7 Protest Arpaio Immigration Crackdown

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Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio was nonplussed when the crowd he expected protesting his policy of arresting illegal immigrants turned out to be seven people.

“Where’s the big protest?” Arpaio asked to folks holding signs at his downtown Phoenix offices. Phoenix Copwatch spokesman Sean Whitcomb said most members were working.

“But we’re here to say you’re misusing the law meant to go after immigrant smugglers,” Whitcomb said.

In August, Arizona legislators passed an anti-human-smuggling statute. Later, Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas said undocumented immigrants suspected of paying coyotes could be prosecuted as conspirators.

Arpaio said Thomas’ decision was all he needed.

“I have the right to enforce the law; you have the right to protest,” Arpaio said. “And I arrest more illegal immigrants each day than you have protesters.”

9 Responses to “7 Protest Arpaio Immigration Crackdown”

  1. Sherri Says:

    God Bless this man! We need more like him in America! If everyone made a stand against the illegal invaders, the greedy employers that hire them, and the wimpy politicians that are too PC to actually do their job, we wouldn’t have the massive problems we do now.

  2. Sarah Says:

    Wonderful sheriff and leader. He was on Lou Dobb’s show recently.

  3. dot Says:

    Way to go Sheriff Joe. We need more people like him….Just maybe we could clean up this pile of sh*it that the folks in Washington created…

  4. Charles in Georgia Says:

    finally a brave man

  5. Jimmy Says:

    Hey Arpaio, when you’re done there come to Milwaukee!

  6. Ed Says:

    I was born & raied in a los angeles suberb but in 1993 I moved to cental calif.& I have’nt returned there since.In the 1950’s LA county was 80% white now it’s 80% hispanic mostly illegals it’s to late there since the mayor is hispanic & pro-illegal.if they win what LA is now is what the rest of our country will be the same as LA.& as you can read the entirer
    Nation will be a mexican mofia controled with millions of kids addicted to there drugs there will be no resistents to the invasion by the one worlders who are using the communist to do their durty work by being the first invaders.ie the illegals.

  7. Juan Says:

    Ed -

    You have a plausable theory. As for the communist, where are they and how have they gathered so much momentum?? I know they are part of the organization of the initial protests,and they have done this via the power of the internet and grassroots marketing — but, my questions, is where they since I have yet to see them only when they show up for a protest??

    I think this is collective group of socialist, communist, labor unions and pro-illegal advocacy groups wo are working together under some form of leasdership to accomplish the protest. I would like to know where are these groups and who is funding them???

  8. Sharon Says:

    Ed, my once rural hometown is over-run with them, too. I dare say that its 80-90%. It’s gang ridden. Shame on our government for not protecting us all.

  9. Mark Says:

    He doesnt know history of USA well. I’m Russian, but I can understand, that USA was allways country of immigrants. And immigrants are culture of your country. You maybe dont understand this words “No culture - No country”. Sharon, do you really think that if here no illigal immigrants its will change your life? Are you sure something going to change in your life? For mid class of people it’s nothing Im sure. But I agree with close the boarders, and deport criminals from here. Almost all of the countries in the world have the special army for secure the boarders, everything can happend - boarders must be secured. Why most of politics saying that army for killing? Thats not right. ofcourse if you are going to attack other countries, than yes here army for kill, but what if somebody coming to attack your country who going to protect USA.
    And ENGLISH, for sure everyone who wants to be in USA must speak ENGLISH. I dont speak English well too, but Ill.

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