The Invader Super Highway


A MASSIVE road four football fields wide and running from Mexico to Canada through the heartland of the United States is being proposed amid controversy over security and the damage to the environment.

The “nation’s most modern roadway”, proposed between Laredo in Texas and Duluth, Minnesota, along Interstate 35, would allow the US to bypass the west coast ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach to import goods from China and the Far East into the heart of middle America via Mexico, saving both cost and time.

However, critics argue that the ten-lane road would lay a swathe of concrete on top of an already over-developed transport infrastructure and further open the border with Mexico to illegal immigrants or terrorists.

Under the plan - believed to be an extension of a strategic transportation plan signed in March last year by the US president, George Bush, Paul Martin, the then prime minister of Canada, and Vincente Fox, the Mexican president - imported goods [and people] would pass a border “road bump” in the Mexican port of Lazaro Cardenas, before being loaded on to lorries for a straight run to a major hub, or “SmartPort”, in Kansas, Oklahoma.

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  1. johnny Says:

    This higway is not in the best intrest of America, but rather for Canada and Mexico. Not only will this plan destroy many American unions and Jobs, it will also destroy the environment. I do not understand why Bush has not been brought up on charges or impeachment. Mr Bush is a very serious threat to our nation. Mr Bush undermines the American people. He must be stopped.

  2. GawainsGhost Says:

    I’ve seen this story on several sites, and it is not accurate. The “supercorridor” described here is an old proposal–one that has been rejected.

    First, any “modern roadway” to be constructed is not going to go through Laredo. Laredo is a dump, where economic development is a contradiction in terms. There’s nothing there. In fact, Laredo lost out to McAllen when this issue was under consideration in Texas some years ago.

    The real transcontinental highway, I 69, is going to connect the Lower Rio Grande Valley–specifically the Edinburg-McAllen-Mission and the Weslaco-Mercedes and Harlingen-Brownsville areas–with Mexico and Canada. I know because I live here, and the economic development and highway construction in this area, just over the last five years, has been phenomenal.

    My family owns a very successful real estate company down here. My mother is the principal owner and primary broker; I am her assistant. Our partner is a developer (the Donald Trump of South Texas); his brother is a county commissioner. I am on a first-name basis with mayors, commissioners, district judges, council members, bankers, brokers, and developers. I have seen development and construction plans not yet made public.

    The entire highway system of the Rio Grande Valley is currently being reconstructed. Home Depot and Lowe’s have both opened several new stores in at least four cities. Major retail outlets are being built along Expressway 83, which connects McAllen with Weslaco and Harlingen. Wal-Mart is building its largest store (on 22 acres) one mile from my office. Large bank centers are under construction at several sites. Nothing like this is going on in Laredo.

    This area won out because the Port of Brownsville has become increasingly important as a major shipping port. Not to mention that South Pardre Island has become increasingly popular as a Spring Break destination and vacation resort. Once the highway system has been completely reworked, the increased shipping to the Port of Brownsville will be facillitated by increased trucking throughout the Valley and to the North.

    All the products and produce imported from Mexico, Central and South America for distribution thoughout the U.S. and Canada, and all the products and produce exported from the U.S. and Canada for distribution throughout Latin America, as well as all the money involved, is going to go through one place, right here. I do not see this as a bad thing (especially since it is making me rich).

    Economic growth and development is good for North, Central and South America. Increased trade–and with it necessary legal, political and economic reform–is the only thing that is going to raise Latin America out of its corrupt, poverty-ridden past. This is a separate issue from illegal immigration. Once the economies of Mexico, Central and South America improve, fewer of their people will be motivated to come here.

    Our problems with immigration, both legal and illegal, are solely the fault of the executive branch, which has failed utterly in its responsibility to enforce the laws written by the legislative branch. This failure to enforce the law has been habitual for at least three decades, through both Democrat and Republican administrations. But ultimately that failure is the fault of the American people, who have not demanded accountability from their elected representatives. I have a feeling that is about to change over the next two or three election cycles though.

