Invader Breeding Frenzy

Dallas News

It was a particularly hectic April day at Parkland, with 57 babies born, a third more than normal. Women were in labor in the hallways, doctors and nurses were too busy to break for lunch or dinner, and, suddenly, Ms. Oviedo’s emergency cropped up.

Still, it wasn’t too much to handle at Dallas County’s public hospital, where delivering healthy babies has become a primary focus and a source of deep pride.

Last year, Parkland’s doctors and nurse-midwives delivered 15,590 babies ? a diaper-wearing contingent that was double the population of Highland Park.

Babies arrive at Parkland at an average rate of 42 infants per day. Feeding this birthing frenzy: the growing number of Hispanic immigrants using the hospital.

More than 80 percent of the women who gave birth at Parkland last year had Hispanic surnames. The hospital does not focus on whether these women are legal residents of the U.S. Federal law requires hospitals to care for any woman who shows up in labor.

“We are the safety net hospital for Dallas County, and these folks are residents of our county,” said Dr. Ron Anderson, president and chief executive officer of Parkland.

The hospital spent almost $71 million to deliver the babies born there in 2004, with Dallas County taxpayers covering about 40 percent of the cost and federal and state funds making up the difference ? and then some. The maternity program ended the year with a surplus of almost $8 million.

Although many hospital staffers have picked up limited Spanish, including basic conversational phrases and words for medical procedures, interpreters often must be called to help explain medical options to the patients.

Pam Krywalski, a longtime obstetrics nurse who is fluent in Spanish, takes it upon herself to help the resident physicians learn Spanish. She even developed a “cheat sheet” of basic terms to get them started.

“It’s a tremendous help to be able to speak Spanish to these women,” she said. “By the time they’re out of residency, the doctors can get through an admission or delivery in Spanish.”

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  1. Valerie Says:

    These are not residents of your town, city county or state. These are visitors at best. They run the border to deliver their children on the other side so that their children and they can stay here and establish themselves in our welfare system (creating a whole new generation and culture of welfare recipients). We need to have funds spent on our residents. I propose that security gates be be constructed at all hospital entrances. Anyone who can not prove legal residence should not be allowed. Period. If these people choose to jump borders illegally they should be prepared to deal with the consequences.

  2. Proud2bAmerican Says:

    15,590 anchor babies in a year and in only one city! 13 years now each of those anchor babies will have more babies which will have more babies… We are going to be the minority in 50 years or less! The constitution needs to be amnded so that only children of citizens can be citizens! Man these people need to get a TV or some other form of entertainment besides romping in the bed!

  3. Sarah Says:

    It’s a good thing that I’m not a nurse. I would have been quite vocal and they would have fired me. Why have these doctors and nurses been so quiet ? Seems like they could have leaked out these financial figures before now. These anchor babies got to go.

  4. Darlene Says:

    Hello? Breeders? Ever heard of birth control and personal responsibility? Heck no! Why should they? Most Americans have the amount of children that they can afford and care for. Most must pay for all the needs of their babies, children and families. However, when the breeders get everything for free, who the heck cares about QUALITY? OnlyQUANTITY for them because it’s FREE. All medical is FREE. Keep pumpin’ them out….more gang and prison fodder for the future.

    Slightly off the subject, I just returned from dinner with friends. Their grandson’s girlfriend had her father commit suicide on Friday. He was in his 40’s, has worked hard all of his life, paid his taxes, his insurance premiums, had two kids because that’s what he could afford. Well, he recently injured himself terribly and the insurance refused to pay for the appropriate treatment (too expensive and he was TOO YOUNG (? )) and for much needed surgery to hopefully make him whole again (new type of surgery the insurance co wouldn’t cover). With no relief from his pain, insurance wouldn’t pay for treatment and surgery because he was too young and the surgery was too new, no way to work and no money to take care of his family and no fight left in him for permanent disability (which he didnt’ want to do) he shot himself in the head.

    What in the HELL is wrong with this picture????? Illegal alien criminals, who
    have no insurance, haven’t paid into social security, haven’t done one thing for this country, get everything covered on a silver platter. This wonderful American family man, who did everything right and when he needed the help he has paid for….it wasn’t there. He lost all hope….My God what has this whole thing come to? I’m sick to my stomach and ticked off as hell.

