The Religious Right Has Fled The Battlefield!

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For the record, the real battlefield today is not abortion. It is not homosexual marriage. It is not Social Security. It is not al Qaeda. It is not taxes. It is not inflation. It is not electing conservatives. It is not posting the Ten Commandments. That is not to say that those issues are not important and not deserving of our best efforts and attention. We have fought and continue to fight for those issues. But those issues do not represent the major battlefield today.

The battlefield where the devil has amassed his greatest forces and is thrusting his deadliest armies is the surrender of our national sovereignty and independence, and the creation of global government! Yes, Martha, the devil has targeted the United States for destruction, and he is using our own political leaders to do his diabolical work! Furthermore, unless God awakens His people, especially His preachers, America’s fall will be swift, and few will even notice that it happened-until it’s too late.

Obviously, the surrender of our independence has been ongoing for some time. However, under Bill Clinton and especially under G.W. Bush, the pace has quickened exponentially! Doubtless, the biggest reason President Bush has more aggressively hastened the pace of America’s merger into supranational government is because he enjoys widespread support among evangelical Christians. Absent opposition from Christian leaders, G.W. Bush has virtually had a free hand. And please know this: before Bush was a Republican, before he was a “conservative,” before he was a Christian, he was and is a globalist, as was his father and grandfather before him!

Of course, the other reason Bush has been free to behave lawlessly is due to the fact that the GOP controls both houses of Congress. Absent political opposition from the legislature (or the national media, for that matter), Bush has virtually no impediment to his actions. For all intents and purposes, President Bush has been able to conduct business as a de facto dictator. There are no checks and balances at work today.

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  1. peter Says:

    pat Roberson of the 700 club said he was 100 percent behind the immigration movement he had the Rev. luis Cortez of esperanza this group is pushing for amnesty what makes me sick is that I sent money to Roberson now all I have to do is find someone to take the knife out of my back if you would like to call him his number is 1800-759-0700

  2. DavidDiaz Says:

    Mexican Gangsters Trained By Army
    Another Mexican-American War Will be Worse for Americans

    Photo from 18th Gang Members
    Web site out of New York Scarborough Country - 11/2/05
    Damian Trujillo (KNTV - San Jose): The FBI says Valdomar and Glass could be on the right track. There may be a problem here.
    FBI spokesman: When individuals go into the military they are taught how to use weapons, defensive tactics, and the use of other sophisticated techniques. They take that out onto the streets with them. This is a legitimate concern for law enforcement.
    Trujillo: Richard Valdomar says he’ll keep warning cops about the new generation gang members.
    Scarborough:” …We’re having to train our men and women to be ruthlessly efficient in killing people…”
    Check this out at

    Can I ask you guys a question? I heard from a friend and a show, that almost half of our armed forces are Latin. Many Mexican American. Do you guys think some of them could turn against us, if there ever was a civil war???

  3. peter Says:

    go to esperanza USA WebSite go to top of page to event this will make you sick these guys get to meet up with Bush and Alberto. the fix is in and you know they are tax exempt I thought you could not be making political policy and be tax exempt

  4. DavidDiaz Says:

    Mexican Military Might!
    By Gary Brecher ( )

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    FRESNO– 2006 will go down in history as the year America discovered Mexicans. 1492: Columbus discovers America. 2006: America discovers Mexicans. “Whoa, this place is crawling with ‘em!” Well yeahyou only just noticed? Where have you people been?

    It’s like you put on special glasses last week that made Mexicans visible for the first time, like Roddy Piper in They Live (one of the best fight scenes ever, by the way). Didn’t you see them before? Who do you think was dishing out your nachos on the graveyard shift at 7-11, some New Hampshire Anglo?

    It’s weird that nobody on either side of the immigration mess seems to know anything about Mexican military history. Weird, how even serious war buffs know more about the military history of Iraq or England than about the glorious story of the Mexican-American wars.

    You’ll notice I say “wars,” as in lots of’em. You may know a little about what we call “the” Mexican-American War of 1846-1848, but actually that wasn’t the only war between us and the Mexicans, it was just the best-publicized.