    The invasion of this country by illegal aliens could easily be stopped by simply enforcing the law. That could be done without prohibiting economic growth and development. Nothing is going to stop increased trade with Latin America–there is simply too much money involved.

    The American people should be concerned with making this country a shining city upon a hill, the beacon of hope it was once to the rest of the world. We should be adamant in forcing Latin America to become more like the U.S., instead of allowing Latin America to force the U.S. to become more like Mexico. That could be accomplished by our standing on principle and enforcing the law, to the betterment of everyone involved.

  3. Jana Says:

    Jerome Corsi, who’s been blowing the lid off of all this “North American Union” stuff wrote an article about the “NAFTA Super Highway” earlier this week:
    It has really good links about the Highway too, like this one:

    Looks like Texas has public hearings on the project coming up in the next 2 months. The project is supposed to start next year. All I can think about is the people who are going to get their land ripped away through eminent domain for this awful thing. This is scary shizzle.

  4. Madashell Says:

    This to me is mass madness, and mind control. if you have a war on all fronts you will cause deversion, confusion, who can get a handle on this type of attitude, the Feds are throwing so much at us; I think that they have under estimated the will of most Americans. they allow chaos, the invasion of illegals is just one issue. I think that we are able to fight on all fronts. We can not afford to be silent, even though mush of this is breath taking. it’s like the president is waiting for something bad to happen to the people of the United States, this is sickening, anyone in their right mind knows that it’s just a matter of time before some type of nuke is used on the Citizens of the United States, it’s not how, but when. it’s bad enough to have an open border, and the President of the United States incouraging an illegal invasion. it’s quite obvious that the President have a clear agenda, mind control is when he tells you we need to control our borders, yet he does not allow that to happen… (end) Now a quote from the past.

    “The nature of psychological compulsion is such that those who act under constraint remain under the impression that they are acting on their own initiative. The victim of mind-manipulation does not know that he is a victim. To him the walls of his prison are invisible, and he believes himself to be free. That he is not free is apparent only to other people. His servitude is strictly objective.”

    Brave New World Revisited, Aldous Huxley, 1958

  5. Madashell Says:

    “It is perfectly possible for a man to be out of prison, and yet not free - to be under no physical constraint and yet to be a psychological captive, compelled to think, feel and act as the representatives of the national state, or of some private interest within the nation, wants him to think, feel and act.
    This to me is mass madness, and mind control. if you have a war on all fronts you will cause deversion, confusion, who can get a handle on this type of attitude, the Feds are throwing so much at us; I think that they have under estimated the will of most Americans. they allow chaos, the invasion of illegals is just one issue. I think that we are able to fight on all fronts. We can not afford to be silent, even though mush of this is breath taking. (end) Now a quote from the past.

    “The nature of psychological compulsion is such that those who act under constraint remain under the impression that they are acting on their own initiative. The victim of mind-manipulation does not know that he is a victim. To him the walls of his prison are invisible, and he believes himself to be free. That he is not free is apparent only to other people. His servitude is strictly objective.”

    Brave New World Revisited, Aldous Huxley, 1958

  6. Sarah Says:

    GwainsGhost admits that it’s money fueling this. Notice that he said that it’s too much money for us to stop. Whether its Brownsville or Laredo is beside the point. I agree with Jana’s point. They will be yanking land from American citizens in the name of the almighty dollar disguised, of course, as imminent domain. Haven’t we already seen a rash of this in the last 3 years. Can you imagine to have land that had been in your family for generations and then have it seized for this super highway?

    Madashell, that’s some true psychological manipulation there. Interesting quotes. I believe that the Iraq War was used to manipulate us into fear and uncertainty. 9-11 manipulated us as well. Fear is a very powerful tool. When people are in fear, some of the other body processes don’t work as well. I think rational thinking and logic goes out the window. As they say, it’s easier to fool a person with a big lie than a small one. We’ve had some pretty big lies thrown at us. So, Madashell, how do we free the rest of Americans from this prison?

  7. Sharon Says:

    This isn’t related to the article, but I thought I’d pass it on.

