Claudia Smith is the Executive Director of the California Legal Rural Assistance Foundation in Oceanside. She commonly identifies herself to members of the media as an attorney. However, Claudia Smith is inactive with the California Bar. Claudia Smith is no longer a practicing Attorney.

I’m not exactly sure why not, she’s constantly stalking the Minutemen and threatening lawsuits. You would think that she would still be practicing law if there wasn’t some very good reason for it.

Claudia Smith and California Rural Legal Assistance are currently under federal investigation for wrongfully using federal tax money to fund frivolous litigation and class action lawsuits on behalf of unidentified “members of the general public.” (illegal aliens)

Claudia Smith was the one who instigated the frivolous lawsuit and restraining order against me. Claudia Smith also has a Private Investigator following some of us around. She gets her funding from taxpayers.

Claudia Smith Conspired To Convict John Monti (part 1)

Claudia Smith Conspired To Convict John Monti (part 2)

Cluadia’s Tortoise

In this video, Claudia Smith of California Rural Legal Assistance threatens to press charges against Jeff Schwilk of the San Diego Minutemen for throwing away a tortoise shell. The shell is what’s left of a turtle used in a Santeria sacrifice by illegal aliens in the McGonigle Canyon shanty town on the Northern Edge of San Diego County.

Claudia’s Radio

In this video Claudia instructs the worthless San Diego Police Officers Juan Munoz and Boris Martinez to take down the names of the Minutemen who are cleaning up garbage left by illegal aliens.

Claudia Smith Spies on the Minutemen

Here she is dressed up in her ACLU legal observer outfit. The video was shot last summer in Campo, CA. The Minutemen were having a rib dinner at the VFW. Claudia and her crew were spying on them while they ate.

The following picture was taken 5-25-06 at the Vista day labor site of Claudia Smith, the “human rights” activist flipping the bird to a small group of peaceful Americans observing the area for illegal activity. Apparently for Claudia, only certain humans have rights and deserve respect. If you are an American and oppose illegal immigration, you deserve nothing more than a “F” you. This woman is no Mother Teresa as she would like everyone to believe. In fact she is a vile Anti-American socialist who routinely lies to the media to promote her pro-illegal alien agenda in San Diego County. This woman has been attacking border controls and illegal immigration crackdowns for over a decade.

Claudia runs her anti-American organization from the following office:

    California Rural Legal Asssitance Foundation
    Claudia Smith, Executive Director
    215 South Coast Hwy, Suite 201, Oceanside, CA

NBC Report on the Migrant Encampments

It’s an outdoor drop house for illegal aliens, plagued with prostitution, drug dealing, public drunkenness, urination, defecation and filth strewn across environmentally sensitive land. The migrants are responsible for a rapes, numerous assaults, and countless burglaries of nearby residents. None of this is a problem for Claudia.

Fire Hazard!

Watch the video. Some of their campfires are directly under trees. The flames have gotten so high that the tree branches are singed. Claudia Smith couldn’t care less.

Migrant Encampments

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14 Responses to “Claudia Smith - Illegal Alien Activist”
  1. Tammy says:

    F*ck you to Claudia

  2. Geoff says:

    Haha, don’t click on it. You know I did! Scheisse!

  3. Sherri says:

    I agree with Tammy!

  4. IllegalsGoHome says:

    Claudia is a clod! F()ck her!

  5. Anti-Illigal Immigrations says:

    Barring military imvolvement, political infiltration is a very poweful weapon to bring down a nation. There are thousands of Traitors/socialists, who are deeply entwined in our social fabrics such as C. Smith, who would go to a great length, under a disguise of Mother Teresa, in order to rage one effective batttle after another against the US in the name of ” Recoquista”.

  6. Anthony Porrello says:

    This is NOT an American political movement. It is an Invasion! What we are seeing is Non-American forces rise to power inside our country. Their goal is to vote America out. Dont count on the Democrats being in control of this invasion. The illegal aliens are not here to assimilate into our culture, but to change it. They will vote Mexican. We are starting to see in Los Angeles. We will have our own Palestinian problem here in America. It is foreign politics rise to power. It has escalated beyond just a border issue. Remember, wars have been fought over land disputes. You can be philosophical all you want, but these people are going to destroy, not build this country. This is the 60’s all over again but worse. There are splinter groups in this country that are armed and are not going to put up with it. I hope you have a plan when the violence starts. When these power movements connect up with the Arabs this country will go up in flames. The anarchists are hiding behind these people, they are riding on the backs of the illegals, so for now they have cover. Even when the Mafia came to this country, they became Americans. Shut the border or learn Spanish! The biggest threat to America is the southern threat.

  7. Eddie B. says:

    F*ck Claudia and f*ck the California Legal Rural Assistance Foundation. And while I’m at it, f*ck the CASA De Maryland too.


  8. godzilla says:

    Looking at her face I get an idea of what the asshole of Satan looks like. I would like to see her deported for sedition.

  9. COOL KAT 1 says:



  10. Ed says:

    well all I can say is we need to change our contitution so ragicals like these can not flurish in this country& I still say that we need to inform our military in iraq & afkanistan we need to get this site over to them so they will know what
    going on.

  11. Tucker says:

    With face like Claudia Smith’s, it can scare away ANYTHING it comes in contact with. Better yet, her picture would really be great to protect computers from viruses-or will that do more harm than good, LOL!

  12. oldladyzadie says:

    Claudia Smith is protecting people who commit crimes by entering and living in a country illegally.

    Do we or do we not have a law in this country that anyone harboring a futitive will be arrested and jailed too.

    So why is Claudia not in jail she seems to be protecting them or does this law only apply when used to protect an American criminal?

    Are Americans the only ones who go to jail if they protect a legal citizen?

  13. tlg says:

    It’s doubtful that Claudia’s last name is actually Smith. However, no matter what her name, she is an anti-American bitch!

  14. stella_26 says:

    Now they are trying to blame the minutemen for all these fires in the river claiming they are trying to burn out the critters that live in the river bed

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