    When hope is lost….there’s nothing left.

  5. Sherri Says:

    Darlene, that was a sad story, and I’m just as angry as you! It doesn’t make any sense. You do the right thing, work hard, pay your taxes, do everything your’e “supposed” to do, and some illegal alien comes here and gets medical care at taxpayer expense. Meanwhile, citizens of this country can’t afford medical care, and get denied by social services because they “have too much”. WTF? I also agree with Proud2bAmerican. If the parents are illegal, their offspring should also be illegal, and send the kids back with their illegal alien parents along with a bill for the Mexican government to reimburse the taxpayers who always end up footing the bills for their citizens.

  6. Darlene Says:


    I also agree with you and Proud2B-The illegal parents need to take their illegal seeds and get the hell out of our country. The illegal seeds are the major cause of our problems….they’ve lived by their demands and have had freebies all their lives. It’s never enough for them…never enough. Thanks to so-called “educators” both here and in Mexico, they have been taught that they rule supreme. Yeah, and so what did they ever invent to make the world a better place. Siestas and margaritas just don’t make the cut, methinks.

  7. Contessa Says:

    I’m sick to my stomach reading this article. What is wrong with those women? I was particularly struck by the quote of the 19 YEAR OLD who was almost proud to “know the routine” because she had given birth at Parkland three years before, so at AGE 16! Where the hell were her parents? Where are the “family values” that Bush so glowingly talks about? I would love to know the average age of these women at Parkland, and how many are repeat offenders, yes, its offensive to me. I have four children, we planned our family. We work hard to support, raise give them the best education we can afford (that’s top priority). I’m disgusted at this segment of society who is so casual about reproduction, parenting, family planning. Now we all will have to take care of this new generation of children who start off their lives at the bottom rung of society. UGGGGH.

  8. Eddie B. Says:

    Valerie -

    These are NOT VISITORS. These people are INVADERS. And they will continue to breed until we have an out of control population. They will break the bank of all of our quality hospitals until we have low quality or no hositals at all. They will bankrupt our entire social support system left unchecked.

    They are already forcing hospitals to go outside the United States for low paying nursing jobs that are now being given to people from South Africa and other areas where there are no job opportunities. This also is a real good example of why we should use Norplant for people who continue to have babies and don’t have the financial means to support themselves.

    NumbersUSA has a fantastic short (18 minutes) video that explains, in an unemotional manner, what unchecked population growth will do to us. It is'’t good. We can’t save the entire world but I can’t believe our leaders are not trying to save us. We are paying for it not them and I am sick of it. These people need to be responsible for their own behavior and right now they are out of control.


  9. Tammy Says:

    I wonder have they ever heard of birth control and tubal ligation?

  10. Mike Says:


    I am sorry you have had to endure yet another tragedy of this crumbling society,…. I fear exactly that in which you have just endured….I injured my left knee severly while in the USAF, it took me over a year to rehabilitate…..But I refused to sit back and collect of the govermnet state etc @ 25 years old….Now I am semi succes for working hard to get back on my feet,….and the VA will probably always take care of me if me knee gets retarded agian….. But I was struck in a car accident @ 21 and ever since have had ever worsening back issues in my spine which the doctors are dumb founded about, the pain can be dehabilitating…. But I refuse pain meds because I can’t work threw them….I end up back on my cain and working threw the pain anyway….my bigest fear is that the doctors will do nothing till I am crippled @ 30 something…. and my life is crumbling, with know hope of any thing to fall back on and to much pride to accept my situation………
    They have literaly told me they can do nothing unless I am losing bowel and urinary functions……..
    But, I continue fighting on ….It saddens me greatly to here of the loss of your family due to, the sad reality we are coming to in this new generation, brought on by the rich and greedy….

  11. Americano Says:

    Sarah, the reason that doctors and nurses dont talk about these problems is for two basic reasons: 1) doctors/nurses are supposed to treat anyone and everyone the same and regardless of background, ability to pay, etc… 2) doctors/nurses actually benefit in a sense to treating these people, they get paid regardless of who the patient is, they are in on the scam so to speak. The medical community is for the most part elitist and sheltered from the impact that illegal immigration has on the middle and working classes.