    On Monday, the Latinos are planning a NATIONAL CALL IN DAY (June 19). They heard how we all have been contacting our politicians. They will be calling all politicians in mass. The site below is the man (traitor to Americans) that is promoting it. The best way we can counteract this is to massively call ourselves on Monday. I plan to hit the blogs. Spread the word….

  8. GawainsGhost Says:

    Well, Jana, thanks for the links. I’ve read and seen them both though. And I will reiterate my original point–there is no plan for a supercorridor through Laredo.

    Laredo is the second worst place to live in Texas, after El Paso. It’s a filthy, worthless border town. It doesn’t have the infrastructure necessary for this project, and it doesn’t have easy access to the Port of Brownsville. It certainly doesn’t have anywhere near the growth and development the Lower Rio Grande Valley, which is to the south-east, is currently experiencing. What Laredo does have, however, is a major crime problem stemming from Nuevo Laredo, just across the border. We don’t have that problem here.

    It is true that Texas will have public hearings on the transcontinental highway soon. I don’t know what the outcome of those hearings will be, but I do know that unless the governor convenes a special session of the legislature, nothing is going to come of it until the next regular session. In Texas, we only allow our legislature to meet for 120 days once every two years. The way we figure it, the less time they spend in Austin, the less likely they are to screw everything up.

    As to land owners having their property ripped away through eminent domain, I seriously doubt that is going to happen. We take private property rights very seriously here in Texas. Anyone who has to give up a portion of their land for highway construction is richly rewarded.

    I do not understand why people are opposed to inter-connecting the economies of North, Central and South America. That will create jobs, millions of them. Everyone stands to make a whole lot of money if this plan is implemented properly.

    I said it above, and I’ll say it again. The problem we are experiencing with illegal immigration is solely the fault of the executive branch, which is not enforcing the law. Will someone please explain to me what good it does to have the legislative branch write laws if the executive branch is not going to enforce them? Answer: none.

    The American people need to hold their elected representatives accountable. It’s that simple. If our executives are not going to enforce the law, then they need to be removed from office and replaced by someone who will. Tom Tancredo comes to mind.

    I’ll tell you exactly how to solve the problem with illegal immigration. First, secure the border. Use the military if necessary. End social services (education, health care, welfare) to all non-citizens. Empower local, state and federal law enforcement to detect and arrest any and all illegal aliens and summarily deport them, permanently. Strictly enforce workplace and employment laws, specifically those dealing with identity theft and document fraud. Severely punish businesses and employers who hire illegals at slave wages; pass and enforce fair wage laws. Drive a death-stake through mulitculturalism and end bilingual instruction throughout the education system at all levels. Ratify an amendment to the Constitution stating that English is the national language of the U.S. Require that all government and official business, including and especially education and voting, be conducted in English.

    If the Latinos want to have their culture, let them have it in Latin America, but not here. If Latinos insist on speaking Spanish, let them speak it in a Spanish-speaking country.

    All of that can be done without sacrificing economic growth and development.

  9. madashell Says:

    Sorry for the dup, for some reason in cyberspace my post did not go through.
    Response to GawiainsGhost: Thanks for the up date, you seem to be very pro developement, it must be second nature to you since you and your family are in the business, coperate america are selling us down the tubes under the disguise of economic growth, like in the past they wanted to build a tower into the heavens, until it came crushing down around, and they were scattered throughout the world. I do challenge what you said that ” utimately that failure is the fault of the american people, who have not demanded accountability form their elected represenatives”… One problem with that statement is that much of what have happen to the American public is done without our knowledge, what are we the people supposed to do when the President is allowing our laws to be violated? and is encouraging chaos, I think that mush information is recently being disclosed to the masses, and the american public are now voting out of office those who we know are corrupt.

    Another statement that you made” The American people should be concerned with making this country a shining city upon a hill, the beacon of hope it was once to the rest of the world. We should be adamant in forcing Latin America to become more like the U.S., instead of allowing Latin America to force the U.S. to become more like Mexico. That could be accomplished by our standing on principle and enforcing the law, to the betterment of everyone involved. ”

    *America is a Nation;(not City) upon a hill that have welcomed legal immigrants for decades, and have been a beacon of hope fome the beginning until now… Go ease you contious somewhere else, your primary focus of becoming richer, not wiser. (sorry spell checker not wroking)

  10. Sharon Says:

    Go to

    It references several bible verses that show that God is very much against illegal immigration and believes that people have the right to control their country.

