Grassfire President Busts Invader

Short video of Grassfire President Steve Elliot and SDMM reporting an illegal alien 1/2 mile from the Tijuana border. He jogged right by them as they went back to their cars, then he stopped on the bridge on Dairy Mart Rd. This guy has been caught and returned to Mexico about 20 times according to the BP agents. They said he was a “red bar” which means he has an extensive criminal record. The agents all knew him by name. The SD DA refuses to prosecute this guy and many other criminal aliens. Any acts of violence committed by these criminals is on the hands of the DA. This is an outrage and we should all demand a stop to the catch and release of Mexican criminals caught in America!

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4 Responses to “Grassfire President Busts Invader”

  1. Eddie B. Says:

    Looks like a volunteer for the Iraqi front to me. Sounds like he has plenty of desert experience and can suvive extreme conditions. Put hiim on a C-130 and get him way outta here.


  2. Charles in Georgia Says:

    The scary thing is that he’ll make it across eventually. We need armed men on the border now.

  3. Contessa Says:

    OMG. and to think your neighbor could have him doing “yard work” or “construction” etc.

  4. Sherri Says:

    Another fine person just wanting to make a better life, I’m sure. Gag!

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