    So for the past few weeks, while everybody’s been getting hysterical because Drudge says there was a “gun-fight” at a North Carolina Waffle House between Gueros and Beaners, I’ve been researching the history of US-Mexican warfare. And I’m here to tell you that the Waffle House “gunfight” has brought shame on all of us. One lousy shot fired from a car, one broken window at an IHOP, one injurya loser who got a bloody arm from glass shards. That’s supposed to be enough to make us torch every Chevy with a Virgin Mary on the dashboard?

    If you really want stories to get your Yankee blood up, make your lynchin’ fingers itch, read about when an entire American townColumbus, New Mexicowas raided and burned to the ground by Mexican bandits. Read about US military expeditions deep into Mexican territorynot in 1846 but in Woodrow Wilson’s time. Read about US Navy ships bombarding a major Mexican port, or Mexican bandit/guerrilla cavalry hauling 17 Texans off a train and shooting them by the tracks.

    Back then, one huge battle between rival Mexican armies, one of them using US equipment, may have been the fourtti-or fifth-bloodiest battle in this hemisphere’s history, worthy of the best midsize fights from our own Civil War.

    By now the few of you who know your history will realize I’m talking about the military events in Mexico between 1910 and 1917, the mess that ended up with Pershing’s march across the Rio Grande in pursuit of Pancho Villa.

    You won’t believe the cast of characters. Like a young officer by the name of George S. Pattonsound familiar? Patton made his bones hunting Villa in the deserts of Northern Mexico.

    Or the expedition’s commander, Black Jack Pershing himself, who you may remember as the only man ever to hold the rank “General of the Armies,” the guy who led US troops in WW I and made the historic decision to maintain our troops under separate command.

    The only reason Pershing (who was nicknamed “Black Jack” because he started out in command of the 10th Cav, a black unit) got that command was that he’d directed the Villa expedition. He didn’t do a very good job of hunting Villa, but Woodrow Wilson’s noticed he was the only serving US general who’d seen anything like combat before WWI. So it was Mexico that gave Pershing the chance to command at Belleau Wood.

    On the Mexican side, some of these charactersObregon, Zapata, Villaare so incredible no scriptwriter could make them up, and nobody, not even Brando, could play them. (Brando tried, starring in a movie about one of them, Viva Zapata. Capsule review: sucks, don’t waste your Netflix creds.)

    And the greatest of these Mexican war-stars was Pancho Villa. Everything about him was a legend, including date of birth (1877? 1879?) and his name. The poor bastard was christened Doroteo Arango, born into a poor peasant family in Durango. He didn’t like being a peasantnot many people doso he decided early on to joined a gang of bandidos. This is where his story starts becoming multiple choice.

    Either he turned outlaw after killing the landlord who raped his sister (believed by his fans) or he was just another lazy country boy who preferred raising Hell on horseback to sweating out his life as a sharecropper (spread by his enemies). Take your pick.

    The leader of the gang was a guy who’s real name was Pancho Villa, the Original PV. When OPV got shot, young Doroteo decided he’d use the boss’s name instead of just letting it go to waste on Pancho #1’s headstone. And that’s how a country boy named Dorothy became Mexico’s Robin Hood and Osama bin Laden rolled into one.

    Pancho had made a good career choice turning bandido, because things in Mexico were world-class fucked. Well, I mean things have ALWAYS been bad in Mexico, ever since Cortez landed, but they got even worse around 1910, when a revolution against Mexico’s dictator Porfirio Diaz dissolved into anarchynot artsy college-boy anarchy, but the real thing: local warlords robbin’, rapin’ and rulin’ as much ground as their pistoleros could control. Perfect market conditions for a bandido like Pancho.

    Pancho’s gang grew faster than an oil executive’s pension plan, and by 1914 Villa was in command of a huge force called the Division del Norte, a division sized force made up mostly of cavalry but with separate artillery and infantry units. El Division even had its own medical corps, operating out of specially equipped railroad cars.

    If I had time, I’d love to go into the genuinely weird mix of tactics, weapons and strategy used by Villa, Obregon, Carranza and Zapata in this war. Since I need to get to Villa’s mano-a-mano with the US Army, I’ll have to fast-forward through this. But I promise, next column I’ll tell you in detail about the battle of Celaya, the Gettysburg of the Mexican Revolution, a three-day bloodfest that saw Villa’s previously undefeated cavalry broken forever against the machine-gun equipped trenches of “el Perfumado,” Gen. Alvaro Obregon.

