Contessa Writes To Home Depot

Contessa says-

The very same day, that I read the letter to HD posted on your website, I received a promotional e-mail regarding a sale on grills from HD’s customer care department. This e-mail was my reply. I’ll let you know if they every respond.

I have cancelled my acount with Home Depot and will never, ever shop there again for the following reasons:

1. Home Depot’s “Hiring Partnership” with a blatantly racist organization like “La Raza”, which, contrary to what they say DO NOT represent the view and interest of all LATINOS in this country. Their pro-illegal immigrant, anti-American agenda is NOT what I subscribe to and neither should Home Depot. I’m a Latina, I speak English and DO NOT agree with the views expressed by La Raza, MECHA, CHIRLA, MEXICA.

2. Home Depot supports illegal alien day labor centers in violation of our immigraiton laws. Home Depot is clearly an aider/abettor of thousands of people who openly flaunt their contempt for our nation’s laws. Shame on you. Home Depot needs to stand up for the American worker, and American families. And most importantly, Home Depot needs to comply with the law.

3. Customer Care? If Home Depot really cared about its customers, it would never sponsor illegal immigrant day labor centers adjacent to its stores nor on store property. Take a survey in Home Depot’s across the country and you will know that your customers are disgusted and fed up with being accosted, approached, heckled, followed by illegal alien day laborers on your store properties.

13 Responses to “Contessa Writes To Home Depot”

  1. johnny Says:

    Thanks Contessa! That is awsome! Your letter kicks some serious Home Depot ass!
    I am going to model her letter and send one to them myself!!!!!!!!!Fuck Home Depot!

  2. Sarah Says:

    thanks contessa

  3. Jimmy Says:

    You go girl…………

  4. Rose Says:

    Thanks Contessa. There is a Home Depot in my neighborhood (in the midwest) and I keep checking and so far I have not noticed any funny business.

  5. marleen Says:

    go Contessa!

  6. SkyPainter Says:

    You rock Contessa! I could kiss you right now!!!

    Your letter hits it right on the nail. I also have stoped shopping at Home Depot.

  7. DavidDiaz Says:

    Ok Contessa lets see if they actually listen to you.

  8. Contessa Says:

    David Diaz: They’ll listen when and if ICE starts coming to their stores and arresting the day laborers in full view of customers during business hours. What has this world come to, when Home Depot wont’ let Girl Scouts set up a table to sell Girl Scout cookies, but allows illegal aliens to solicit for illegal employment at their stores?

    Well, if I don’t hear back from them, I’ll kindly send the same letter to Tom Ridge (former Governor of PA, and the very first appointed Director of Homeland Security), who now sits on the HD Board of Directors. Imagine that, the guy who headed ICE now on BOD of Home Depot!

  9. Darlene Says:


    Just beautiful and they can’t accuse you of being racist because you are a Latina. Thanks for letting them have it!

  10. Sherri Says:

    Way to go Contessa! You go girl!

  11. josh Says:

    the way to stop Home Depot is to stop shopping there!

  12. Mike Says:

    Lets hope your vioce is heard, If not lets hope ICE shames them….
    Unfortunatly your wonderful letter may have hit the email box of an illegal or one of there supporters… the odds are that you are gambling with numbers geared more towards illegal supporters… Try getting as many differrent email addresses and sending it to every one….specially with the cards stacked agianst you….
    This will probably fall on deffffff ears even if it does reach the right person…unless a boycott happens then they will consider responding as appaosed to hitting the delete button….
    With all the construction in FLORIDA I know that home depot is still doing will…. and the builders don’t care….they hire most of the illegals.

  13. dot hollis Says:

    I have stopped shopping at Home Depot… I will not spend any of my hard earned money at any place that hires illegals…If more people would start doing this… maybe we could put some of these people out of business… that would send a message… dot

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