?Honduran Native? Kills 9 Year Old Boy With Hatchet


Fulton County police are all but certain that a man shot by an officer Monday is the man who killed a little boy by hitting him in the face with a hatchet.

“We’re 99 percent sure it’s him,” Cpl. Gary Syblis, spokesman for the Fulton County Police Department said Wednesday. “We’re just trying to firm up the connection.”

Meanwhile, police may have found a red car linked to the killing. On Wednesday they were searching for a red 2000 Pontiac Grand Am that was stolen on Monday from a Roswell apartment complex. A car matching that description was located about 5 p.m. Wednesday by police. Two juveniles who were in the car were being questioned, Syblis said.

Witnesses said a man in a red car killed 9-year-old Jordin Paulder. Syblis said two youngsters who saw the killing identified Santos Benigno Cabrera Borjas, 21, of Sandy Springs as the killer, based on a photo lineup.

But the witnesses ? Jordin’s 7-year-old brother and a 5-year-old friend ? are young enough that police want to verify their story before closing the case, he said. Police are talking other people at the apartment complex.

Police also wanted to locate up to four others in a red car that Cabrera Borjas was riding in before the attack, which happened about 8:30 p.m. Monday.

“They may be witnesses,” Syblis said.

When the red car passed by Jordin and the other youngsters on Monday, Jordin called out to the occupants that they had a bad wheel, police said.

The car stopped and a man in baggy clothes got out, approached the kids and then suddenly hit Jordin in the face with a hatchet, according to the police report. The car apparently took off, leaving the killer behind, Syblis said.

The Fulton County Medical Examiner’s Office said Jordin had been struck twice in almost the same place in the nose and forehead.

The stolen car that police were seeking Wednesday had a donut emergency tire on one of the rear wheels.

Meanwhile, a lawyer for the family of Cabrera Borjas, questioned whether the man shot and killed by Fulton County police was the same man who killed Jordin.

The Illegal Aliens Family Is Working With A Corrupt Attorney On A Wrongful Death Suit Against The City

Attorney Richard W. Summers (The [Georgia] Supreme Court suspended Richard W. Summers for 6 months to discipline the attorney for shady practices) said interviews with residents at the Chastain and Chateau Villa apartments are “leading me to the conclusion that [police] may have shot the wrong guy and were over zealous and hasty in their actions.”

He said he’s talked to almost two dozen witnesses at both apartment complexes and is piecing together a timeline of Cabrera Borjas whereabouts Monday night.

When police at the scene approached Cabrera Borjas, he fled to another apartment complex across the street. There, Cabrera Borjas threw a rimmed tire at Officer Alexis Powell, breaking the officer’s arm. When Cabrera Borjas charged Powell, the officer shot him three times, fatally wounding him.

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  1. Eddie B. Says:

    “The first thing we do kill all the lawyers.”

    – Shakespeare’s Henry VI

  2. Juan Says:

    Do you know there are all savages?
    The Spaniards knew this when they encounterd them in the Aztec and Mayan nations.
    Do you know it still runs in their blood.
    It took a historic event to change theirsavage ways in 1531:

    “The conquest of Mexico was not only carried out in the military and political spheres, but was also a battle for cultural predominance and forms of worship. The Mexica did not require the peoples under their rule to adopt their religious or social beliefs; indeed, they frequently incorporated the rites practiced by peoples under their sway into their own belief system. But the Spanish conquistadors considered religious conversion one of their main tasks in the New World.

    When Hernán Cortés and his soldiers conquered Tenochtitlan, the capital city of the Mexica, in 1521, they were accompanied by priests and followed closely by missionaries. These men of the cloth were amazed at the science, culture and religion of the native peoples, but they were also horrified by some of their deities and rites, especially by the practice of human sacrifice. The conquerors destroyed many temples and forbade the old ways, offering Catholicism as the only true religion. Their churches were often built on the foundations and with the very stones of the Mexica temples they destroyed; and their use of indigenous craftsmen to decorate them has resulted in a very real physical expression of the underlying syncretism which resulted.

    One of the temples destroyed during the early years was that of the goddess Tonantzin, located on Tepeyac Hill. Tonantzin is believed to be a manifestation of the Earth Mother, known as Coatlicue, the mother of all living things, who conceived by immaculate and miraculous means. She was also the one to decide the length of life; to the Mexica, the earth was both mother and tomb, the giver of life and the devourer. Human sacrifice and harsh physical penance were used to appease this goddess. Tonantzin, or Little Mother, patron of childbirth, had a devout following; the Aztecs mourned their goddess and felt threatened and endangered by the profanation and razing of her temple by the Spaniards.

    In 1525, only four years after the conquest, the Aztec Quauhtlatoatzin was baptized by a Franciscan priest, who named him Juan Diego. Six years later, on December 9th, Juan Diego witnessed the first appearance of the Virgin of Guadalupe. She told him she wanted a church built on Tepeyac Hill and told him to communicate her wish to the authorities. Mexico’s first Bishop, Juan de Zumárraga, didn’t believe him. The Virgin appeared to Juan Diego again, asking him to go see the Bishop on Sunday. Juan Diego obeyed, but Zumárraga asked for some proof. The Virgin appeared to Juan Diego a third time and told him to return the next day. His uncle, with whom he lived, became very ill, and Juan Diego went to find a priest to give him the last rites. The Virgin appeared for the fourth and last time on December 12th, 1531, and spoke soothingly in Náhuatl. She told Juan Diego not to worry, that his uncle was well, that she was his mother and he need fear nothing. She asked him to go gather some flowers: roses, which had never grown there, much less in mid-winter. He wrapped them in his ayate or tilma, a sort of coarsely woven cape, and the Virgin told him not to open it until he was before the Bishop. When Juan Diego opened the tilma in front of Bishop Zumárraga, the roses cascaded out and they discovered the image of the Virgin imprinted upon it. This depiction of the Virgin of Guadalupe is on display in the Basilica.”

