‘Movimiento’ Aims To Take Back America


Advocates of an open border between the U.S. and Mexico do their best to present a mellow American flag-waving image to the public. But when they gather in semiprivate, they communicate much differently to each other. Perhaps they need to be even more careful.

Consider the words of Roberto Lovato, identified as a writer for New American Media, describing itself as “the country’s first and largest national collaboration of ethnic news organizations.” Speaking first, Lovato declared that he had problems with the words “civil rights.” Why? In part because that phrase had been used by black Americans half a century ago - it was their term. But mostly, he continued, the term is inapt because today “a lot of the members of the movement were political revolutionaries in countries such as Nicaragua and El Salvador.” And that’s why, he concluded, “this is not just a civil rights movement - this is the northernmost expression of a continental rights movement.”

Got that? This is “the northernmost expression of a continental rights movement” led by “political revolutionaries” from Nicaragua and El Salvador. Could Lovato have gotten carried away? Could perhaps I have misquoted him? Fortunately for the sake of a verifiable record, Lovato made the same argument in an article, “Voices of a New Movimiento,” in the June 19 issue of The Nation magazine. And how do I know about this piece? Because it was handed out to all attendees of the breakout session.

And on Page 11 of the Nation article, Lovato writes the following, reinforcing his argument that immigration is a “quintessentially global issue.” About this global issue, he declares, “Reframing it as a ‘new civil rights movement’ risks erasing its roots in the Latin American struggles and history.” Is that clear enough? Then, for good measure, Lovato’s article cites the “radical” efforts of one Miguel Ramirez, who left El Salvador in 1979 and now heads up Centro Hispano Cuzcatlán in Queens. The transnational experience of Ramirez and others, “shows that the U.S. movimiento is … the northernmost expression of a resurgent Latin American left.”

31 Responses to “‘Movimiento’ Aims To Take Back America”

  1. nikki Says:

    All of this is above my head.

  2. Eddie B. Says:

    An open letter to Roberto Lovato and all his political revolutionaries -

    F*ck you and your continental rights movement. Get outta here. Take you revolution down south we ain’t buying any. This applies to each and every resurgent Latin American leftist out there. And stop having so many babies.

  3. Phyliss Says:

    All of this might be above our heads, but I have a feeling we better take notice.

  4. Texas_Cowgirl Says:

    I don’t get it either. I’ll just assume it’s bad.

  5. Mike Says:

    What the heck was this saying/ It sounded as though it was definatly not some agreeing with our laws, but sounded way to indirect…

  6. Sharon Says:

    I don’t understand either. Is there someone out there that does?

  7. DavidDiaz Says:

    I understand it. NOT!!!

  8. The Watchdog Says:

    He’s another one of these Communist revolutionaries from Latin America that seeks to control the entire continent.

  9. Tammy Says:

    Roberto Lovato go straight to hell.

  10. Contessa Says:

    Deport him, now! He, and Armando Navarro, and Juan Jose Guitterez, and Jesse Diaz, and the other Reconquista leaders are self-important, Leftist, Reconquista radicals with a Napoleon complex. That is,they would be shining shoes in their home countries and not much more, but HERE they have taken advantage of the “diversity” “mulit-cultural” and “affirmative action” movements to get a free public education, etc. Now they think they are “big shots” because the illiterate peasants that are here illegally look up to them. Ha, ha, ha.

  11. Charles in Georgia Says:

    When hell freezes over

  12. Mel Talmadge Says:

    Basically the revolutionaries from all over South and Central America, are moving here, establishing themselves in some way (legally or illegally) and then using our own laws to further their plans. Which is to overthrough the U.S. Government and destroy the nation of America as we know it.

    If you want to know what America will look like in the future if these people ‘win’ - look at all the countries of South and Central America as they exist today. That’s our future!

  13. Mary Says:

    What it means is that their people fucked up all of Latin America but good. No hope exists to ever turn Latin America into something decent to live ing. So they have to come and get the gringo’s land because the gringos already did all the development work for them.

  14. Educated American Says:

    I basically read “communist revolutionary” between the lines of that article. The “northernmost” version of a social movement refers to all of the socialist and communist movements in central and “southernmost” america. (i.e. Mexico/Central America, & South America. “Northernmost” = the Southwestern U.S. States that used to be part of Mexico and are sometimes referred to as “Aztlan”).

  15. Sherri Says:

    Where is J. Edgar Hoover when you need him? Not that I’m for someone like him, but at least when he was in charge of the FBI, we didn’t have these radical organizations all over the place. If an American were screaming for a takeover of the country or part of it, the government would be all over them like flies on sh*t! So where is the government now? Probably making back room deals with these invaders and radicals.
    To quote Eddie B.: VOTE THE BUMS OUT!