  11. DavidDiaz Says:

    Chinese at U.S. - Mexican border?
    Some months ago we received an email concerning reports of Chinese sighted at the U.S. - Mexican border. The author of this email was reportedly in contact with a U.S. Customs agent, who verified this claim:

    In October, the 25th [2000] I think it was, some border patrol agents were fired upon by apparent Mexican military members. Upon further checking, the military members turned out to be “orientals”… perhaps North Korean or Chinese…. What I DID get was a personal confirmation from a lady friend of mine who works in the USAF Reserves with me - who also happens to be a US Customs Agent. She confirmed for me that there are indeed incidents that happen “all the time” (her words in quotes) regarding North Koreans, Chinese and Cubans. These “incidents” are usually kept “hush hush” and Border Patrol, as well as Customs folks are admonished not to chat with the Press about such things.

    Also, a report from “Strategic Jungle” on January 2, 2001 says the same:

    American law enforcement sources also report continued sightings of Asian soldiers in border areas. After the Oct. 24, 2000, shooting incident involving Border Patrol agents and what appeared to be Chinese soldiers in Mexican army uniforms near Otay Mesa, sightings have increased but no further incidents have been reported. “We continue to hear reports from illegals coming across the border that swear they have seen Chinese soldiers dressed like Mexicans,” a senior San Diego law enforcement officer said.

  12. Ed Says:

    you know david diaz you maybe on he right track perhaps bush is not a one worlder but a communist.has’nt any one ever woundered just why communist Russia seemingly fell all most over know the rockerfellers were the ones that found chase manhatan bank, the world bank & imf to control other countries.Kissenger was his right hand man & advisor. they helped Russia financialy.So perhaps Nixons trip to china was the begining of all this trouble we are haveing now.I ‘am just trying to think of all the posible consperiacies that may be behind all of this stuff & who’s behind it.I need help so I can further understand our enimies the more we know thebetter we can arm our selves and plan our defence.

  13. Ed Says:

    scotsman you have a good point but why did Bush consult congress & inform the American people perhaps they are creatting this new found wealth of yours & others in your area to blind you from the truth to hide their true goals,

  14. GawainsGhost Says:

    Ed, because the executive branch is not enforcing the laws of this country. Nor has it for several decades. That is the fault of the American people, who have not yet demanded accountability from their elected representatives.

    When the executive branch is held accountable for enforcing the law, all the problems we have with illegal immigration will disappear.

  15. Ed Says:

    gawainsghost.Yes I know that but at the same time the government including the executive branch have kept the american public unindated wth crime economic problems war & rumers of war,conflicts.corruption illegal immigration,human traficing,other countries nukes. the list go’s on & on whan the americam ecomics is such that both husband & wife have to work to affoerd a house & the other things human beings need, it’s unindates them so all they want to do when they get home is excape reality by watching mindles sitcoms rarher than educational show. they have been brian washed by al of these things Imentioned above.It’s like I said in another post lawers are masters on the engilsh language they twist it around so much.example on balots I have voted yes only to alter learn that yes realy ment no they write laws & contracts so only they understand it.yet still you are right politicians are reactive as are many americans. people only bitch & yell when things are so out of control that it is almost inposible to corect it & the politicians only react whe the people bitch.I’ve bitched for years about illegal aliens crime & so much more. only to be ignored. I would get no reaction from my fellow citizens or my political reps.

