Illegal Hiring Is Rarely Penalized

Washington Post

The Bush administration, which is vowing to crack down on U.S. companies that hire illegal workers, virtually abandoned such employer sanctions before it began pushing to overhaul U.S. immigration laws last year, government statistics show.

Between 1999 and 2003, work-site enforcement operations were scaled back 95 percent by the Immigration and Naturalization Service, which subsequently was merged into the Homeland Security Department. The number of employers prosecuted for unlawfully employing immigrants dropped from 182 in 1999 to four in 2003, and fines collected declined from $3.6 million to $212,000, according to federal statistics.

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  1. Sherri Says:

    This article made me want to puke! So Ben Salazar thinks that no white American (or any other color American) would work in a meat packing plant? Who the hell does he think did those jobs before we began getting invaded by these illegal aliens? The reason a lot of Americans probably won’t work in places like that now is because of a lack of safety regulations and low pay. Illegals know they can get these jobs because they’re willing to work for slave wages and live fifty in a single family dwelling!
    As for the farmers that screamed about their fields not being worked in, maybe someone should have told them that they wouldn’t have that problem if they’d hire legal workers or citizens. How about using prison labor and there would be no shortage of workers? Plus the fact that the farmer wouldn’t have to pay that much—probably less than what he would be paying an illegal.
    My neighbor told me that a friend of his has a vineyard. If he hires legal alien workers, he must provide housing, medical, and transportation for them so they can get out once a week. If he hires an American citizen, all he has to pay is minimum wage. What does that tell you?
    It’s not surprising either that there are illegal aliens rights groups screaming and demanding things that these illegal workers are not entitled to. And it’s also not surprising that government officials are refusing to deal with this problem because of all of the whining they hear from businesses, special interest groups, and fellow politicians who don’t really care, but just want someone to shut up so the problem will go away. Disgusting!
    How about ICE and the INS just showing up at a workplace without notice and checking out the employees? Anyone illegal can then be carted off. This should be done at random on a weekly basis so that no one knows when or where they will show up. If the illegals stay home because of it, the employers could then hire citizens or legal workers to replace them. Maybe I’m dreaming, but it seems like it would be a good start, along with going after people who have overstayed their visas. Secure the borders and start with these two things. After that, use attrition. It’s not impossible, it’s just that it’s improbable because our government doesn’t want to deal with the problem.
    Sorry for the diatribe, but this kind of thing really gets my blood boiling!

  2. Darlene Says:

    In my area the wealthy vineyard owners rarely provide housing of any sort or any other perks. Two years ago, some radical group went to every town and city in my county and demanded that the cities and/or towns rezone areas to allow this radical group to set up housing for illegal alien vineyard workers within our city limits.

    The radical freaks demanded that two of our small mom and pop motels be put out of business and SINGLE, MALE vineyard workers would move in. Our town just put 4 and a half million dollars into upgrading our main street and now they wanted to allow single, illegal alien males to have free run of it. One of the motels that was going to be used was ONE BLOCK from our little High School and 2 blocks from an elementary school.

    Luckily, our citizens nearly got out our pitch-forks and went on a rage at a City Council meeting concerning this issue. The City told the illegal alien housing group to take a flying leap. Our town and one other town at the south end of the county sent this creepy group packing.

    The rest of the cities and towns gave in.Interesting, how the vineyard and winery owners refuse to take care of the workers on their own property, but would instead rather have them pollute our sweet little town.

    So, you see, we do have power and we can make a difference!

  3. Sarah Says:

    I believe the site automatically reports the employer to the INS and other organizations. Even if they don’t do anything right now at least there is a paper trail. We need America in masses reporting all these employers to that site. I hear it is very effective.

  4. Arthur From Alabama Says:

    If the Government won’t panalize them for hiring Illegals, the public should do it for them in the form of economic boycotts! If they cannot sell it, they don’t get paid!

  5. Eddie B. Says:

    What he didn’t say was that 10 years ago Amenrican meat packers were paid $19 an hour. Today, thanks to an illegal work force who don’t pay taxes, they are paid $9 an hour. This is not rocket science. This is corruption and sedition.


  6. Charles in Georgia Says:

    we need to put more presure on these employers
    i can say that many are losinf jobs here.
    my friend a real estate guru said that his bank is olny selling 2 homes a month to aliens down from 10
    maybe they wil come back and pander for us!

  7. Sharon Says:

    Well, here’s a new concept. Fine the them big time.

  8. Arthur From Alabama Says:

    If fines don’t work, then there should be an economic boycott that will either change their policies, or put them out of business! Money talks. BS walks!

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