    Within a 1-2 year time frame after this event, 95% of the Mexica popultation converted to Catholicisim and the Spanish rule. This is a know fact and has been written about extensively. It is perhaps the single most influential and sweeping religious and cultural reform that a nation underway in such a short time frame — certainly faster and more effective than the Chinese Cultural Revolution. Think about this fact: 95% of the population was converted from their savagery to a more chrisitan way of life in less than 24 months.

    This is how the Mexican nation was born. From savagery to catholicism and spanish colonial rule in less than a few years.

  3. Jimmy Says:

    Amen, Eddie B.

    Worse than criminals. Lawyers are a cancer. They spread, increase in number, and eventually kill the host (America). They really are human cancer. Lawyers and politicians wouldn’t know HOW to work, if their lives depended on it. All they are are bullies, and highly paid parasites.

    Sorry for the rant, but I truely dispise them.

  4. Sarah Says:

    Michael Savage, popular radio show hosts. Discussed what happens when the man at the top (our favorite pres.) is corrupt. It spreads like a cancer and infiltrates everything as it works its way down. Now it’s with attorneys and city officials. Well…. now we know that it has worked it’s way down . I don’t agree with everything about Savage ,but he is against this Mexican Invasion. He says over and over “borders, language, and culture - no nation can survive without them”.

  5. johnny Says:

    Sara! Dr Savage is badass! I love that guy, I buy everyone of his books and listen to his show every day!

    Marshal law, if the goverment does nothing then we as a people must do something!

  6. johnny Says:

    Jaun you are correct about the spainards back then!
    they are heartless savages who robbed the indians of mexico for lousy gold and jewels!

  7. jacob hernandez Says:

    have you also read De Las Casas’ work. or Columbus’ writings..? You know where he describes the indigenous people as kind and docile, innocent and happy. people who had no weapons but spears. People who in Columbus’ own words “loved their neighbor as they loved themselves.” Do you remember how Columbus immediately began to think about how easy it would be to enslave them, even after they had helped him when one of his ships ran aground, even after they were greeted with gifts and fed. Do you recognize that the savage was really Columbus, and the illegal immigrants of European descent that have to this day not honored a single treaty that has ever been made with indigenous people.
    The indigenous people here were already living a more “christian” way of life than any europeans have ever seen. they were already treating each other with respect they already loved their neighbors. They were not perfect people at all but we had and still have a system of honor based on our words. we already had democracy , you did not invent it. it is common sense to the rest of the world that everyone is entitled
    to a fair share and to life.
    and the spanish didnt come here to spread their barbaric religion, they came here to conquer and get rich. they came to rape women and desecrate anything that they didnt understand and thats exactly what they did. where the hell are you from anyway to be talking like that..? Are you really spanish or just a self-hating mestizo like the rest of us..?
    you must have really had some sheltered ignorant parents to grow up thinking that way about us and i feel bad for you. all that studying and memorizing dates and you still just dont understand.

  8. Sherri Says:

    Hey, Jacob—what’s wrong with Juan’s post? I found it interesting. As for the rest of it: Whatever was done in the past is the past. Stop bringing up all of this crap about what was done hundreds of years ago. It has nothing to do with now.
    This story is disgusting. Another prime example of why we need to secure our borders and heavily screen anyone who wants to enter this country and live here. Furthermore, let’s deport all lawyers along with the illegals. I guess that means the Congress is going since the majority are lawyers. No wonder our government is so screwed up!

  9. Juan Says:


    Gee, you got me there. Self-hating mestizo? I didnt know they still existed.
    I thought some of us evolved out of that problem.

    Democracy, invented by the Aztecs?? Maybe your right. But I do recall that Plato’s “Republic” established the groundrules and philosphical framework for a robust republic along with laws and governance of a republic. The books are still in print at your local Barnes and Nobles. I have yet to see the major works of what you refer to as a pillar of political philosohpy for democracy and a free republic. Just indicate to me where I can find these valuable works of political philosphy.

    Considering the political history of major Latin American countries, very few have been able to establish a strong, consistent and evolving democracy that is a “beacon of freedom” for other nations. At this moment, for example, Mexico is on the verge of another revolution bewteen a socialist and a pan-republican and the country is agitated about the current level of discontent.

    Well, I guess someone read the quotation about the story of the virgin of guadalupe and the birth of the mexican nation. Keep in mind, they did sacrfice children, men and women. In one ceremony they killed about 10,000 people as a sacrafice to the gods. This is documented and well known. This is why the Spaniards thought this was an act of savagery and cannablism. I dont know if the Spainards allowed them to be free ( with the stoy of the Virgin of Guadalupe) or simply enslaved them to a distinctly Spanish Catholicism.

    My pressing question: why does a Hondorian man kill a 9 yr old boy with a hatchet? why does this happen among many other similar crimes committed by Latin Americans in the USA and in their host countries? Why are hispanic gangs so brutual to each other? Why are they “savages” with each other?

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