  16. Tammy Says:

    Hey Ed check out this link:

  17. Tammy Says:

    Ed here is another one:

  18. johnny Says:

    we need to form a militia! there is enough of us here to put our brains together and form a hugh enough militia. I am sure that some of you are good at computers and web site hosing, guns and logistical operations. this is what America did when the British were trying to take over our land. It all started with a small army of Americans! I do not see any decent prospects in our near future to run for office. All I see is people who are either trying to tame the situation or tell us what we want to hear, let alone the ones who refuse to listen to us. There is only three ways to cure this illegal immigration debate and that is to cut off all government assistance to the illegal’s, start deporting them and jailing any employer who harbors illegal aliens. To place a huge fine towards an employer is nothing, I think a long term jail sentance would be the most benificial means. Deportation is a must! I say we all work together and protest in Washington and any where else to get the attention of the elected officials. And if that does not work we form a Militia and propose an offer to the elected officials that we are taking back Washington. And if they refuse then we use force. Plain and simple this is not a threat they are the threat! They are threating every aspect of American life down to gay marriages, child molesters getting out of jail and illegal immigrants destroying our right to assimilate! Those are just and example of why America is falling apart!
    We need to then foccus on electing mid class officials who are not greedy and trying to build empires or globalizing the contenent!

  19. Ed Says:

    what am I susposed to do with it there’s nothing to click on

  20. Ed Says:

    Tammy thank you thank’s an eye Damn printer wont print from the monitor.I need to find some way to get this printed my surprise alot of wht I have been posting appears too be true. but I never dreamed it would be the Germans I’ma sure kissenger figures in this conspercy he is German.thanks again keep me informed.please.the same go’s for david diaz you seem to be very informed. I’am not good at searching the web.

  21. Ed Says:

    Tammy & others do you remember during the first iraq war bush sr.uttered thewords “there is a new world order comeing & his son Jorge commi Bush has sajd it several times during the last few years.all of the oieces are coming to geather.but how to get the word out to the masses.Half of america is still asleep on this consperice.

  22. Ed Says:

    yes Jonny your absolutely right But I belive a good place to start is informing our military forces we need to have some in our group that knows how the send in mass the posted kink Tammy sent me.the it will open the eyes & heads of our military.I have no doubt that they.after firgting in Iraq& afganistan that they have no intenssion of returning home to find a communist dicter ship running this states a million resisters well there is a hell of lot more resisters than just one million. as for sitting upa miltia Iam sure there are alot of vets with the sexsperence to help us do that.As for momitoring us the eneme go ahead I dont care. we can just disapear for a while

  23. Ed Says:

    Hey we need some patrotic hackers to screw up there webb sites. any out there who are willing to volentere?????

  24. Ed Says:

    hey maybe thats why bush started the iraq war to isilare some of our troops from the us homeland.???

  25. Ed Says:

    thats suspose to be isolate the troops

  26. Ed Says:

    also need some exspecial forces to go to alaska & blow the tunnel up hat would be a serious delay to the invasion.this is why they are telling us that we are running out of oil they are stock piling it for the invasion & making money to finance it at the same time eg.higher gass prices,I remember back in 1969-70 the oil companies were telling us that there was enough oil in the north slope to last us a couple hundred years htne when they finished it they told us they were wrong there was’nt as much oil as they first believed.there is plenty of oil all over the world.

  27. Tammy Says:

    Ed, I was just reading an article today about when President Bush talked openly about the NWO, I have found some things out on the net that is just absolutely mind blowing, and Ed as you said the pieces are all coming together now, it’s amazing how the issue with the illegal immigration issue is turning in to so much more. America needs to know about these things. This goverment that we have are a bunch of satanist.
    How the Illuminati is Destroying America!

  28. Tammy Says:

  29. Ed Says:

    Tammy I hate to posible disapoint you but I am atheist,I’am a loyal american & a decent law abiding man.I do respect you right to believe on god.My farthe was an atheist My mother was adevot chtholic they ahd no confilct intat regard she practiced her religon & he did not they were seperate afte 50 years of marrage by death.

  30. Tammy Says:

    No Ed you are not disappointing me, I respect your beliefs.

