Where Have All The Men Gone


My comments are directed at the men of this country, who over the past decades:

Sit back in their easy chair reading Newsweek or spend their time bare chested at a football game, well filled with suds to maintain those obscene beer bellies, while they have put their wives and children at risk. This nation is being invaded wholesale with illegal aliens who come into this country and kidnap, rape and murder our women and children. Some are caught, most are not. Why do the men turn a blind eye in pursuit of good times?

These same men will go vote for the same politicians, state or federal, over and over, who refuse to stop this massive invasion of our country putting their women and children at risk. These same men continue to idolize their party “leadership,” while that same leadership refuses to stop this invasion of global riffraff, turning America into a third world dumping ground.

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  1. johnny Says:

    There are too many liberal pussies running around! Everything is soooo politically correct now! If this dilemma was going on back in the 40’s or 50’s the illegals would’nt even think about comming here!
    when are we going to rise up America??????????

  2. Jimmy Says:

    America isn’t going to rise up.
    We have been totally cowed by government agencies, lawyering, irs, atf, ad nausem.

    Besides, we still “believe” the government is for us. We are still deluded.

    The cops have a motto: “to protect and serve”.
    What they don’t tell you is: they protect and serve the government.
    You stupidly think, they mean you. How stupid can one be?

    Next time you get a ticket from a friendly policeman, and have to pay the outrageously high extortion price, just remember they “protect and serve”.

    It’s only about the money, give them the money.

    Unless some major catastrophe occurs, I do not believe anyone, including the mexicans, are going to do anything. We are just too beat down, and or comfortable, and or I don’t know what.

    We will just sort of drift down into serfdom, or 2nd world status.

    joy to all, and a peaceful good night……………
    gag me with another taco………

  3. Sarah Says:

    I think we are waking up now. Thank you million of illegal aliens who marched on May 1. We are waking up from the nightmare.

  4. marleen Says:

    it is not fair to call men pussies, over the last few decades men have been feminized by the womens movement, they were taught to be more kinder and understanding, i’m sure in times like these men do want to get out there but they fear being called gun nuts, bomb throwers,racists, macho men,aggressive wackos that need anger management. men are confused as to what is expected of them, plus they know if they rise up and ‘’get out of line'’ they will be arrested . there is so much law enforcement in our country that takes orders from the top, what man in his right mind will stick his neck out when he knows he will not be supported by the majority . look at what the minutemen go through, even Bush called them vigilante.

  5. johnny Says:

    Marleen, yea that is true!

  6. SkyPainter Says:

    I have to agree with Marleen.

    America needs to grow a pair of BA**S. Enough of this suicidal PC bull crap.

  7. Educated American Says:

    Johnny: I agree with you. Political Correctness has practically gelded the American male. So have certain strains of feminism. You are right about “liberal pussies” - ‘cuz I used to be one! The American male needs to rediscover the courage and sense of adventure that founded this nation.
    For me that quest has come in the form of a rediscovery of what TRUE patriotism entails: standing up for national self-determination, creative thought, being unafraid to voice unpopular opinions, being constantly critical of elected leadership, and lastly the big one. The realization that preserving Consitituional government, liberty, and freedom is of greater importance than one’s own life. Hopefully, we will not be fighting any “Aztlan Wars”, but if it comes to it - so be it. I think a Second Revolutionary War is more likely. I’m already fighting that one with thoughts, words, and deeds.

  8. John J Says:

    The pussification of America is at hand. Men are told to get in touch with their feelings and all this other bullshit. The men of today are sissies compared to the men of yesteryear. We have those lovely feminists running amock with their bullshit. Everyone wants “their rights” even though most of these groups don’t deserve them. Men are the same as everyone else. Lazy. If it doesn’t effect them directly they are not interested. I’m in my twenties and I think more like my father’s generation. Some say I’m old fashioned. I don’t think so. Plus in the media there is nothing more “uncool” than a white guy. I’m sick of it. I’m sick of seeing it. The movies always have the blacks or hispanics as the “cool” people and the white guys as the asshole dorks. The whole country is becoming too divided to do anything anymore. Everyone looks at certain groups in certain ways and that just isn’t going to change. People need to get over the fact that “you’re too dark” or “you’re too white” or “you’re Irish” or “you’re Catholic.” The ability for anyone to work together in this country, in my view, is long gone.

  9. DavidDiaz Says:

    I know plenty of though Mexican/Hispanics, White,black,Asian guys. I don’t think man today are pussies. I think they just don’t care about certain problems, that’s all.Plus alot of women don’t like big though guys,they like nice ones. So IM BLAMING WOMEN, for why some men aren’t though. ANY WOMAN HERE HAVE A PROBLEM WITH THAT!!!!

  10. Darlene Says:


    Your comment shows that you are not even a man by making misogynist remarks about women. Give me a big, tough, patiotic AMERICAN man any day. And they can be nice AND tough. They are still out there and we have MANY right here on this board.

    The blame fails squarely on the shoulders of the left-wing malcontents which includes educators, MSM, the politicians, movies, TV programs, music, etc. In fact, even boys aren’t allowed to be boys anymore and the schools & medical community pump them full of drugs like Ritalin and Strattera to give them the “calmer nature” of girls.