    For now, all I want to say is that the next time some drunk jarhead tells you real combat has nothing to do with book-larnin’, you just tell him, “Oh yeah? What about the Battle of Celaya, which was won because Obregon was an avid reader of war news from the Western Front whereas Pancho Villa preferred to whoop it up on horseback?”

    After Celaya, Villa fled with only a few hundred diehard original gangstas. He needed a way to get back in the headlines, win the people’s sympathy again. And Pancho knew how: piss off those snotty, blundering Gringos across the Rio Grande. Ever since the first Anglo mispronounced the “x” in “Mexico,” the one sure way to a Mexican’s heart is to tweak a Gringo’s nipple.

    Pancho was the best Gringo-tweaker of all time. Hugo Chavez is a mere drama queen next to him. All through 1915 he played cross-border tag with the US Cav, riding into Anglo towns, shooting them up, and galloping off before the boys in blue could catch him.

    His greatest raid (or “atrocity,” depending on who you ask) came in

    March 9, 1916, when he and his riders actually attacked a US Cavalry base, Camp Furlong in New Mexico. It was a case of Old Mexico paying an unexpected visit to New Mexico, announced by Villa’s pistoleros firing as they rode through the 13th Cav’s tents at 2:30 am. Unfortunately, most of the Yankee troopers had got drunk the night before and weren’t in a John Wayne mood.

    Maybe it’s racist, but I can’t help thinking of those old Speedy Gonzalez cartoons when I imagine this raid. Maybe it’s because all those old cartoons are set in the desert. One minute Wile E. Coyote’s in an F Troop Cav uniform, sleeping it off with a big ceramic jug marked “XXX” beside him, and the next minute there’s this huge roar, with Speedy screaming, “Andale! Andale! Arriba! Arriba!” and the whole fort, log palisades and all, is sucked up in his tailwind.

    SpeedyI mean Villaand his men were so cocky after jumping the 13th Cav that they took a rest stop at the town of Columbus, N.M.. It was quite a visit: they whooped it up on horseback shouting, “Kill da Gringos!” and burned the whole place to the ground, shot a couple dozen troopers and another dozen civvies, and made off with some chump change and all the whiskey their saddlebags could hold.

    President Wilson was not happy. He called up the National Guard for border duty, just like Dubya just did, only Wilson actually meant itas shown by the fact that he called up 15,000 men to patrol the New Mexico sector of the borderlater he upped the number to 75,000whereas George wants us to believe that 6,000 men are going to cover the whole damn border.

    Wilson also sent Black Jack Pershing into Mexico to get Villa. Now this was not a popular move among our southern neighbors, even the Villa-haters among them. You think PC warfare started in the Sixties? Nope; Wilson gave Pershing a whole book full of rules, like, “No using Mexican railways,” that tied at least one of Pershing’s hands behind his back.

    Just like Nam, we had all the technical advantagesPershing had 5,000 men, including aircraft for recon and various early 20th-c. SUVs to drive through the desertbut the enemy was fighting on his home ground, with the locals on his side. So guess who won.

    Yup: Villa made fools of the Gringos. Northern Mexico looks like Afghanistan, all gullies and ridges, perfect guerrilla country. Pershing’s aircraft were hopeless failures; all six of them crashed within the first few months. Indian scouts led his men into blind gullies. Pershing was

    so pissed off he cabled the President: “Villa is nowhere and everywhere.”

    The only guy who came out of it looking good was young George Patton, who realized intelligence was the key to fighting irregulars. On his own initiative, he tracked down one of Villa’s top aides, then led a raid in civilian cars and clothes, blasting the aide’s hacienda and bringing the guy’s corpse back tied to the hood of Patton’s Packard. Class will tell, like they say.

    After months of frustration, Pershing’s men did what conventional armies always do in these situations: started firing blind. In June 1916, they shot up a unit of the Mexican Army, which was supposed to be an ally in tracking down Villa, at a town called Carrizal. That didn’t help much with winning the hearts and minds of the Mexicans. Besides, there was this little thing called WW I going on, and Wilson finally realized his troops would be more use on European battlefields than making fools of themselves in Mexico.

    And Villa was making fools of them. In fact, Villa’s men were so un-scared of the Yankee troops that all they did to disguise themselves was take off thei r trademark bandido ammunition belts. Once they did that, they were civvies again. Supposedly Villa’s whole officer corps once attended a movie, incognito, with hundreds of 13th Cav troopers.