  31. Ed Says:

    Tammy that’s why I saud posible. thankl you. it is just that I’am a realest.I have no problem with reality no matter how hash it maybe. any ways that site you listed was a real mind show me that I was on the right track After thinking about it I’am sure that communisam is posible just another front & the nwo is just a buzz word. that the one worlders are just using themLike they are the mexican & latin americans.This good man I met back in the late 70’s told me about the one worlders he had little formal education but he was a self taught wise man he told me the members of ows were the members of the richest men in the world there club is called (lets me see if I can spell it right) the bohemian club they meet every year in either motery or carmel california not far from where I leave he also said they have asecret meeting place some where in the US in side amountain.Ronald Reagen was the only none billionair member.& I dont think billionairs are too found of comminest. but are very willing to use them.this wise self taught man (Bill) dead now he was so knowlegabe he studied carl maxes life all of the greek phiosphers & somuch more. it took me years to realy believe him & now I do.

  32. Ed Says:

    Hey davud diaz I belive you & your friend inthe reserves. I just read that china has control of running the panama it would be easy for the chinese to drop off some of their troops in panama then fly to mexico & president carter was the one who gave it to the panamaians no wounder he think Castro is a great man.perhaps carter is a one worlder him self. all of thei sgives credence to the report I read on a site Tanny posted to me. Her post was in the invaders super highway.if you have’t seen it maybe you can check it out.& give us you thoughts on’s tammys second post that the site she gave me is on it’s firbidenknowlege

  33. Sherri Says:

    This is scary, very scary! We’re going to have a war in this country. It’s only a matter of time.

  34. Charles In Georgia Says:

    I’m learning new stuff everyday on this site. Tammy tht site was unbelievable. Ed I agree with you about the oil issue. Now after reading that forbidden site, has anyone thought about the link with this so called Bird Flu. I keep feeling like there’s a master plan to knoock a lot of us off with that flu. Just like I believe that 911 was completely planned. I think this bird flu is too.

  35. Nate Says:

    Hmmm. Looks like Laredo to me. And this is not an old map.

  36. Charles In Georgia Says:

    Dr. Hulda Clark , renowned scientist wrote a book back in the early 90s called The Cure for all Diseases. The book exposed that cancer is really just a parasite and for some people it attacks the lungs or another weakened part of the body. Anyway, she exposed the cancer (which is ahuge money maker in this country) conspiracy. They finally came up with enough crap on her that they were able to put her in jail for a time. The reason that I’m bringing this up is that she exposed something else. She said that there is no such thing as the flu. She said that governments put stuff in the milk supply, meat and such . They’ll do it to a specifik georgraphic area. It makes sense. Don’t you ever wonder how they always can predict these things on the news. Countries use it to kill elderly people. Bush knows that we won’t fall for another 911 to scare us back into repression, so I think this bird flu that kinda pops up every once in a while (kinda like the NWO) is going to be the next catasrophe. It’s all just a hunch on my part, but after I read Dr. Clark’s book, I’ve never thought the same about the medical community. In fact, I refuse to see a doctor.

  37. Jimmy Says:

    Sounds like the “superhighway” in reality will be used as a “super-invasion” route for future conflict. I predict that within 25 years or less there will be a war here. I believe it will go something like this:
    1. massive “immigration” continues.
    2. “immigrants” more and more affiliate with communists.
    3. communist revolution starts in the southwest. Mexicans and central americans guided by professional revolutionarys, go wild.
    4. american government trys to put down revolt, but….
    5. foreign forces intervene on raza’s behalf, and invade.
    6. I believe China-Mexico-Central America-and probably Russia will all be in on this. Cuba, of course, also.
    7. America is defeated. We all become slaves, and-or are killed.
    8. Raza gets to grin and be giddy for a small amount of time.
    9. Raza is crushed, if favor of China.
    10. the light of the world goes out.

    At which point a new dark age for the world will start.
    If there is no God, this dark age could go on for hundreds of years.
    If there is a God, then this nightmare will continue, but a little while.
    Then He will take over. I like that better. A REAL paradise will begin, not the fake one the communists always claimed “they” could create. All the communists ever created was death, destruction, and filthy rich elites who rule with an iron fist over the peasant class, they pretend they want to “liberate and help”.