    No wonder they are confused….they can’t even hold a door for some women anymore without being yelled at and chastised for being sexist.

    Marleen, your post is exactly how I feel, too.

  11. Ed Says:

    I have never held a door open for a woman that demanded it.I lost several potential girl friends for doing so.I dated a liberatd woman once but she was very fair about it.and I never liked wemen liberaters much.I never bought in to their bs I treat wemen like I want to be treated. the problem with american men & women is we are unindaated with so many problemsmotly caused by or elected officials they let crime get way out of hand gangs were not stopped years ago when it would have been easier.there are so many reasons i could’nt posibly list them all we are kept busy trying to earn aliving save enough money to buy a house and we also do it to our selvesit’s called denial the crime is ok it’s not on my block,it’s ok gang bangers only kill other gang bangers,Tv is filled with garbage because americans are tired when they come home from work they dont want to think about all of the worlds problems so they turn on the boob tube sit back & watch bleding heart liberal sit coms rather than demanding the broadcast co. to show more educational shows.they just want to escape reality for awhile.Both men & women.

  12. Sherri Says:

    An excellent article! Very good points on both sides with the posts on here as well. I’m certainly independent, and I refuse to be bossed around by a man, but I do not hold the views expressed by the radical feminist movement. Those wack-jobs have ruined this country for both men and women. It’s certainly true that most American men have been beaten down by the PC movement and the radical agendas of the Far Left that want to emasculate men and turn them into wimps. And if you’re a white male, it’s especially bad. You’re almost lynched! It’s disgusting! It’s time for America to stop buying into the PC nonesense and stand up! Our culture, our society is falling apart!

  13. nikki Says:

    WOW- This women is a b*tch! All of us have been asleep at the wheel, we can’t blame this on men. I fell sorry for men, they have the weight of the world on thier shoulders and then they get to come home to women like this. Someone please give her some Midol.

  14. Darlene Says:


    You nailed it exactly! No one, from either sex, should be dominated by the opposite sex. Everyone should hold doors open as an act of kindness and decency. I hold doors open for everybody and if they don’t say thank you I always say, You’re Welcome!

    If everyone treated people like they would like to be treated, it would be a much better world. Common decency & decorum has gone down the tubes.

    However, I have noticed that some illegal types & their ilk are some of the rudest and most obnoxious people I have ever run across. By doing decent deeds towards them, I am met with snarls, dirty looks and disdain. I’ve had enough of their nonsense. What part of civil do many of them not understand?

    Sheri, I’m like you….no man dares to dominate me and yet the women’s lib types make me wanna puke. I hate to say it, but have you noticed that many of the libbers are ugly as hell? I guess their inner hate comes out in their faces.

  15. Faye Says:

    You’ve missed a few points. Everyone in this country, not just males, have been brainwashed for years into thinking that if you open your mouth, you are racist. We haven’t supported our men. Our Viet Nam vets were ostrasized. Our border patrol has been understaffed. Our educational system has been bi-lingualed into non-education. Our laws have been ignored by a lot of our politicians and business leaders. We had Nixon who should have gone to jail. Clinton was known to be morally bankrupt, but he got by with saying he didn’t have sex. Our police are prevented from “detaining” or “impeding” illegal aliens. So is one man going to have the inner strength to stand up and say, “NO MORE!” Well, maybe. Check out Tancredo, Senator from Colorado.

  16. John Creasy Says:


    ***it is not fair to call men pussies***

    I think it is fair to call men pussies, especially, if they want to blame women for why they are behaving in a way contrary to what a man is supposed to be about–one who takes responsibility for his actions or lack thereof.

    ***look at what the minutemen go through, even Bush called them vigilante.***

    But that is why they are called the Minute-MEN! and not minute-PUSSIES or minute-BOYS!

  17. Jalira Says:

    Well all I can do is speak from experience, and I think the men have been pussified. I blame men and women, but mostly liberalism. I get out there and rally, fight against tyranny and illegal immigration, and how many men do I see? Less than women, thats for sure. Each man I meet doing these things is a gem that gives me hope to actually find a good and tough husband. Men should stand up for whats right! Feminism is dying as we speak and the men are still sitting on their ass playing world of warcraft or Halo 2. I know because I’m dating one. They have too much recreation and can just ignore reality, here have another beer babe. I am sick of ignoring reality and will fight to the death for this country. Everytime you meet a real man, thank him, give him cookies, give him a kiss! Smile at him, because we want more of them! I’m sure there are a few fence sitters out there that need to be told we WANT them to act like men, not the other way around like it has been for years. I am always hopeful our knights will come save us…..

