New Website: Smart Business Practices

Wouldn’t you love to know the names of the very few businesses in your area and state that are patriotic and responsible enough to make sure they don’t hire illegal aliens? Those would be the ones using the federal Basic Pilot employee verification program.

Here it is: Smart Business Practices

You will be amazed at how small the list is.

But now you can easily see what businesses in your area are NOT making sure they keep illegal aliens out of their workforce.

You can start mentioning to every clerk, manager, waiter, cashier or other personnel at nearly every business with which you interact… that you are extremely disappointed that their business has not signed up for this easy-to-use employment verification program.

The program is so easy and cheap to use that there are only two reasons for an employer not to sign up for the program: (1) The employer doesn’t know about it, or (2) the employer wants to retain the ability to hire illegal foreign workers.

Find links to the thousands of businesses across the country that already are participating in the federal Basic Pilot program, the easy-to-use electronic employment eligibility verification system.

Use of the Basic Pilot program makes smart business sense because it ensures that all new hires have a legal right to work in the United States. And it protects employers from fines and penalties for knowingly or unknowingly hiring illegal foreign workers.

It also makes customers happy. Most Americans want to frequent businesses that hire legal workers.

Be sure to lavish praise on those responsible businesses that use the program.

12 Responses to “New Website: Smart Business Practices”

  1. Eddie B. Says:

    Well it is a short list for Maryland. I am not surprised either considering Barbara Mikulski and Paul Sarbanes leading the charge in the Senate to open the flood gates over here. The real notable exception is Marriott Corporation so that is good to know if you are going to stay in a hotel/motel here.

    Thanks Dog! I will be expressing my concern to everyone else.


  2. Phyliss Says:

    I didn’t note any US government agencies or facilities such as “US Postal” (who hire illegals) on this site.

  3. Mike Says:

    You will see my company Ace Landscaping South Inc, as well as my IT DBA A.L.S. on this listing really soon… thanks for the links guys!!!!

  4. Mike Says:

    I just heard on fox news that some dink damaged 400 feet of the fence you guys are building…so far 2 miles!

  5. Charles Says: has a list of all of those NOT to go to.

  6. nikki Says:

    I live in Nebraska, Tyson foods is on this list? Sorry but I don’t think they are being sincere. I’ve sent out a few emails to the companies of products I use, asking if they are going to participate in this Basic Piolet program because I would like to buy their produtcs with a clear conscience. Birdseye wrote me back and said they hire people to ensure the best quality product and that I could buy their products with a clear conscience. They never answered if they would participate in this program, so all I can do is take that as a no. It seems like companies are alway looking for a good marketing tool, why not a “We are a pro- American company & we will be part of the Basic Piolet program because we care about the future of America” ? It would be good for their business.

  7. Sharon Says:

    Great idea, Nikki. Companies could become quite popular. Remember when Walmart first began with the “only made in USA products”. That’s why they are so successful. Unfortunately, Walmart didn’t stay with their original concepts.

  8. nikki Says:

    Sharon- you are right about Walmart!

  9. johnny Says:

    these websites that show which employers use lawful means of hiring are hog wash. Like Nikki in the previous posts mentioned that Tyson foods was on this web site. No Web site or reporting agency is going to be of any value unless our government starts to crack down on unlawful hiring practices. Hell I can put my company on a web site and say, “hey I don’t hire illegals” and not really hold up to that. The only way would be for a business to get caught and fined for the hiring of illegal workers and then be reported on a bona fide type record.

  10. kate Says:

    Yeah I remember the days wal-mart was “made in USA” Now hardly nothing is made in usa now china……………….

  11. Oldrebel Says:

    I am from Nebaska too Niki, and I question Tyson Foods being on that list, along with Hormel and Cargill. Most of their employees are hispanic anymore. And 2 of Tyson’s plants have closed down in our area within the last few months, so they shouldn’t even be on the list. Right before Tyson closed it’s doors they brought in a busload of Samolians. They paid for their lodging, had their own interperter, and a bus to take them to and from work each day. Years back when they started bringing in hispanic workers, they also had their own interperters, and the churches helped them find homes. When Tyson closed the doors, they set them all up in other packing houses in other cities across Ne. and Iowa. They offered them incentives to relocate. So I agree, I question Tyson and other packing housed being on that list.

  12. Sherri Says:

    Employers will never stop hiring illegals until the government gets some balls and starts punishing them for doing it. Until that happens, it’s never going to stop.

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