    Ra za types must really be stupid. They may help to end the gringo state of America and be very happy about it. BUT, they will be in worse shape afterwards. No kind-hearted America anymore. Just a hellish existance that would make the sorry excuse for a government in Mexico now, look good. Gringos would never just rub them out, the Chinese communists WOULD. Just like they would rub Americans out, with no problem at all.

    I hope this never happens, but unless we get real leaders, something like this will. God preserve and bless America. God grant America repentance, and send good leaders again. We desperately need them.

    Out of here…………………….

  38. Ed Says:

    Jimmy parts of your parts of your statment are ok but there is hope the people of china are screaming for freedom they will not buy into it but like us they wil form resistence army many of there chines soldiers will join them because like the american military the troops have families that will be in prisioned which they wont permit the latin americans who belive this crap will suffer more than they fdo now. the one worlders wil not suceed but they will devastate the world leaving us one hell of a mess to clean up.Did any one see RED Dawn it was about the Russians invading the U.S. via the mexican boarder but the americans quickly formed resistent armies & we eventualy won.the real invasion will be simular. just as our former enimies the Japanses & germans our present enimies wil make the same mistake they donot under stand or beleve that they can over power the human will to be free. Bush Mc cain one worlders do not under stand us americans rever the contitusion & or love for freedom as well as millions of people around the world.No I dont think bird flu ais one of their tools it could too easly spread to them & their loved ones. which leads me to wounder just how are the family members of these insane men going feel when thay learn what their husbands fathers brothers are doing what will laura bush & kids & grand kids think Or are a part of it.??? how ever bird flu could have been an experiment that went out of control.

  39. GawainsGhost Says:

    Good grief. I’ve never seen so much pessimism and defeatism in all my life.

    The solution to the illegal alien problem is very simply–ENFORCE THE LAW. The American people need to demand accountability from their executives. If the executives are not going to enforce the laws of this country, then they need to be voted out of office and replaced by executives who will. Nothing could be more obvious or more simple.

    Properly implemented, the transcontinental corridor will revitalize the American Mid-West. Have you people thought about how many millions of jobs will be created throughout the Heartland by this project?

    No, instead you continue to whine about the illegal alien invasion and moan and complain about how they’re taking over. Well, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! Organize political action committees and VOTE FOR EXECUTIVES WHO WILL ENFORCE THE LAW.

    When I think of all the jobs in the construction industry–highway construction, not to mention hotel, restaurant, bank, business, hospital, and home construction–and in the transportation and service industries, the professional services–bankers, brokers, realtors, developers, lawyers, accountants, doctors, nurses–this project will create, it boggles the mind why anyone would be opposed to it.

    Currently the vast majority of jobs in this country are isolated along the east and west coasts. Why? Shipping ports, of course. Access to major trade centers. DUH.

    This project will create a booming economy thoughout the great American heartland. It’s a win-win situation all around. Everyone involved stands to make a whole hell of a lot of money. What’s wrong with that?

    Of course, it goes without saying that unless the American people elect executives who will enforce the law, the vast majority of those jobs will go to illegal aliens. That’s the problem right there.

    I said it before, and I’ll say it again. The fault lies with the American people who are not holding their elected representatives accountable for enforcing the law.

    I would like someone, anyone, to explain how you intend to 1) secure the border, 2) end social services (education, health care, welfare) to non-citizens, 3) enact free labor and fair wage laws for American citizens, 4) enforce employment and labor laws dealing with identity theft and document fraud, 5) empower law enforcement to detect, arrest and deport illegal aliens, and 6) prosecute businesses and employers who hire illegal aliens at below market wages, if you do not elect representatives who intend to do all that. Someone? Anyone?

    This is ridiculous. I might as be talking to a brick wall. If you are not going to put executives in office who represent the American people and enforce the law, then shut up, bend over and prepare to have a burrito shoved up your ass.

  40. Jimmy Says:

    Ghost: I helped elect Bush via money and my vote. Concerning mexico, I didn’t get what I paid for.