  12. Juan Says:

    Lets say half are female, that would be 7,795 females, who on average will have about 5 children, so that would make it abut 38,975 births in about 18 -25 yrs from now. We all know the most hispanic females will be pregnant between the ages of 16 and 20, and Im willing to bet that they will have about 2 prior to the age of 20. So, if every year, in the next 5 yrs, the current crop of mothers give birth at average rate of 15,000 per year, then in 5 yrs we should see about 75,000 new births in a 5 yr span. Add the 5 factor to the 75,000 births and you have about 375,000 new births in addtion to the existing pool of people. Is this close to 1/2 million new hispanics in this town??

    We will experience, without a doubt, the population explosion, rate of poverty, and decline of educational standards in America that now exists in Mexico and other Latin American countries. The Catholic Church encourages the birth rate, and does nothing to inform and educate the illerate and undereducated females about birth control or any means of self-control over this issue that will overflow our cities. In addition to this problem is the following: lack of marital committment. Many, many young hispanics will live together, have children, and NOT GET MARRIED. This is absolutely true and pervasive throughout the culture. If you ask around the younger generation they will indicate that they are lving together and are “thinking ” about getting married, yet they have children and have yet to make the final committment. This one issues I cannot understand and I dont see why this has developed in the hispanic community. It just may be a lack of “reasoning” all together as to why families have allowed this to develop in the community. There is no direct consequences, as far as Ive heard or seen with some families. There is no “shame” or “guilt” or “moral failure” — call it what you will — but it just does not exist anymore in the hispanic community. Hence, you see multiple births, with multiple partners and no comitted marriage amoung the younger generation of hispanics.
    It will devore this nation as it has in Mexico City. Thousands upon thousands of undereducated, ignorant, and poverty stricken families riding the welfare state of America. The factors are clearly visible as in the birth count in this town.

  13. jovitavillalpando Says:

    i don”t understand why it is not required to be a citizen to get medical services when in mexico if you have an emergency they require that you pay first. as an american citizen i was appalled by the marches for the first time i was embarrassesd to be mexican-american. Dallas is also hiring 300 school teachers from Mexico to come and teach the children of illegals all at our expense. us taxpayers have to pay for their expenses and are they going back ,I don”t thi.nk so. workers program is not going to help,if you bring illegals to work here and earn 8/an hour do you think they are going back. have you been to mexico lately.why isn”t F0x doing anything about it. He needs to educate his people.

  14. Mike Says:

    That artical was unbelieveable…eeeekkkk so good that these medical persons are dedicated to good medical practice and are excellent @ and even though they are some what immune to the hole illegal affect….it is good that they take the piont of view tey take on it…disregarding legality….its not there job….however handing out citizen ship with out determining legal status should be finable offense creating anchor babies…these mexicans will just use there childs new social to work!!!!
    Just wonderful,…..and O MY GOD they are plannig to EXPAND uggggg there goes the mexican magnet its turning up the power!!!
    Not to mention that instead of spending the federal money on the hospitaL TO help MEXICANS give birt, they could be spending that money to help build the wall and police the work place to dry up the jobs and send tem back home….ANY BODY wanna say shut the magnet OFF


  15. Sarah Says:

    Americano - ah ha I see now ……by the way who isn’t in on this scam?? Don’t all these elitist know that eventually these Mexicans will take over their jobs and power just by sheer numbers? Many like the LA mayor are already planning on Bush’s job.

  16. Rose Says:

    Let’s encourage Congressman Tom Tancredo to run for President in 2008.

  17. Eddie B. Says:

    Sarah -

    If Bush gets his way, the President of the US won’t mean sh*t. Bush will be Darth Vader. The Mayor of LA wants to run North Aemrican and Bush and his cronies want the entire enchilada. Opps… sorry about…

    I can just see Charlie Chaplan’s “The Great Dictator” starring Jorge twirling the globe…. Now there’s a scary picture. And that is what he wants. The eigth wonder of the world.

  18. Ed Says:

    dont you get it they are catholics no birthcontrol of any kind
    the catholic church & the pope love these mexicans having lots babies more catholics.also they are doing this just for the purpose of out numbering us they wiil vote all americans out of office& replace them with mexicans. the real powers in this nation are woking over time to make this happen. they want americans to be uneducated& poor so the big corperation & farmers will have an endless suply of dirt cheap will be a corperate ran country & world.hense the one world socity

  19. Ed Says:

    eddy B rent the movie staring Chareltenheston roller ball it’about the way the world will be acorperate run world. the aruther was trying to warn us whats to come if the one world socity has there way.