    Now that, to me, is the whole point of the story: Gueros and Beaners, hunting and killing each other the way God intended, but in a spirit of fun.

    I’m not saying all that crap about “Can’t we all just get along?” I’m saying, “Can’t we just do like los veteranos did and kick the shit out of each other with a smile, and take a break to watch a Tom Mix Western now and then?” I mean what’s with this chickenshit stuff about heading out with a gun and picking off exhausted, desperate wetbacks as they cross the river? It’s like those jerks who used to put firecrackers in cats’ asses.

    Somewhere out there in the desert skies, Pancho Villa and Black Jack Pershing are sharing a bottle of first-run brandy from Parral, looking down at us fretting over these little IHOP scuffles and laughing their battle-scarred faces off. If they could talk to us, they’d tell us what a black guy once said to me in a bar, when I was drunk and trying to act tough: “Aw, don’t be so SERIOUS. I ain’t SERIOUS. And if I was, you couldn’t be SERIOUS enough for me.”

  5. Sherri Says:

    Keep in mind that Pat Robertson also stated that he felt that some dictator in another nation should be assasinated. This man is supposed to be a Christian, and he’s making comments like that? Also, he’s got part ownership in an African mining firm, and the particular country is ruthless and abusive to its people. Robertson is a disgrace and a self-righteous pig. He needs to be exposed for what he is: A hypocrite. I doubt that you will see any of the religious right people say anything against illegals. It’s not Christian according to them. However, it’s also un-Christian to encourage people to break the law, which is exactly what these people are doing.

  6. Contessa Says:

    Pat Buchanan (although I don’t agree with most of what he says otherwise) is on the Religious Right and he is adamantly OPPOSED to any type of AMNESTY and wants our borders closed. I saw him go against Juan Jose Guitterez, and Pat was right on… JJO is a total, arrogant, Mexinazi.

    See, teamamerica.pac

  7. Mary Says:

    200 anti-illegals rally in Oregon:

  8. Charles in Georgia Says:

    Thanks David for the history lesson. Sounds like there is a lot of animosity between Mexico and US - all the more reason we need to stop this invasion. I smell a rat and it really stinks. As I read David’s article, he mention Zapata several times. That is a link to Bush’s oil company ( I believe). And it also linked the Senior Bush to the Bay of Pigs fiasco when he was with the CIA. Either the ship name or the secret code name was Zapata. I think that the Bush link to the Mexicans is extensive-scary!We truly have Mexican George as president. David…. as for your Civil War scare, yes our military does have a large number of hispanics, but if they were born and raised here in the states, then they have been Americanized. There allegiance will be to us. Most legal citizens who are Latinos are against this invasion anyway. Once they become legal citizens, they literally jump the fence. It’s the ones who are illegal that are allegiant to Mexico. Good try, though on trying to scare us. Trust me……America WILL rise up. It’s in our history and in our blood and that can’t be changed. Mexicans are just seeing the start of it as billboards are going up all over this country, lawmakers are receiving record numbers of bricks and correspondence, and legal actions against employers are beginning to take place. AMERICA HAS HAD ENOUGH. Which side are you on David?

  9. Sarah Says:

    Sherri, I’m with ya. I remember when he made that statement about Chavez. What is Robertson’s agenda now? He definitely has one and it’s political. There was an article, and I wished that I had saved the link. It was called What would Jesus have done It stated a bible verse that addressed specifically people crossing into a land illegally. It also said that we must obey the laws of the lands we are on. I wish now that I had written down the bible verse. So , if there are any fence sitters on this issue and if you need religious validation that what we are doing and demanding is right. We have God’s word.