    These elected officials don’t listen to us, period. I have called, I have written, I have called the local tv news about their puff pieces on these invaders. I have run up against a “brick wall” of total lack of interest.
    I was complaining about this curse long before anyone else I know was.
    I was made fun of and dismissed as an alarmist.

    I know what is coming. And I am not going to shut up, etc.

    I from personal experience do NOT have any faith that most these elected officials (after they are elected) will do anything I want.
    I am just a little person with no money or power to them. So they do exactly what THEY want after they get in office.

    I hope you are right about the benefits of this “highway”, if it is built.
    But the Panama Canal deal under Carter was suppossed to be a good deal too. I don’t think it was. When it happened all I could do was groan.

    But I will try to cool it more in the future. Wish I had your optimism.
    I am old now and will continue to do what I have done, to try to get these
    “executives” to listen. But they are not like business-people. They are well insulated.

    A lot of what you say is great. Just wish it would happen.

    Charge on Ghost. I like your….spirit………..

  41. Eddie B. Says:

    So are we going to give them free guns and whiskey too now that we have shown them the war path?

  42. Ed Says:

    that’s true but our leards have had since 1986 to inforce the laws already on the books.So just what makes you think they ever will.iI just read in my local news paper that the emergency rooms across the nation are log jamed that it atkes hours to get seen by a doctor & days to get a bed inthe hospital.because of the illegals it is also breaking the budgetis of the hospitals so in the near future we americans will not be able to get medical care because they will all be closed from bankrupcy. thank you american gov. thank you bastards that invade our once beatuful nation.It is time to kick ass on the traitor politicians.

  43. Sarah Says:

    Way to go Jimmy!!! You told it like it is. Ghostwriter - how is it OUR FAULT that our politicians walk in and do their own thing? Jimmy - I am with you. Let’s keep up the talk. We aren’t alarmist, we are realists. I really believe that subconsciously people do not want to believe what is happening. You will thank all of us so called “Alarmist” in the end.

  44. GawainsGhost Says:

    Well, the answer to the problem of elected officials being unresponsive to the people is simple. VOTE THEM OUT OF OFFICE.

    Organize political action committees. Get motivated. Write letters, make phone calls. Take to the streets in massive protests if you have to, but do something about it.

    The American people have more money, more guns and more technology than anybody else in the world. And the American people are going to get their way, if they demand it.

    If they do not, they have no one to blame but themselves.

  45. Ed Says:

    Ghost — we will we well give it a little I said in a post a week or so ago I believe that usa ben ladin is in on it.the sha of iran told david frost that it was the oil companies thay financed aytola kameni over throgh of him.there fore I believe the did the same thing with usa ben ladin.that the reason there have been no attacks here since 9/11 is because the one worlders told him to wait until they tel him to and that will be when they are ready for the real invasion to start.then bin ladins sleeper cells will start bombing the US al over the country to dis tract our military.these are very clever men.

  46. Charles in Georgia Says:

    Ed that is a scarey thought - bombing us everywhere on our land.
    Did you hear about this so called massive gas thing going on in NYC? I just read abot it in the paper. Sounds world orderish to me. New Yorkers i would get the heck out of there.

  47. Ed Says:

    I jst finished reading a new york times artical it’s about mexicos southern boarder & how they deal with it & what hypocrites they makes me more angry at the illegal mexicans arrogence.

  48. Sherri Says:

    Ed, if you read a copy of Mexico’s constitution and their immigration policy, they are the biggest hypocrites in the world on this issue.

    Ghost, I agree with you that people need to remove their elected officials instead of voting for the incumbent because it’s easier. However, it isn’t unusual for the government to go ahead and do whatever they like whether we like it or not. And in many cases, they do things behind closed doors because they don’t want us to see what they’re up to. And by the time the people actually do find out what’s going on, it’s too late because it’s already been put into law without our knowelege.

  49. peter Says:

    ghost the highway sounds all will and good but there’s one thing you did not mention is the United States would be no more. just like the countrys that form the European union .they will never be heard again. I’m not ready to give up being a citizen of United States thank you very much no matter how many goodies you dangle in my face some of us cannot be bought. America is more important than anything you could offer

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