  20. Roxan Tiscareno Says:

    I have MCS (multiple chemical sensitivity), of a moderately-almost severe degree.

    MCS is treated identically like Gulf War Syndrome & Agent Orange.

    Since the drug companies also make pesticides and Monsanto/Dow made Agent Orange (look how shabbily those people were treated), they didn’t want to admit that some of their products were making some people seriously ill.

    They court doctors and help fund medical schools & send lobbyists to Washington. Institutions such as Cato and Hudson are also involved.

    Anyway, as a result of my falling ill, I lost my decently paying job and have no health insurance at all.

    To make matters worse, the conventional medical community denies that people like me exist. They check for allergy tests (they check out normal) and we get referred to psychiatrists. (I learned later that this was a very common experience.

    Instead of looking at the role of enzymes or the lack thereof and something wrong with the blood-brain barrier or have something wrong with the P450 pathway, we’re left out high and dry with no health care at all and I’m just getting sicker from this.

    Sorry, if I’m not writing very well, MCS does affect the Central Nervous System very much (Especially the brain), so I might not write everything clearly.

    Anyway, I am very angry that our government seems to bend over backwards for foreigners, but for it’s own citizens, they give out c….p.

    I’ve done my share of writing to politicians (although much shorter-to the point), but as I’ve come to learn, many of them don’t care.

    They’ve passed CAFTA recently and I guess the FTAA is in the works. (I hope Hugo Chavez and others throw a monkey wrench in this). .

    Well, gotta go, this migraine is getting worse. (almost daily migraines/headaches) are a common feature of MCS along with chronic fatigue, respiratory problems, the consistent feeling of being stoned all the time (kind of like feeling drunk & hung over at the same time) and haveing a VERY, VERY ELEVATED SENSE OF SMELL DESPITE THE PERMANENTLY CLOGGED NOSE.

    I wish our Guv would start looking at us & helping us and in doing so, they would be helping those with Gulf War Syndrome and Agent Orange as well. Instead, they bend over backwards for illegals.

  21. Jimmy Says:


    I once saw a documentary about cowbirds in the southwest. These are black birds who find a song birds nest. They drop their eggs there and leave. The songbirds don’t know the difference in eggs, even though the cowbirds eggs are much bigger. The eggs hatch. The much bigger and more aggressive cowbird chicks, get the majority of the food and care. The song bird chicks mostly die.

    When I saw that documentary, I felt I got a microcosm of the mexican policy towards America.
    Heavy breeders, push aside everyone else, make the Americans pay for everything, until they are exhausted. Heavy breeding, and make some non raza people pay. That is the reality.

    I have been to Parkland. It is wall to wall mexican’s having babies. And that was 15 years ago.

    I guess if I were a mexican, this would be a great time to be alive.
    Just march in and take over. Have the stupid non raza’s pay for everything. Then yell racism.

    We are all living in a time in which common sense seems to have gone away.
    Where are the real leaders? I guess they were all aborted, courtesy of the lesbians of the 70’s.

    Only madness existes in what passes for the capital of our nation.

    So sad, so very sad………………………………………………………………………………………………..

  22. Eddie B. Says:

    Jimmy -

    These invaders are termites. They swarm, eat, reproduce and destroy everything. They are an army on the march.


  23. Craig Says:

    I think it would be fair if they are to have a baby delivered for free they also have to get sterilized in the process. It might just slow this plague of people a little bit.

    At this rate it won’t be long before we end up like China with only one child allowed per family.

  24. Arlen Sphincter (pretend Republican name) Says:

    Spay and Neuter every one of them that they catch crossing the border!
    Norplant for the females and a sharp knife for the males.

    VIVA la MIGRA!!!!!

  25. Darlene Says:


    Your story is so sad. If you are from California (and other states do this) you can qualify for a state program from Blue Cross called MRMIP. It is for folks like you who are uninsurable. You just have to prove that you are uninsurable (very easy) and apply. Yes, it costs, but not anymore than any other insurance. I have it myself, and it has been a god send. Good luck to you and keep fighting. Can state welfare help you….this is so unfair. But, if one is illegal, they get top drawer for everything. Good luck to you and God Bless.

