Campo Chaos!

The San Diego Union-Tribune ran a story about the protesters that clashed with the Minutemen last Saturday.

“People who have been protesting the presence of the armed border watchers scouting for undocumented immigrants released a video yesterday that shows a man, who appears to be a border-watch participant, directing a string of expletives at some heckling protesters and threatening to shoot them.”

The protesters are clearly trying to bait the Minutemen into something so they can use it against them. Many of these protesters are professionals. They’re actually paid to show up and incite violence in their opposition. They are Communists and Socialists from militant Hispanic organizations. They tie scarves around their faces and wear Palestinian headgear to hide their identities. They are very aggressive and they do everything they can to get their opposition to throw the first punch. They bang pots and pans in your face, they yell through bullhorns into your ear, they stand two inches away from you and scream until the spittle flies from their mouth. In this video you can see one of the protestors pushing a cameraman into a parked car. I spoke with that man and he was not associated with the Minutemen in any way. He was simply covering the event. These protesters will surround your car, bang on it and spit on your windows. They stand in your way and they won’t move. When you inch forward one of them will fall down and pretend that you ran him over. Then they take pictures of the faker and post it on their websites and make up some bullshit story. The Internet is a great tool for them to spread their lies.

“Members of the Veterans of Foreign Wars post here have also complained that not enough was done Saturday, the first day of the border-watch event, to keep protesters off VFW property, where Chase and his volunteers initially planned to base themselves.”

Campo is a small town so the VFW is one of the only places the locals can go to have a beer and play a game of pool. Unfortunately the protesters attacked them as well. They keyed a few of their cars and broke a sign while they chanted “Racist, Go Home.”

I posted a comment on the protesters website about their behavior towards the owner of the VFW and this was the response I got.

“Just because he owned the building doesn’t mean he has the right to forbid people from trashing it, entering it, or trasspassing on it. They were there to defend rights, not the owner of the properties rights, nor the free speech rights of the minutemen, but the rights of illegals breaking the law. “

The Border Angels were also at the protest on Saturday. They’re one of those organizations that maintain water stations in the desert for the migrants. I guess their ambulance was impounded after it was discovered that the driver had his license suspended.

So the protesters showed up and behaved like 5 year olds on crack. They created a big scene and assaulted everyone at the VFW for about 15 minutes. Some camped out over night but they left the next morning. There were only about 6 or 8 that stayed behind.

    Here’s a picture of the stragglers.

The Minutemen continue to watch the border. They will be there until August 7th.

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  1. Buenos Noches Brigade Says:

    We are not babies. We are not communists, socialists, or whatever. We are not on drugs. We are not paid to be there. We are not professionals. We are concerned citizens from San Diego, Campo, El Centro, San Ysidro, Los Angeles, Orange County, Yuma, Riverside, and more. We are white, brown, black and yellow. We are americans who love our country enough to recognize how important migration is to our country, history, culture, and future. We are americans who love our country enough to recognize how dangerous armed vigilantes on our borders are to the democracy of our country.

    The video we filmed was real. Please don’t make lies up about it. You can get your confirmation from one of your friends here:

    We are unarmed.

    We will be there until you leave. Everyday, Every week, every hour.
    We will use all nonviolent means of resistance.

    You are there for 3 main reasons:

    1. To stop Al-Qaeda terrorists from sneaking into our country with dirty bombs, islamic terrorism, and such.

    2. To stop the drug smugglers and coyotes from bringing drugs into our country and corrupting our children.

    3. To stop people from coming into our country illegally, and forcing us American citizens to pay their healthcare, and taking our jobs.

    You are misguided on each point.

    1. You will never stop terrorists from coming into this by ’securing’ the borders. Terror is inbred, terror is local. Terrorism occurs on every street corner, in every community. Our US government has massive financial relations with the three biggest terrorist states in the world: Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Columbia. These relations are inextricable. Our government is producing terrorism all over the world by invading foreign countries, ‘imposing justice’, planting multi-national corporations all over the occupied states, and leaving. Terrorism in Afghanistan and Iraq has increased exponentionally in the last 4 years, with more suicide bombings, assassinations, and extremist groups popping up than ever before. These wars make the world unsafe. The Heroin trade has risen more than ever with Afghanistan since the war, and we don’t care. If you really want to end terrorism, then stop participating in it. You are fighting a link on a causal chain that goes so deep, that it begs the question whether you are furthering the problem itself. This is a structural problem, not a personal one. Go to the root of the problem, not the leaf of a branch of a branch of a branch of a branch.

    2. Drug smuggling is one of the biggest parts of the American economy.,12271,947880,00.html. Along with illegal immigration and pornography, these sectors of the black market are crucial to the sustainability of our markets. The overwhelming majority of drugs in this country is produced domestically except, when like most products in a capitalist market, the cost-benefit ratio is better for importing than producing.
    A good book on this is “Reefer Madness” by Eric Schlosser:
    Now I’m not saying that this is good or bad, but rather that this is too a structural, integral factor in the construction of our stable democratic state. The fact that our country relies on these ‘illegal’ products should not confuse the reader . A market is a market - if it is more effective to manufacture and distribute a product illegally than legally, than so be it, the market dictates.

    3. Illegal immigrants make up the majority of the agricultural work force in the state of california. They work more hours for less pay in worse conditions than any other labor sector in the country. See “A day without a Mexican” for a humorous take on this situation. However, it is very serious. These people are human beings, with family on both sides who work to send money back to their families or build american families, because their job market has been slammed by the excessive imports dumped in their communities at the dictates of transnational corporations, international free trade agreements, and corrupt governments. Resistance is happening inside Mexico as well as it is here. This resistance must be binational, because the exploitation is itself binational. And the majority of our taxes don’t go to healthcare for these people. Check any breakdown of the distribution of our taxes - the majority is weapons that kill people, defense, etc.
    The slave wages that migrants live by should be reason enough to allow them free healthcare, but we don’t have that ethical consciousness yet. In most countries, everyone is welcome for healthcare in emergency rooms. For instance, in France, Morroco, Canada, Mexico, and Germany, I was accepted into the hospital no questions asked as a human being for health problems.

    I hope you all will go home nicely, before our country turns into a breeding ground for more militias and vigilante groups.

  2. GirlWSlingshot Says:

    Now if you really cared for the migrant workers wouldn’t you want to help them to come into the country legally through some sort of work visa program so that they wouldn’t have to cross a desert and risk their lives with violent and manipulative coyotes? That way they would have higher wages, would be protected by law and could get benefits.

  3. Watchdog Says:

    I do care about all the poor people in the world. Unfortunately, America cannot help them all by taking them in. At some point we have to say no more.

    There are approx. 5 billion people in the world whose quality of life is below that of the illegal aliens flowing into the US. We can’t take them in either. It sucks, but we can’t do it. I hope you will be able to understand this one day.

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