  18. marleen Says:

    John Creasy, i say this because i have seen the change in American men over the years . ive seen the change in my own brothers, when i was growing up men were ‘’MANLY'’ and women were feminine.. men made the decisions and women followed . this is the way it was. then there was change, the womens movement focused on men and the way men behaved .women wanted more, they wanted to be heard, they wanted to work jobs that were traditionally for men, women wanted equal pay. they wanted laws to protect them and their children against domestic violence. men have grown alot and they have had to take a back seat to everyone else in this country. younger people have no idea how much change has taken place over the past 30 years. all the freedoms and ‘’ease'’ that we now live in was fought for ‘’tooth and nail'’, but in the process of everyone getting a piece of the pie, our men where left to fend for themselves. as i said before it is not fair to call men pussies.somewhere along the way we have forgotten that men are human and they have a purpose ,and that purpose is not only to spring into action and be a superhero at our convenience.we really do need to respect men.and most of all stop giving them mixed messages.

  19. Mike Says:

    WE are told our testosteroan is unexcceptable ….we are told we are in capable of what women can achieve yet on the same note told any woman can do it as good as any man…
    I know,…. I was a single dad for two years, the judge only gave me custody because my childish wife walked into his court room and siad ” I can’t take care of him” (my son) And I siad “only death will part me from my son”. And even after that with her jaw hanging open the JUdge (female ) In shock appearenty siad,” are you sure?”
    She was seeing just ovaries and not my wife…..
    I grew up in an erra when metro sexual was the way to interest woman..and all they had to do was think you where gay and a challenge…then you where in!
    What does that say to men….I went to work everyday came home helped with dishes laundry trash cleaning and did everything i could with my son and wife that my small income would provide…..
    But that was not enough every where my pretty wife wen’t she was bought free drinks treated like a princess held up like royalty… how was I to compete with this…. being in LOVE… when all the world thinks men need to be pussies and door mats ….
    She had her diamond on and band and men would still come up in my face and approach her ..and knowing that jail time would only ruin my ability to survive in our wonderful society I used words instead of fighting…. And I was told this makes me the better man,,….sure right woman dont really want pussies or grunts they want both…
    A yes mam at home, and a dick to party with… problem was I couldn’t be a dad and a dick…. so I choose my son over my wife …
    I don’t regret it never will,… my wife grew up and we never divorced…she finally got over the whole clubing princess crap and well.. we live kinda happy ever after with some distain….though my son suffers fromm ADD HD and is medicated like listed above, and I’m still mostly mom and DAD…
    If I had not been pussified by society and was able to clock every DICK who advanced on my wife with no respect I think things would be different ….as well as if that was the case …. allot of these men would have respect …excuse me boys would have respect and never appraoch a married woman…. . Society has pussified MEN …thus the reason children no longer respect, because they have no consequenses… a good smack, or so would fix alot of this …but waite I’m sorry that would be to much MAN brutality… and yes I do blame woam to some extent because in society they have been granted the upper hand…. fi my wife punhes me the odds are she will get away with it …If I where to punch her she would be half broken and stubling and Id be locked up and grumbling…
    Face it we can be mutauly respectful and grateful of each other but never treated totally equally…. woth the exception of a few woman who are six foot 235pnds and bairly qualify as woman…if it weren’t for the anatimy…
    I love my wife and can say that society has taught me never to hurt her and I wouldn’t, not for societ but out of LOve and control over my anger……. but that has taught woman that they CAN hurt men and are higher on the authority scale… I know … and so should manny other men BYE now….

  20. Educated American Says:

    To John J: Don’t give up on unity! I know what you mean by white men being the butt of jokes in the media, being whimpy, etc. Don’t take that personally. I don’t take it personally (as a white man) because I know it is just BS propaganda that seeks to subconsciously DIVIDE us. I think our only chance of remaining a free and prosperous nation in the future is racial unity. If we fall into the balkanization trap then we will ALL BE SLAVES fairly shortly. Fight the New World Order!

    To John Creasy: Nice to hear from you again.

  21. Ed Says:

    Darlene that’s what I say too (your welcome.)another one of the problems with some men & women is we dont work hard any more we sit in front of a key bord&monitor,we push pencils& paperansewr phones ect ect.my dad worked had he was a welder formanyet he dug ditches along side his black & americamex laborer.and he was reward with decent pay & good health he was very strong in body & mind.you dont have to be big 7 strong to be a man just commited to doing the pight think. I have a friend in the Philippines he’s a mechanical engineneer which in the phils is still avery low wage job like most jobs there.he’s very desperate to come to the US but refuses to come illegaly.he told me what kind of person would i be if I did that.

  22. peter Says:

    I don’t give a rat ass what they call me as long as they’re calling me that on other side of the border

  23. John J Says:

    Good words, Educated American. I don’t really think that I gave up on unity as much as some of the other pussy ass people that I know. I’m known in my area as someone not to mess with. But if I’m scrapping with 6 people I doubt that I’d would ever get any backup from my wonderful friends or anyone in my area. Hey Jalira. I like cookies and LOTS of kisses! I’m a former fighter (and possibly presently). And if you’d like I could dress up in armor LOL! Sorry, I’m just being a MAN! Thinking with the wrong brain! You do make excellent points. It’s good hearing that from a woman’s stand point. Educated American - you seem to have a good head on your shoulders. But the white men need to stand up and get their heads out of their rear ends. You know what I mean. I don’t worry about being politically correct. I’m not and never will be. Keep up the good fight my friend (if I may go so far).

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