do work we won’t. We will do the work if we get paid what we need to live on the U.S. economy. If I got paid $8 or $9 an hour and could live on a Mexican economy I would do those jobs too. It’s hard to make it in the U.S. on little pay unless you live in a commune. Americans will work!! We are not lazy!! This free ride from Bush is just helping provide Big Corporations with cheap labor. If anything the Mexican people should be outraged at their governement for letting this happen. They should demand!! better from their leadership and if Fox isn’t doing the job then get him out!!!

    I live in San Diego…I know these guys and gals come across the border…get picked up at Home Depot for a days work and go back to TJ at night. I’ve worked WITH some of these folks and they are nice people. Vicente Fox doesn’t have to prove these people a job or great working conditions or health care or any or the stuff that would encourage these people to stay in their country to work. They come here make $8 or $9 an hour and live ok back home.

    I resent even hearing Americans won’t work..there are just jobs we can’t afford to work. Maybe WE should move to Mexico and work in the U.S.

  16. 16 Vincent Narodnik

    I noticed also that the talking hairdo reading the news characterized you-and by way of extension-US, as ” anti-immigration reform” activists.
    and throughout, the invaders were refered to as “immigrants” Typical. And disgusting. Thanks for doing it though.

  17. 17 Jalira

    Great videos Watchdog!!! Thanks for doing such a good job. Your camera and editing rock! You really move on those rollerblades!! Good idea to use those at these downtown events. I love the comments to Leslie about acutane!!! LOL I was laughing so hard!!! She really is a scary woman, espescially if you read what she writes!

    I like the comment by J above, his ancestors were on one of those ships, hahahahaaa!!!!

    See you next time!

  18. 18 Kele

    A magnificient job as always Brook. I’ve sent the link to this video out across the U.S. People need to wake up to the truth of what we faced in downtown Los Angeles, which has now been annexed into Mexico.

  19. 19 cuzzit

    Until people have to deal with that kind of hate they will not get it. I have said it to my parents and friends and I will say it again: Every patriotic and naturalized of the United States of America should be REQUIRED to go thruogh what we did. It was scary, sad and motivating. Those freaks were ready to shed some blood. If the police were not there it would have been a blood bath for both sides. What was not captured on video/audio (as far as I know) was one of those animals screaming “White racists go back to Europe and take the NIGGERS with you.” What an oxymoron MORON!

  20. 20 John

    Good videos. I don’t understand why they love Mexico so much, I mean they Love it ALOT, but they won’t go back. They should not complain to our gov. I mean they could go to back to mexico and complain their, or have the president impeached. Mexico has a lot of potetial, but their not willing to go back to their loved country to fix the problem. Plus President Fox isn’t lifting a finger to help the border issue. If we have no border, then we won’t have to woory about more comming in….its like you can’t have a resevouir unless you have a dam first…its common sense




  22. 22 gsee2it

    Great job with the video, our congress and all Americans need to see ?our true friends from the south? (Arizona Governor Napolitano and George Bush) words.

    Just a few questions, way is it my fault that grown human beings decide to attempt illegally to cross the Mexico and Arizona desert and die? Yet no one has asked the Mexican leaders this question??? But it?s my fault!

    Why is it that one of George Bush biggest statement was that ?We do not want to fight terrorist in our backyard?, yet he will not build a wall or take any steps to secure our borders????

    G. Bush, Arizona Govern Napolitano, and McCain are a JOKE they have failed us!

    Please let me know if I have lost my mind????

  23. 23 Randy

    This may sound trivial but I think it’s funny.Anyone else notice how the women for secure borders are all cuties?And the invading commie women are all ugly skankazoids.No wonder they’re all so angry.hahahahaha!!!

  24. 24 Marie

    Do you know why they don’t demand from their President Fox, because they know Fox is not going to be a wimp like our Bush and his goonies. Mr. Fox will tell them to go to hell, and the Mexican people act so tough here in our Country but are chicken shits in their beautiful Mexico, and darn right if they love Mexico so much why the hell they don’t go back, we’re not going to miss them.



  26. 26 Neils Christensen

    To the illegal who wants more…….from me

    There is no middle ground with me
    There is no compromise and will never be
    I have done my time on the line
    For my country and people to be free

    Step up or step off
    Get your feet put firmly on the ground
    And do whatever it takes down there
    To bring better life conditions around

    Find a way find a path
    Work with each other to survive
    Affirm the possitive and eliminate
    The negative learn to be alive

    Don’t merely put up with anything
    Do whatever it takes
    To remove the corrupt ruling class
    That only knows how to take

    2:25 pm
    transcribed this time
    11:34 pm


  27. 27 Brenda Rogers

    do you notice how they keep saying its their fucking land and that we stole it from them. well can you imagine if we never came here and made this country what it is then it would still be like mexico a big fucking slum and then where would they escape to?

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