  26. Darlene Says:

    Mike~so sorry to hear of your own very sad story. Keep fighting and never give up! You are so young with a long life ahead….keep on keepin’ on, bud!
    God Bless!

  27. Faye Says:

    I am a nurse. We cannot report illegals or we get fired. In the meantime, Mexicans are driving across the border in good cars, taking off their jewelry in the car (observed from the ER window), and presenting themselves as indigent to our county hospitals who are required to treat them under federal laws. This is the same as the policemen who can’t detain an illegal in some areas of our southern states. Educate yourselves, start hollering where you can be heard, and go to the polls and vote!

  28. Faye Says:

    Tancredo is an excellent choice. He lives in Colorado and I live in Texas. I sent him $200 anyway the other day for his senatorial campaign along with an e-mail to run for President in 2008. However, if we don’t do it correctly, we’ll split the Republican party and then we’ll have Hillary as President.

  29. Faye Says:

    Nursey-girly stories for you. Since I grew up in Texas along side hispanics, I was ill-prepared for retirement from the Navy and returning to my homestate. The hispanics I knew growing up were family-oriented, polite, the girls always had chaparones with them. Today, ER is flooded with pregnant 12-year-olds… with STD’s. On payday Friday, the boyfriends buy beer, get drunk, beat up the pregant girlfriend, shoot or stab some other male. The girls beat up each other. No matter. They all, with 50 family members apiece, show up in ER, punch holes in the walls with temper tantrums and attack the nurses and doctors. Illegals are dropped off at the door and the rest of the family disappear while the admission process is completed. Of course, they all show up later and raid the patient kitchens so we don’t have any OJ left when one of the diabetics crashes in the middle of the night. I had one woman come in with 50 family members standing in the hallway so that we could not get gurneys down the hall for other patients. Would they move? No. The woman was so illegal that her “son” couldn’t even translate her dialect for us. She spent the night laughing and pointing at me, making fun of me. I was a charge nurse on a cardiac unit in a regional hospital, not normally a thing of ridicule. Then, when her family left, she called to me everytime I went past the room, wanting food, wanting the bedpan. Now bear in mind that I was up & down that hall and looking in on her when I passed. She didn’t call me to take her off the bedpan. She removed it herself. And she smeared feces all over the bed and I mean sheets, bedrails, headboard, footboard, and herself, even on her cheeks and forehead. This woman was alert, oriented x3. This was deliberate and she even repeated it again the next night. She had great fun. Another… We were always amazed when we got this “Josephina Gonzales.” Social security number was always the same. Only the patient changed and did it in less than a week. Fastest sex change I’ve ever seen. And I also have to mention the helicopter we sent down to Alpine during a storm, supposedly to rescue a baby in respiratory distress. When it was all over, the helicopter crashed killing everyone on board except one nurse who broke about every bone in his body and is still recovering. The baby and its mother were illegal aliens who had decided that the baby was sick enough to travel across the boarder and clear up to Alpine….. while in respiratory distress. Respiratory distress is an extreme medical emergency… you don’t have days to travel across borders and then across the state of Texas. Illegal Mexicans arrive at our doors and send us up & down the hall to “fetch” the grid slippers for them, then to bring them this, then that. Then the English-speaking family arrives and demands the interpreter that we must provide. You know why? Because President Fox arranged to have an instruction booklet written telling them all about how to cross the border illegally and how to obtain services when they get here. They are more prepared than you are when you enter the hospital. So your medical people are not “above it.” We are shackled. Write your congressmen, tell them to get rid of the automatic citizenship for “anchor babies,” that only emergency, stablizing care be provided for illegal aliens, that you’re tired of their automatically becoming eligible for HUD, welfare, ACIFD, food stamps, etc. and that these priviledges belong only to legal US citizens. Tell him/her also that you want our immigration laws strictly adhered to, especially the ones concerning employers who hire illegals. Take away the benefits. They’ll go home and maybe make President Fox concentrate on building his own ecomony and providing these people jobs in their own country. We won’t have to have a mass deportation. Oh, and he’s educated them about our legal system, too. I will never forget this old man who had just had a cardiac bypass - the full thing with his sterum split down the middle. We had all four siderails up. Many family members were visiting. They watched him crawl over the rails and fall to the floor. Then 2 of his daughters stood outside the room, looking at their watches and timing us on how long it took us to discover him in the floor so they’d be well-prepared for their lawsuit.

