Invader Arrested 14 Times And Never Deported

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Federal and local authorities are trying to figure out how an illegal immigrant from Mexico managed to avoid deportation despite being arrested more than a dozen times in the past five years, agency officials said Thursday.

Gustavo Reyes Garcia, 28, has accumulated dozens of criminal charges and been arrested 14 times in Nashville without being flagged by federal authorities for being in the country illegally.

He caught their attention after he was accused of killing two people on June 8. It was his 15th arrest.

“The jail management records do not show a federal hold placed on Garcia, except for the one that he has now,” said Karla Crocker, spokeswoman for the Davidson County Sheriff’s Office.

Garcia stands accused of drinking, getting behind the wheel of an SUV and killing Mt. Juliet couple Sean and Donna Wilson while fleeing from police last week.

Garcia and a man driving in a third vehicle also were injured in the wreck on Old Hickory Boulevard near Southfork Boulevard.

Metro General Sessions Judge Gloria Dumas bound his case over to the Davidson County grand jury after a preliminary hearing on Thursday.

Garcia’s past charges include four DUI arrests, evading arrest, and two separate incidents in which he was accused of leaving the scene of an accident where there was bodily injury.

Law enforcement officials could not explain yesterday how he managed to escape the attention of immigration authorities in the past.

A spokeswoman for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement said she would have to research Garcia’s case to see if federal officials were notified of his arrests in the past.

Garcia is being held in the Metro Jail, charged with two counts of vehicular homicide and evading arrest.

13 Responses to “Invader Arrested 14 Times And Never Deported”

  1. nikki Says:

    15 arrest! Good thing he is not a legal citizen, he might have gone to jail a while ago. I wonder why the family members of those who get killed by people who are here illegally don’t make some noise about it? Maybe a lawsuit or ten would make this police dept. do a better job?

  2. Tammy Says:

    Our law enforcement is not doing one damn thing to protect American citizens from these illegal criminals and they know it, thats why they are trying to FIGURE out how an illegal alien from Mexico managed to avoid deportation.

  3. DavidDiaz Says:

    14 times arrested? I could not even get arrested 14 times, even if I tried. Wow! what in the world are the police thinking?

  4. Darlene Says:

    In my town, the police can be called over and over for loose pit bulls, loud music, vandalism, threats, burglaries, cars stolen and they do nothing but tell the culprits to stop it. When pressed about why they don’t arrest these people who are breaking laws continuously after being told not to, the police say”You can make a citizen’s arrest and sue them civilly if it bothers you.” Yeah, right, like I’m going to make a citizen’s arrest against a gang banger.

    Is this happening where you live? Do you think that the police are afraid of being sued if they make an arrest? Is this apart of Special Order 40? I thought they were supposed to enforce the law, not us. Most have such a smugness and arrogance about it, it’s unbelievable. I’ve always supported law enforcement, but it has changed so much, it’s hard to trust some of them now.

    The lawbreakers get the message that the laws don’t apply to them and just laugh at the rest of us whose rights are violated on a daily basis. It’s becoming anything goes for the bad guys and the good guys had better watch out.

    What gives?

  5. Sharon Says:

    Could it be because the jails are full?

  6. Sherri Says:

    WTF? And people can’t figure out why we need border enforcement? I’ll bet none of the open-border advocates ever lost a family member, or had their lives affected in some very drastic way because of a criminal illegal alien. For those people who don’t think we need a border fence/wall, just read stories like this one. It’s self-explanitory.

  7. Darlene Says:


    The jails aren’t full. There’s plenty of room there. Most in town can’t figure it out. But the citizens are getting ticked…we no longer have rights and why must WE make a citizen’s arrest?

  8. johnny Says:

    You may hear the saying time and time again that mass deportation is unreal. In my thoughts I believe that mass deportation is highly realistic. I am growing very tired of elected officials saying that we can not go and arrest these people and ship them back to their homeland. I believe we can and must deport all who are here illegally. I am not saying go sweep the city streets with military, what we should do is start clamping down on these people harder. We need to arrest and detain these people then deport them immediately. I am sure our national gaurd could build a short term holding structures for these people in wait of deportation. We have planes trains and automobiles that can be vastly utilized in the deportation proccess.
    If our local law enforcement agencies could hire larger numbers of police and start raising arrest quotas I am sure in a short period of time illegal aliens would catch on to this and would more then likely begin to leave on their own terms. Most importantly we must cut off all welfare benifits to these people. Welfare should be a court appointed decision. In order to receive benifits you must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you are in true need of government assitance. ie handicapped, mentaly retarted etc.

  9. Madashell Says:

    No citizen could get away with something like that for so long.

  10. Sarah Says:

    I believe that the “establishment” is trying to destroy us. There is no way that this is being done by chance. No one is so stupid to think that this is right. No one in this “establishment” is so blind as to not see this happening. We are all trying to rationalize all this that is irrational. It’s come to me in the last week, that impeaching Bush would do no good. We must expel the entire “establishment”.

  11. Eddie B. Says:

    Well, we know this guy needs to think about a new career because ANYBODY who is so stupid that they are arrested 14 times should not be a criminal.

    This guy should think about being a crash test dummy. Dummy.

  12. Ed Says:

    wooh you should read the artical in the new york times on the’s about mexicos southern boarder It realy shows what hypocrites the mexican government evens make more angry at mexicans illegals here & there arrogence.

  13. Jim Says:

    The mentality such as that of Garcia are typical of La Raza’s and of illigal aliens living in the US. In these criminals minds, it’s the revenge , it’s the satisfactions of inflicting sufferings and pain onto Americans whom they claimed stealing their so called “stolen land”.

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