We’re Being Cheated


How’s immigration doing in your city or state?

In Colorado, immigration adds four million people in 60 years, which will place our state in a water crisis we won’t be able to solve. We’ll be ‘eating’ the Brown Cloud over Denver with every breath because it will double in toxicity. Gridlock traffic will paralyze transportation. Our schools already suffer 67 percent drop out/flunk out rates in Denver Public Schools. It’s already happening and that’s why the ‘white flight’ articles showed Denver parents taking their kids away from schools inundated with illegal alien kids. The fact stands that 60 percent of Mexican illegals quit school before graduating. That kind of classroom degrades education for Coloradan students. (read more)

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  1. BorderRaven Says:

    I remember the good old day, you know, “A Day Without a Mexican”. That was a good day. Get on the freeway, at 7:00 am, and drive to work, in 15 minutes, instead of 40.

    We must look at the land as having a capacity to support life (human, animal, American). People and animals, have certain requirements for survival, throught he seasons. The land can provide a limited amount life-support, in the form of water (drinking, hydro-electric power, bathing, dishwashing, toilet flushing, car-washing, laundry, agricultural irrigation, landscape irrigation, industrial/manufacturing, food processing) breathable air, minerals, food, energy (hydo-electric, oil, coal, natural gas, hydro-thermal, wind-to-electric, solar-to-electric). At some point we strain the resources, in an area, and we begin to see failures, and eventual breakdown of the system, then we have drought, starvation, migration, and conflicts.


  2. Masashell Says:

    In Clark County Nevada which consist of Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Henderson, and other surrounding areas; reports are that we have about 30,000 illegal alien students in our School system, this require more buses, more teaches, more schools, the Las Vegas Valley is a dessert region where water shortages are a common occurrences. The negative economic impact of illegal immigration is not something we can afford, nor accept. I heard something that was very interesting on one of our local talk radio stations, there was a caller who said ” in Hawaii, they have fruit, and vegetable farms, yet they have no illegal alien problem, people there pick there fruit, and vegs without the help of illegal aliens, so we know that there is no need for illegals, they are more of a burden, then a help. www.wakeupamericafoundation.com

  3. Darlene Says:


    I heard that on the Mark Edwards show, too. It is amazing, isn’t it? Hmmmm…..and the illegals and their ilk keep telling us that they BUILT this country and if they weren’t here it would fall apart. Another Hmmmm…did that happen on the day of the Big March? Our country ran beautifully that day and each of us got a good taste of how wonderful it would be to have them GONE. Fatal mistake, that march. If they hadn’t done it, the sleeping Americans still would not be aware of what was going on. Hats off to the illegals for being so stupid. They really blew it, thank goodness! It sure is quiet of late, even in my ‘hood. I think they are scared….GOOD!

  4. Sherri Says:

    An excellent article! I can imagine life without hordes of illegals being here. How nice that would be! Less traffic congestion, less strain on our schools and social services. Maybe then American citizens who need the help would be able to get it instead of it going to illegal aliens. Less trash all over the place. Americans being able to keep their jobs and earn a decent, living wage, fewer tax dollars being spent on the care of illegals and their anchor babies. People actually speaking English! What a concept!

  5. Ed Says:

    all so there would be lower gas prices & more gas for americans rents would tumble houses would once again be affordable wages would remain stable rather than being brought down by illegals I can remember years with out mexicans it was called the not so good 50’s.on the o’riaely factor show he quoted an expert on oil & he stated that just a 3% drop in gas consumsion would cause gas prices to drop dramiticly.I do believe that if we get ride of 30 to 40 milliom illegals we would surely raise the 3% to more like 30 to 40% the illegals are sucking up much more of every thing than we realize.

  6. Harold Dillon Says:

    Hey Folks,

    Do you think Bush is listening to us. If the House of Representatives don’t
    slow down or stop this travesty, we’ll be in Mexicans up to our eyeballs.
    The only ones that will be happy will those spending all of that money
    buying votes. Now they will be able to use these poor underfoot peons
    to put us in the same position as the illegals are undergoing in Mexico and
    other nations that have been manipulating their people for years. In my
    opinion, they are reaping what they sowed. It is time rather than escaping
    oppressive nations, that the native inhabitants get some back bone
    and kick the bastards out that are suppressing them. I feel the same
    way about Bush and his cohorts and those on the hill who support him.
    It time the American people take our government out of the hands
    of those who are interested only in themselves and bring fresh faces
    who are not corrupted by special interests groups. We have too many professional politicians sitting on their fat behinds in Washington, living the life of Riley thinking that they can push us around whenever they feel like it. It time for these types to go. And the best time is in the upcoming
    elections and each election thereafter. If our two parties don’t give us
    what we think is the best candidate, then we’ll use the write in. Any
    vote we give them is just another vote of encouragement to screw us
    like have for years. So people, lets go and kick some ass this time around.

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