Q&A with Rep. James Sensenbrenner

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Is there any part of the guest-worker plan or path to citizenship that you support?

A: I do not support anything that is an amnesty. The real problem with the Senate bill is that the people who would apply for amnesty would end up pricing themselves out of the market in many of the jobs that they currently hold. Amnesty is not going to be as successful as its supporters think because if someone legalizes themselves and then they end up paying Social Security taxes and state and federal securities, and increase their cost to their employer. If there are more illegal immigrants out there, they are simply going to fire the person who has been legalized and hire the illegal immigrant.

You sound pessimistic about a compromise.

A: It’s going to be a heavy lift. It’s going to be tough work. There has to be some flexibility involved. We have to learn why Simpson-Mazzoli failed to solve the problem. It failed to solve the problem because the employer sanctions were never enforced. And that means we have to do things in the proper order. The first thing is to secure the border. There is not that much of a difference between the two bills on that. The second thing is to cut off the magnet of jobs for illegal immigrants. That means having realistic and enforceable employer sanctions. So hiring illegals because there is no enforcement ends up lowering the labor costs of the people who hire them, so much so that with low fines and very selective and spotty enforcement, people can get away with undercutting the competition that is only hiring citizens and legal immigrants with green cards.

Do you think it is really possible to deport all the illegal immigrants?

A: No. However, if we shut off the jobs by enforcing employer sanctions, many of the illegal immigrants will simply decide to go home because they cannot make money in the United States. And you will see an attrition.

What do you think of the proposal put forth by Rep. Mike Pence, Republican of Indiana, that is getting a lot of attention? It is a compromise that would provide an incentive for illegal immigrants to leave the country and then apply for guest-worker visas in the United States.

A: I have not reviewed the Pence proposal. The thing is that the conference committee will be dealing with the House bill and the Senate bill as starters. The Senate has passed a bill; the House has passed its version of a bill. But t
he Pence bill itself has passed neither house.

12 Responses to “Q&A with Rep. James Sensenbrenner”

  1. Contessa Says:

    The Pence bill is just as bad as the Senate Bill. No amnesty, no path to citizenship, no benefits, NO SURRENDER!

  2. Ed Says:

    sensenbrenner did make one good point that with out strong penlties on employers who higher illegals it wont work.but he should have add; heavy penelties for hirering illegals,heavy fines for those who rent or sell houses.to them.no drivers leceses.no free medical benifits & the only path we to allow them is a path back to thier native country.once we get them out we can hunt daow the criminal illegals they will then no longer have a large area of illegal to hide amongst.

  3. Sarah Says:

    I wish Sensenbrenner were president right now. He’s the only one that makes any sense. He also offers the simplest solution.

  4. Sherri Says:

    Attrition is the only way that anything is ever going to actually get done. Cut them off from everything, not just jobs. When life here isn’t any more pleasant than in their home countries, they’ll leave. Unless, of course, some ACLU moron takes it to court for violating their civil rights! Gag!

  5. Tony Says:

    Hey just a question. Does anyone have a lwayer in the family. Is there anyway to sue the American government for our taxes back that have been spent on illegal immigrents. Thus forcing them to stop using any taxes to pay for illegals.

  6. Eddie B. Says:

    At least Sensenbrenner has some stones. My God, most of the rest of these morons are clueless. We definitely need more people like Sensenbrenner and Sessions.


  7. Vansmack91 Says:

    Tony..good question..one I’ve thought about..also, can we sue the government for not upholding our laws, inviting illegal criminals to infest our cities with drugs and crime? At the least, we should be able to sue for depressed wages and lowered home values. As we all know that when illegals move in, housing values drop…I would also encourage anyone who has been a victim of a crime committed by an illegal contact an attorney. the Federal government has a responsiblity to secure our border and deport ANY AND ALL ILLEGALS…their failure to do so is directly responsible for the thousands of crimes committed by illegals..the federal government is aiding and abetting these known criminals..there has to be retribution

  8. John Creasy Says:

    Sarah Says: “I wish Sensenbrenner were president right now. He’s the only one that makes any sense. He also offers the simplest solution”.

    What about Tom Tancredo? He makes a great deal of sense too! :)

  9. Sarah Says:

    John - I agree Tancredo too. I’m just thinking so much about Sensebrenner since he seems to be the rock right now. That I don’t want to waiver. I’m also hoping that he is visiting this site so I was writing accordingly

    Tony - get back with us about Americans wanting our tax money back. That’s brilliant thinking - I calculated my amount to be around $25,000 total since Bush took office. That’s not including state tax or sales tax. Boy, we get taxed to death. Isn’t this why we rresisted against England.

  10. Bill Says:

    I think we have to raise holy hell-big time-so that both house & senate
    members have a visceral feel that they are gonna be creamed if they go soft on this and try to make hispanics like them-stupid strategy as Hispanics will respect common sense solutions to this problem that many of them recognize as out of control.

    Does anyone know if either the senate or house bill dealt with anchor babies and this ludicrous custom of allowing “family reunification” which only consolidates the human tidal wave swelling from south of the border?

    Also of interest, I heard that Mexico doesn’t allow foreigners to own land within 30 miles of the border-good idea-no? We should create a program to give combat veterans cheap land and lots of ammo on farms at the

  11. Brad Says:

    I say Tancredo and Dobbs for 2008

  12. Sarah Says:

    Yes Brad………..Dobbs. He’s the only newscaster that even brings us the immigration issues any more. I’m beginning to believe that the networks are being paid to silent the issue. Meanwhile Bush is trying to divert our attention back to Iraq in hopes that we will forget. We won’t forget that we are being invaded my foreign nationals at this very moment. I can’t believe that any American dem or rep believes this man.

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