  16. captain america Says:

    mary says: “what it means is that their people fucked up all of Latin America; & No hope exists to ever turn Latin America into something decent to live in. So they have to come & get the gringo?s land because the gringos already did all the development work for them”.———————-excellent perspective!!————can i add that…”reconquista” is a name ’stolen’ from the spanish; meaning “re-conquer”, when the spanish reconquered back their city of toledo, spain from the moors.(in 1085ad)—so the “reconquista” groups today(& others foreigners here) have “declared war”.

  17. Ed Says:

    yes it is communist & socialist they are being used by the one world socity to divid and totaly screw up our country to prepare for their take overeg the nau(north american union.jorge bush ,Cheney. many in the congress& senare,the aclu are part if the conspercy of the on world soceity.what they want is to reduce the U.S. to a third world nation so big business will all ways be garenteed a large pool of cheap labor.if you look back in our history back to the turn of 1900’s up to the late 40’s the majority of americans were poor. ma lot of you dont know of it bceause of your age but my grand father& farther before unionization worked 60 hours a week for $8.00 to $10 a week. Tennessee earne come out with a song in the 50’s named 16 tons. it stated saint peter dont call me because I owe my soul to the company store.Many americans intire famlies worked 6 days a week 10to12 hours a day just to stay indebit to the companies,the compines own the what bareky passed for a house they owned the store the workers bought the food & other stuff.they littery owed the company so much that they could never leave.FDR changed that when he through his suport behind the unionization movement.thiat’s is what the one world socity want for us.

  18. Jimmy Says:

    No hope is fast coming to America.
    Everytime a reconquista crosses the border, I get a little poorer.
    Why? Well because the burden passes to me and other taxed out Americans. When the communist lawyers fixed us with having to provide reconquistas with free education in our schools, I instantly became poor, and raza, etc, became rich. My school taxes are obscene because of this.

    Raza, doing jobs Americans won’t do: like paying next to no taxes, like cheating everyway they know how, like laughing and pointing fingers at us.

    I don’t thing most people realize it yet but, America is going to be a poor country, and it already is we just don’t know it. China is rich now, because companies don’t want to put up with the federales crazy rules against businesses. Easier to go to China than to put up with the arrogant lawyering fools who run (or ruin) our government. America is the biggest debter nation on earth. And I lay the blame for all our ills on that evil city on the Potomic, where common sense gave way to insane greed and lust years ago. I am proud to be an American, but I am not proud of our “capital city”. Funny, I used to be proud of it, but no more..

    Reconquista’s: making us poorer one baby or adult crosser at a time.
    And then they have the gaul to want our land too, after they have ruined our future by making us all poor via quality of life, and crazy taxes, and Spanish language broadcasting everywhere.

    It all boils down to arrogance on mexico’s part and on d.c.’s part. And we, the people of the United States of America get to pay for it all. We get to pay until we can’t pay anymore, then games up. Welcome to the new world.

    Raza had better watch out though, the new world doesn’t care about them either. When their usefulness is over, they will also be squashed like the bugs they are. Nothing is going to stand in the way of the one world paradise (dictatorship), the devil’s men are planning for us. Or at least that is what those evil men think. Lucky for America there is a God, and these plans will not, in the long run prevail.

    Sorry for the long rant, but I feel like bad, thinking about all this crap.
    I am tired of being mugged by mexico city and the district of the terminaly greedy and insane. God bless our America, land that WE love.

    Out of here………

  19. Sarah Says:

    I never dreamed that this would be the way our country would end. In the 70s and 80s, we had the contstant Soviet Union threat. I remember hearing that both countries just had “their finger on the button”. In the 90s the first Bush opened our eyes to the Muslim world and it’s threat. Never once did we ever prepare for the threat of our many communist neighbors to the south. Shame on our government!

    On another note, I have been talking lately to people around me, family and friends, about the seriousness of what is happening right now. At dinner the other night with friends, I brought up the North American Union topic. They all said, “yeah, isn’t that unreal……..okay what movie are we going to see……..let’s plan a cruise vacation soon” Is anyone out there seeing similar responses from people? I could have said the world would come to an end tomorrow and they would have had the same response. Am I off the wall here in seeing this as a problem??