  30. Jimmy Says:

    Faye. I am speechless. It is far worse than even I thought.
    If only our “leaders” could be in your shoes, just one week.
    Perhaps their brain dead condition could be reversed.

    But as it is, I doubt they will ever the light.

    It takes hands-on experience to really change things, and the bozo’s in d.c. only reserve that for the
    lobbyist- provided female company.

    Mexico is just plain evil……

  31. Tammy Says:

    This is absolutely mindboggling, I am speechless.

  32. Darlene Says:

    Faye~you are a saint to put up with it….How much is a human being supposed to take from these el creepos? Keep us posted with more stories, so that we can pass them on to others.

  33. Roxan Tiscareno Says:

    Hello Darlene.

    Thank you so very much for your kinds words and suggestion!

    I’m going to be looking into that as soon as possible.


  34. Faye Says:

    I am not a saint. I am the same as every other nurse out there only I am now semi-retired and no longer work at the county hospital so I can now open my mouth. In Mexico, when a patient is admitted to the hospital, the doctor prescribes medications and the family must go to the local pharmacy and obtain the medications which are turned over to the nurse and the nurse administers them. If that patient gets turned, fed, gets his linen changed or gets bathed, the family must do it. When they come here, the entire family may be standing in the room, but they will push that call button and call the nurse to give the patient a drink of water even though the water is on the bedside table within reach of a patient with no disability that would prevent him from just reaching over and getting it himself. I loved taking care of people. But this is just playing games and seeing how subserviant you can make the gringo. Not all of them are that way, but enough of them are that when they do behave like this, it is not a surprise, it’s more like an expected behavior. They have been told that they belong here, that this land is in dispute and they have a legal claim to it. They’ve been told about the services available and how to get them and that those are also their right. I don’t think most of them know that in order for them to receive those services, you and I are out there working and paying the taxes to fund those benefits. My daughter and son-in-law are also nurses. She was obtaining admission information from this illegal Mexican woman. She inquired about the woman’s insurance informatin and the woman hotly replied, “Don’t worry about it! Father Clinton will pay for it!” Now that was informative, wasn’t it? Especially when Hillary met the illegals at the bridge in NY during their protest march and greeted them with, “You are the face of America.” I watched a House committee meeting the other day. There was a hispanic woman doing a presentation. She had done a study as part of her master’s dissertation in education. This was evidently an appropriations committee. Her presentation stated the Mexican children are not doing well in our school system because they need more comfort and attention than they are getting from our current teachers, that they lag behind whites, blacks, and other races attending our schools because they are handicapped from not being read to by their parents and attending pre-kindergartens, etc. A white representative stated that this was probably because the Mexican family members have 2 jobs and didn’t have the time to read to their kids. Their solution: they’re headed toward bringing Mexican teachers across the border to provide the children the environment they’re more used to and so that they can get the comforting they require. Now, that boggles my mind! They don’t do well in Mexico! A lot of them don’t finish the 9th grade. But we’re going to bring in Mexican teachers to replace our teachers? And, do you know we’ve given 7 amnesties to illegal aliens since 1986? Some of these were hidden in the appropriations bills that fund our government. One of them gave amnesty to people who either hadn’t made the deadline or failed the entrance eligibility requirements in 1986. Clinton extended that deadline twice. These people filed lawsuits. And instead of fighting the lawsuits, our representatives just gave them what they wanted. Hmmm. 1986 to 2000. That’s 14 years. They hadn’t met the requirements or the other deadlines in 14 years? And what are the requirements? That they have been in the US for a certain period of time which they had to prove with rent receipts, utility bills, and of lawful behavior. Another problem involved with this is the mass forging going on with not only these documents but social security cards and drivers licenses. Did you know that President Fox is actively trying to force California into issuing drivers licenses to illegal aliens? And that a subpart of the issuance will be entitlement to medical benefits? So it’s easier to get a drivers license than a social security card and they’re headed that way to gain medical benefits. This is insane. This is why I’m telling you to educate yourselves and then vote our people out who are only in government service for personal gain. They’re selling our country out for the illegal Mexican vote and they’re going to do it if we don’t vote them out.

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