The Pence Amnesty Plan

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It’s funny how every new “middle ground” on immigration is in the same place as the old ones.

The latest “middle ground” proposal comes from Rep. Mike Pence (R., Ind.). Pence, who has solid conservative credentials as head of the House Republican Study Committee, offered what he billed as “The Real Rational Middle Ground on Immigration Reform” at a Heritage Foundation speech last month. Since there’s no actual bill to look at, we have to judge from Rep. Pence’s speech and other materials what the program would be like.

It starts out well enough. In seeking an alternative to amnesty, on the one hand, and mass deportations, on the other, he laid out a four-step plan. The first step is securing the border, and he included the entire enforcement bill passed by the House in December (with two minor modifications) in his measure.

Step two is to reject amnesty. That also sounds good, until you remember that Senators Kennedy and McCain also deny their amnesty plan is an amnesty. As do Senators Hagel and Martinez. And President Bush. They all deny that they support amnesty because, as the president says, the only thing that constitutes amnesty is “automatic citizenship,” whatever that is.

Pence has a broader definition of amnesty:

Amnesty is allowing people whose first act in America was an illegal act to get right with the law without leaving the country. Allowing twelve million illegal aliens to stay in our country instead of leaving and coming back legally is amnesty, no matter if fines or back taxes are paid, or how it is otherwise dressed-up or spun by its proponents. The only way to deal with these twelve million people is to insist that they leave the country and come back legally if they have a job awaiting them.

This is exactly the same as the “touchback” gimmick in the Senate amnesty bill, which would require illegal aliens who have been here between two and five years to cross the border to be enrolled in the permanent “temporary” worker program and then immediately return to their homes and jobs.

That brings us to the third step: the guestworker amnesty. Yes, amnesty. Or, if you prefer, legalization. Or normalization. Or regularization. Or earned adjustment. Or whatever is the euphemism du jour. The fact remains that the guestworker program in the Pence plan is explicitly designed to allow all illegal aliens to keep their jobs and domiciles in the United States without interruption.

Mike Pence had a difficult time bullshitting his way around Lou Dobbs the other day. He looked like he was sitting on hot coals.

Lou Dobbs Transcript

PENCE: I’m someone who believes that creating a new guest-worker program outside the country, not with amnesty, Lou, would be a way of meeting the needs of our marketplace without undermining the law and achieving — here’s the big deal. And finding a way with the situation we have in the Senate today, to get this border secured and get new enforceable sanctions on the books.

DOBBS: You know when you say marketplace, Congressman, I get really nervous, because I don’t hear enough frankly of you-all in Washington, Republican or Democrat, the Senate or the House, talk about this nation. This is not a marketplace. This is not an economy. We’re not consumers, we’re not just workers, we’re citizens.

Congress has moved so far away from the idea that this is a nation, a country, and looking upon all of us as either consumers or workers rather than citizens. I get very nervous about that. Let me say one thing to you, Congressman, if I may, and I’ve just been given this quote from Congressman Tom Tancredo, one of the leading anti- illegal immigration advocates, as you know.

He says of your plan, “It gives the administration exactly what it wants: unlimited foreign workers first, enforcement later or never. Pence’s plan is the ‘86 amnesty with a trip home tacked on.”

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  1. DavidDiaz Says:

    Mexican and Chinese troops fire at Us border patrol. 2000 incident

    Bill o’ reily interview with Bonner.

  2. DavidDiaz Says:

    More info on the Chinese on our border.

  3. DavidDiaz Says:

    Hey check this out. it says that in 1970’s a “ghost” helped illegal immigrants whenever there were in trouble in the hot Mexican dessert.

  4. DavidDiaz Says:

    Chinese soldiers dressed as Mexican soldiers firing at our border patrol

    Maybe we should worry about the Chinnese more than Mexicans

    I heard one report that there are 9000 Chinese soldiers in the Mexico Border.

    Border patrol keeps their mouth shut because they fear for their lives.

    They have also spotted Russians and Cubans soldiers there too.

  5. Ed Says:

    lou dobs is a hell of alot better on this isue than bill O’reilly & I’am a O’reilly fan.I have noticed that O’reilly does’nt discuse the issue as much or as fequently as it needs to be.but i only get him on the foxnwews since i gave up my sattlite tv.

  6. DavidDiaz Says:

    What could go wrong with soldiers patrolling the US border.

    Start with the death of this young man. Read the story in this link.

  7. DavidDiaz Says:


  8. Sherri Says:

    I read an article by Pat Buchannan on this very subject. The idiots in Washington just don’t want to heed the warnings! They ignore the will of the American people and continue to try to ram this whole thing down our throats whether we want it or not. I wish there were more informed members of our society so that they would not continue to vote for these panderers who want to destroy America.

  9. johnny Says:

    China is a big political threat to the United States but I do not think they would even come close to winning a war against the United States. There military is strong but not nearly as strong as China has led many to believe. China is looking for attention because their county’s people are starving. The tensions between the US and China are not too good right now. China’s dictator is feeling threatend by America and the Untied Nations because of the China has been making some huge alligations regarding nukes and technology . America and Allies can not put off any possibility of a dictator carring nukes. Look at Iran, we are very interested in them right now as well. They are making threats too. I highly doubt that China will do any thing. They are more of a Nuisance then any thing.