  10. Jason Says:

    I went to that site. That was an eye-opener. OK America……do we all know that Bush is trying to make Canada-Mexico-US one big nation so he can conquer the world. Ahhhh….so that’s what this invasion by the Mexicans is all about. Bush/Clinton and the New World Order knew that Americans would be against joining with Mexicans as a country, so they let them in one by one so we could get used to it slowly. No wonder President Fox threatened to take the US to court if we militarized the border and put up a fence. It’s against the secret agreement that Bush, Fox and Martin all planned. That agreement must be in writing. Did the Congress vote on this? Or did Bush do the most treasonous act of all time? I call signing away our country treason. We’ll be living like the Israeli’s. We’ll have two factions in our big brand new country that will literally hate one another. I’ve got something that you all illegal immigrants better think about. Bush likes war….actually he enjoys it. We will constantly be in war as long as he is in power. Many people believe that he will create such a ruckus that he will have to remain in power despite the 2008 elections. Iran is next on the chopping block. He wants Mexicans to arm his next war. You just wait and see if all of you that sign up for this guest worker program don’t get drafted into war. You see Bush is two faced. He has turned on his own people and he will turn on all of you. Mexicans… better think long and hard about Bush’s eagerness to help you get legalized. Believe me he wants you all legalized yesterday. I’m in the military so you all can get this inside scoop.

  11. DavidDiaz Says:

    To Charles in Georgia: Nice try on tryinhg to make me the enemy, George Im on your side. Please don’t rtry to make me sound like im against you.

  12. DavidDiaz Says:

    To Jason: Jesus christ are you serioous.This pisses me off whenever I hear that African Americans and Mexican americans are in the front lines. Jesus christ if this is country was built on White power then it should be White people in the front line. Don’t you all agree.?

  13. commando Says:

    david diaz: “Jesus christ if this is country was built on White power then it should be White people on the front line. Don?t you all agree.?”——————–no, i think it should be latinos on the front line getting cutdown by those “mini-guns” that chopped down trees on that movie “predator”, you f*cking agitator!

  14. Educated American Says:

    Thanks David Diaz for that funny and informative military history essay. The distance of time can make you see the absurd and almost comic nature of Pershing’s pursuit of Pancho Villa (version 2.0!) through the Mexican badlands. No wonder Villa is such a folk hero in Mexico.

    Jason - I totally agree with you. I know somebody who is very wise who claimed 2 1/2 years ago that the primary reason so many Mexicans were being allowed into the country was the upcoming GENERAL MILITARY DRAFT. Remember: you do not have to be a U.S. citizen to be in the U.S. military. In fact, a large percentage are not U.S. citizens. Bush may in fact remain in power past January ‘09 when his second term runs out. We’ll see what “crisis” in the near future demands his continued steadfast leadership.

    Re: the article. Finally, someone has said something I’ve wanted to say for a long time. Christians - Bush is NOT your man. Bush is a pretend Christian. Christians do NOT START wars, they only defend themselves. Christains - forget nutjobs like Robertson and “Blow ‘em away in the name of the Lord” Falwell. They are merely Christians-for-profit, preying upon your good nature. You need only your Bible, and your Faith. And perhaps a gun.

  15. susie Says:

    Our town is just starting to be infiltrated with migrants and illegals brought in by a meat packing plant which promised to hire local residents first. The plant gleefully sends a bus to the border to pick up workers from Mexico, not being particular about legality. They have packed them into a local trailer park as many as 12 to a trailer. Most of the local residents have no idea how this is going to impact this town. One of the local churches actually believes any protests of illegals is racist. They had a float in the local May parade flying Mexican flags and promoting tolerance which was in extremely bad taste considering the recent protests staged by illegals. (the theme for the parade was favorite movies) Jesus wants us to spread the Gospel. I dont think He expects us to give up our jobs and country to do it. If Pat Robertson is pro amnesty and pro illegal immmigration, he should give his job to an illegal. What the heck they’ll do it for a lot less money than he will.

  16. peter Says:

    someone said to me that poncho was gay I wonder the way some talk you think he was a super mex super hero lol

  17. DavidDiaz Says:

    To Commando; Easy there though guy. So you want all Latinos on the front line. Nope sorry, it’s not going to happen. You can try to Agitate me, but thats not going to happen either.It seems that you are theone who got agitated, hahah chill man, chust chill.

  18. Charles in Georgia Says:

    David, hey buddy glad to hear your on the American side. I just couldn’t tell by your earlier comment.

  19. Darlene Says:

    Robertson is a milquetoast weanie.

  20. Ed Says:

    I agree with you David D
    I know american mexicans & other latino (whatever latino means) most of them are very loyal to this country.all of us should be on the front line.also thanks for the history lesson.I”am sure your on our side.

  21. Ed Says:

    also davud D I’am very much looking forward to your next instalment of history.theydid’nt teach me that stuff in school back in the 50’ a matter of fact they did’nt teach much of any thing.

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