  20. Worried, Austin, Tx Says:

    Sarah, I’ve been having the same problem trying to talk to friends and family about this horrific problem and they practically tell me to f**k off or say they don’t want to hear it!!! I went to the May 1st rally on the steps of my Capitol building in downtown Austin and it was horrible!!! Me and a handful of other Americans were confronted by over 10,000 angry, arrogant Illegals, mostly Mexicans, but hundreds of Nicaraguans, Hondurans, Costa Ricans, Cubans, Panamanians, Venezuelans, etc. all carrying their flags from THEIR countries, many wearing Che Guevarra tshirts, all screaming in Spanish “Viva La Raza” and “Viva La Revolucion” and “Si, Se Puede!” and “Today We March, Tomorrow We Vote!” all trying to shove their flags in our faces and treating us like this was already their country and that we had no right to be there!!! I don’t believe for one minute that they are coming here to be American - they’re coming here to take over America! We all have to stop them no matter what!!! Every day since then, I’ve been furiously phoning, writing letters & postcards & emails to Tx Gov. Perry, my Senators, my State Rep. and even to that lying TRAITOR George Bush!!! I’m with the Dixie Chicks - I’m ashamed that he’s from Texas and he definitely doesn’t deserve ANY respect!!!

  21. Sherri Says:

    Jimmy, your post is right on!

    Sarah and Worried, I know exactly what you mean! When I’ve tried to talk to people about this stuff, they either change the subject or pretend that nothing like that will happen. Then I get to hear their bleeding heart speil about how the illegal invaders are just hardworking people that want a better life. It never ceases to amaze me how stupid people really are. They’ve all got their heads buried in the sand, and when it’s all over, they’ll be scratching their heads and asking what happened.

  22. Sarah Says:

    To Sherri and Worried,

    Let’s just hope that they really are concerned and just don’t like to show it outwardly. I know that many, many folks have been contacting politicians. I would feel better if I saw more concern from them in general. Their seeming lack of concern is my concern.

  23. Charles in Georgia Says:

    Yeh Jimmy you are so right La Raza if it becomes too powerful the NWO will stomp on it. NWO is just letting La Raza stomp on us right now.
    Great point you had there.

  24. Eddie B. Says:

    Go this this jerks website. They are Socialist/Ciommunists and are invaders.

  25. peter Says:

    why are we playing by the rules when they’re not ?it’s time to stop bull shiting around I can’t believe we are standing around watching a bunch of sawoff pieces of crap just to walk in and take over .are we a bunch of candy ass .screw pc lets kick ass when the fighting breaks out then they will have to do something but one way or another it will be in the open no more of this behind doors bull then everyone will pick their side. as it stands now they’re just quietly taken over no one in the media says a thing

  26. just a citizen Says:

    Civil war is coming. Arm yourselves. The other alternative is to leave the US in hopes of finding a country smart enough not to let this happen. However, will another country gladly accept 15 or 20 million ex-US citizens that want to cross into their country legally??

  27. just a citizen Says:

    Stockpile food, water, clothing, guns–lots of guns, lots more ammo, gasoline, armor, batteries, flashlights, radios. Buy an extra gun or two and donate them to your neighbors. If you dont realize we are already in a civil war your are blind.

  28. peter Says:

    run to another countryyou got to be kiding! these cockroaches won’t even fight for their own country. when the fighting starts they scattered just like cockroaches. you over estimate the enemy I have lived around them and I know them they will not hang around the when the fighting starts. they’re just looking for an easy ride. but if you run don’t come back those who don’t fight don’t deserve what they have the greatest good sometime requires the greatest sacrifice.the reason they’re here they think were push over somebody has given them some bad info

  29. Sarah Says:

    Good point, Peter. I hope that you are right.

  30. Roxan Tiscareno Says:

    To Sarah and Worried.

    Yup, I too have had the same exact responses.

    Both my parents were involved in WWII. (mother ran away from a Hitler Youth Camp). Father was in U.S. Air Force making bombing runs.

    Nowadays, they go on many cruises (good for them in that aspect-I have no problem with that).

    But….I sent so many articles and web sites, pictures & pictures & almost all Frosty Wooldridge articles AND (I never got back one reply-NOT ONE). All I got back was jokes–but never ever one response regarding this.

    I tell other people too-but it is like -they can’t be bothered. Or they did see some news blip of the marches-but that was it

    Or……when I tell them about the Aztlan/Anahuac or Plan de San Diego–I get the Comments of “Conspiracy Theorist or It ain’t going to happen.”…..This certainly can happen exactly because they don’t believe it.

    It’s like they’re all asleep or they’re so apathetic. I don’t get it. (If I wasn’t sick with MCS), I would have loved to have been a participant in Frosty Wooldriges 21’s Century Paul Revere Ride.

    Hm, speaking of which, I wonder how that went in L.A. I wonder if Villaraigosa or Marcos Aguilar noticed.

  31. Educated American Says:

    My problem is trying to convince people that the Minutemen are NOT a bunch of cracker racists. Watchdog’s videos of the Ted Hayes march a while back, as well as the SOS videos, PROVE beyond a doubt the charge of racism is totally bogus! It looked like a microcosm of America: men, and women, every race, a wide variation in age range, etc. etc. We need to encourage them, as well as groups like Choose Black America and You Don’t Speak For Me.

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