  10. DavidDiaz Says:

    To Jhonny: China might pose a threath because of the troops it has on the border in Mexico. However China can’t beat the United states in a war upfront. So its using sneaky tactics.

  11. Charles In Georgia Says:

    David, that was an intersting site on the ghost/angel. Some good book on the subject come from Doreen Virtue Angels can only intervene (without being called) in life and death situatons when its not a persons time. Angles can appear in human form like that man, Somebdy had to call upon that angel to assist all those peoople. I know that this is off the wall for many folks.

    As for the articel, it looks like pence is our new additon to the traitor list.

    Oh..and another thing. i have read many commments on this site over the last few weeks that american citizens have allowed all this to happen. For everyne who said that, just think. we usualy hav 2 politicians to choose from and we vote for the less of the 2 evils. ONCE they are in ofice we have lost control of them . We just hop they live up to our expectations.

  12. johnny Says:

    oh yea hey david i like your web sites that you posted they were quite rather interesting thanks bro!

  13. Angel Says:

    I am going to turn many of you off right now and you may not read any further once I tell you that I am a lightworker. But I sincerely hope that I keep your attention. There are many lightworkers all over the world, but I am from the US (born and raised English/Irish descendant). I have the ability to create change in situations and events. Many lightworkers in the US have been trying desperately to stop the Bush Empire as he is the true anti-Christ. We have not been successful for several reasons but mainly:

    1. The evil/dark energies involved with this man are extensive;
    He’s like a big glacier and we must chip away at it one by one.

    Below is what I’ve been working on in the last month.
    1. I worked with the light to massively increase the size of members and financial support for the Minutemen (I believe that I have been successful but I haven’t heard anything in the media either way)

    2. I worked with the light to ruin the political career of every politician that voted “Yes” for the Senate Immigration Bill and to ruin the political career of every politician who has been pandering for the illegal alien vote; I have seen evidence of this happening with Reid, Clinton, Graham, Frist, Busby and McCain; I’m not sure about the others but the Democratic Party as a whole has taken a massive hit lately; I am neither Republican nor Democrat’ this is not a party issue; this is a “save America” issue

    3. I worked with the light to massively increase the numbers of people coming to this site to educate them on what is happening; I can tell that I have succeeded by the increase in number of comments over the last 2 weeks on these articles.

    4. I worked with the light to give power and strength and support to the Paul Revere riders; I am hoping that that is happening now.

    5. I worked with the light to expose every conspiracy revolving around the Bush Administration (I was expecting the 911 and Iraq War scandels to come forward; I never in my wildest dreams thought that what I have read in the last 2 weeks on here was happening - thank you to all who came forward) ; new folks to this site please read this site indepth. I stayed up all night reading the many informative entries and links that you all knowledgeable people have provided. I, like most Americans have had no idea about the New World Order.

    So now, I ask you this, what else can I do to help? I call upon your knowledge so I know how best to utilize my abilities. People doubt the spiritual world so we usually don’t come forward unless there is a crisis. Obviously, we have an urgent emergency crisis and I am now coming forward. If you don’t feel comfortable telling me on this site what I can work on next to save this country and the world, then email me at
    My work usually shows results in 2 - 3 days. Remember that this evil empire is like a glacier. I can’t just stop President Bush. I must chip away at him slowly but surely as I have been doing in the last 6 months. At this point in history, I regrettfully tell you that the spiritual world is the only thing that will save us all.

    Thank you for listening and giving your consideration. I look forward to your input.

  14. Eddie B. Says:

    Pense looked like and still is an iodiot. Vote this bum out fer sure.

  15. johnny Says:

    fuck um all! sorry bastards

  16. just a citizen Says:

    Bush sold out to Fox. Bush is a traitor to the citizens of this country. Check out and see how the courts can remedy unfair competition against businesses that hire legal citizens. How can we as a group attack illegals one by one? Simple–go after their employers. What about the woman in California that has had her SS number used by over 200 different illegals? Why not put their employers on notice that SHE IS THE LEGAL owner of that number and then use RICO statutes to go after the employers once notified by her attorney that they are willfully engaging in using illegals with stolen identities? With enough lawsuits against these employers it will soon get too expensive for them to allow this to happen. Once notified they are willfully accepting stolen identities–I think this puts them in a situation to LOSE big lawsuits filed by the victims of the theft.

  17. just a citizen Says:

    We are already in a civil war. Many dont realize it yet. We have been invaded for our wealth. It will come to bullets and bloodshed. Arm yourselves and your family. Buy guns, ammo, food, water, gasoline, batteries, clothes, armor, etc. Better prepared and not need it than need it and become a victim of the invaders. Dont you realize the POS that scream they will take back parts of the US will stop at nothing including armed confrontation to achieve this?

  18. Message from Save our State Says:

    We are constantly told that we are the haters yet we do no violence.

    Check out the violent ones.

    Check out this video link below where illegal immigrant supporters

    attacked us. Maybe we are at a Civil War as “just a citizen” says and we

    just don’t realize it.

    go to bottom and press goon attack on sos member

  19. Charles in Georgia Says:

    yeah justa citizen is right GET ARMED

    just look at what the did on the saveourstate above

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