John Walsh: The Shadow Wolves of Arizona

Americas Most Wanted did a special on ICE at the Tohodo O’Odham Nation near Three Points, AZ.

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  1. johnny Says:

    That video is bad ass!
    Thank you Tohodo O’ Odham warriors !!!!!!!

  2. Sarah Says:


  3. Masashell Says:

    Thank God for these Native American Men and Women, now if only the President and the rest of the assholes get the lead out we can turn this mess around. The Politicians are listening to big business owners who don’t care about this country, most of them are filthy rich, and greedy, they can live anywhere they want to on the planet. I am beginning to shop carefully for pro American businesses to patronize. I wonder how a business would function with “One day without an American”

  4. marleen Says:

    US must consult with mexico before any fence construction, does the left hand know what the right hand is doing? all that dope being brought in our beautiful America to poison our people.

  5. SkyPainter Says:

    If Bush really cared about the USA, he would hire 60,000 shadow wolves to guard the borders, both the southern border and the Northern border. Do away with the Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR) and the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA). Make illegal immigration a Federal Felony with madatory jail time and an expeditious deportation by the end of the jail time.

    And that’s just for starters…..

  6. TexasCowgirl Says:

    Unbelievable. Anyone against sealing our borders is a traitor to the USA and must be removed immediately.

  7. Darlene Says:

    Bless these wonderful Native Americans…..thank goodness we have them.

  8. Sherri Says:

    God Bless the Shadow Wolves! True American patriots!

  9. David M. Says:

    That is awesome! Now if only the rest of the government were as devoted to protecting the borders as the Shadow Wolves are, things would turn around quick!

  10. Mike Says:

    MORE MORE MORE of these awsome men, protecting us from MEXICO!

    These guys are unsung VETERANS!! Of a war not declared, they desreve every honor a soldier across seas would be given.

    Thank You,
    Shadow Wolves!

  11. Ed Says:

    Perhaps we sould get a shadow wolf to run for president or do away withall the senators &replace them with shadow wolves.they know how to get results.I praise them for their courage & patriots after what the whites did to them maore than a hundred years ago they have quadtripled their honor by what they are doing I hope they read these post of praise.

  12. Ed Says:

    Also it’s great to have johnwalsh on our side.

  13. Gregory Romeu Says:

    I see and demand support for the Tohodo O’ Odham warriors the same for my fellow Marines! THIS is what it takes to make this country the United States of America.

    Start showing your support for these guys on the front lines and get busy backing up our Minuteman Civil Defense Corps as well.

    If you haven’t already done so, go to: and get signed-up! It is not only each and everyone’s responsibility but it is our DUTY as American citizens!

    If your State does not already have a chapter, start one! Be a leader and let’s move forward!

  14. necole Says:

    I was reading these statements from others and watched the video very interesting…. Any one whos for illegals is not a true American!! Its bad enough their coming over bye the thousands a day and using people social security numbers and the government says its not fraud!!!??? Who elected these politicans??? The whole situation makes me mad as it is.. They come over here and the government sets them up with money tht us taxpayers are paying for and the government knows they sent it back too their country???? What are they thinking?? They come over here sayintg that their getting treated bad and yet getting free healthcare, education etc… Yet us americans have too even prove that were US citizens??? Whats wrong with the picture??? You tell me!! I think that we need too shut our borders .. i dont care if this is the *land of the free* We all might be immigrants but our four fathers came over here and fought and worked too stay in this country not lived off the goverment system!!! And working americans have too pay for their *free perks* When we need help their are no funds left because they say their all used up.. because they give it all away too them…The politicans arent thinking about the consquences down the road… They need too wake up and see what is going on around us.. So do americans that support these illegals!!!! What has this world come too??? Now the illegals are trying too change our language and national heritage???? Come on this is America!! If it were up too me i would send them back where they came from.. I dont think the politicans nor Bush should be giving them a workers permit and enabling them too become US citizens!!! President Bush and the politicans knowing they bring drugs over too our country… Somthing needs too be done before it gets even worse and out of control that even the government cant do anything about it.. Whats next an Mexican President???

  15. Ed Says:

    masashell. how about a month with out an american no company can serve an intire month woth nao sales.lets start with home depot.then the next month starbucks and so on.all of these senators & congress man took an oth to serve the AMERIAN PEOPLE cant they be charged with violation of oth & deralection of duty especialy bush & cheney? if not lets vote them out in november.have numbers usa post a list of those needing to be ousted.

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