Border Agents Despise Traitor McCain


Local 2544 members serve on the front lines, and they are hopping mad with the administration and with some lawmakers in particular.

Mike Albon, Local 2544’s public information officer, told NewsMax, “All the comments on our Web site are the opinions of the Local and can be taken as the Union’s point of view.”

To say the least, the Senate bill’s gradual amnesty program for many who have crossed the border illegally is unpopular with Local 2544:

“We strongly oppose any attempts to reward illegal alien lawbreakers. We have risked our lives to keep them out of this country. The slick politicians can call it вЂ?guest-worker’ or вЂ?earned legalization’ all they want, but it’s amnesty.”

вЂ?Amnesty John’ McCain

Particular union vitriol is reserved for the man they call “Amnesty John,” who voted for the Senate bill. “Amnesty John” is the union’s handle for Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz.

“Senator McCain has never been a friend to rank-and-file Border Patrol agents,” says the union. “He routinely ignores correspondence from Border Patrol agents and often gives the impression that he is just too big and too important to deal with us. He attempts to undermine our mission at every turn and actively supports the criminals who violate our laws. He always tries to downplay the fact that illegal aliens knowingly and willingly violate our laws.”

According to Albon, the root of the rank-and-file frustration is that McCain and others who want a road to citizenship for some of those already unlawfully in the country are at best unrealistic when it comes to the paperwork burden of proving who was where and when: “Your government is nowhere near being capable of handling all those claims.

“They will buckle at the slightest hint of pressure from any activist/social services group. They will issue waivers like candy to any illegal alien who says he or she can’t afford the ‘fines’ levied by the government. They will accept one fraudulent document after another. The entire thing will be mass chaos.”

Video: TJ Bonner, National Border Patrol Council

16 Responses to “Border Agents Despise Traitor McCain”

  1. Sarah Says:

    My parents used to say Jane ………..Hanoi is calling you
    This generation will say McCain……….Mexico is calling you

    Let’s pass a bill to export traitors to Mexico

  2. Mike Says:

    How much longer… must we endure this???? SSI going to illegals , in state college going to illegals, welfare to illegals, if we land in shits creek tommorrow with out the paddle, each and every american would be inline behind and beside citizens of other countries for the benefits we paid to have as citzens in this country….
    It’s enough to make one shutter in disgust!

  3. Mike Says:

    OOOO I forgot free healthcare and free education, free child sitting for under age teens having babies…have i missed any thing…..
    How about i just say they are taking what ever they can get there hands on… that we worked to earn for ourself, and politicians are handing ot like tricker treating on Halloween, except there standing in front of some one else’s house handing out some one elses candy.
    HOW much longer?!

  4. Eddie B. Says:

    McPain in the McAss. El Traitor.

  5. Texas_Cowgirl Says:

    Don’t worry - we’ll all have our revenge when that loser gets bitch slapped by the voters in November. He will never EVER be president.

  6. AZ Man Says:

    or Mc Amnesty

  7. Phyliss Says:

    McCain thinks he will be the next President. After publicly saying, “Americans won’t pick lettuce for $50 an hours,” and we all know that he is for illegal immigrants, pandering for their votes. He is so arrogant, there is no way Americans will vote for him.

  8. stoney Says:

    Bet a lot will vote for him.
    The American people today talk alot and threaten but come election vote for same ole pol.

  9. Charles in Georgia Says:

    Stoney: that may have been the case in the past but May 1 cast a new era in American history. Also, we’ve never seen such treason from public officials as we have seen lately. It just took America a little time to wake up, sir.

  10. Charles in Georgia Says:

    Stoney: what you wrote really bothers me so i am back

    “Bet a lot will vote for him”

    Just look at the bilbry and busby outcome recently. Americans will not put traitors back in office. We just didn’t know what traiters we had until now

  11. johnny Says:

    Just think some day illegals will have a better job and more money then all of us here. hell they are already driving nicer cars, and buying up homes. I know of one guy who is my neighbor and he ownes his own business, he is illegal. He drives real nice cars and lives in a house bigger then most mid class americans. My next door neighbors are illegals too, they are hospital janitors, they live in a nice home and drive nice cars too. Of course they are getting all of the free healthcare and food stamps.
    Fuck this continetal movement! Let the war begin!

  12. William Says:

    It has been said that the pen is mightier than the sword. If the pen stops working what then will you do? Is there no one who will take up the torch? Find that person and watch and see how many Americans will follow. I to agree Johnny let the war begin.

  13. Sherri Says:

    You would think that being from a border state, McCain (McTraitor) would be against granting amnesty. He’s just pandering for the Hispanic vote because he wants to be president. That will not happen. He’s shot himself repeatedly in the a** with his stance on illegal aliens.

  14. johnny Says:

    Mc Cain blows which ever way the wind blows. This guy pretended to be a strong conservative republican when he was a canidate and now he is acting like a liberal democrat!
    How pathetic a human being to his country!

  15. Ed Says:

    NOw you know one of the reason we have a 9 trillion dollar defisent.have nay of you read Tammys’ post at the invaders supper high wat she gives a lick that is an eye opener a Mind bliwer. it’s the second link she sent me.intitled forbidenknowlage link

  16. Ed Says:

    it’s not your nabors you should worry about thay may be illegal But they will not suport la raza aztlan they dont want to lose what they have. it’all the others we need to worry about.I’am not saying they are good guys only that they dont wany to lose what they have.

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