Hispanic Campaign to Get Voters Registered

Washington Post

PORTLAND, Ore. — Oregon Hispanic advocates are joining a national push to produce 1 million new voters across the country between now and the Nov. 6 election in hopes that the contentious immigration issue will mobilize a sector that often doesn’t cast ballots.

Target populations will include young Hispanics who were born here and are citizens. The hope, she said, is they would want to vote “to defend their parents and their families,” and who would persuade others to register.

Nationally, the plan is to expand the Hispanic voter pool by getting more eligible people to apply for citizenship.

17 Responses to “Hispanic Campaign to Get Voters Registered”

  1. Contessa Says:

    Great, they’ll be registering illegal aliens to vote. Busby started that movement didn’t she?

  2. Sherri Says:

    Now they’re going to attempt to use our own system against us. Great!

  3. Sherri Says:

    I doubt Busby started that movement, Contessa! It’s probably been going on a lot longer than any of us know!

  4. Darlene Says:

    They might register them, but they really don’t vote in large amounts, according to polls. However, my big concern is the electronic voting machines that are made in Venezuela that are being utilized here in the US. How did that nasty Chavez win his election using these same machines? What’s to stop some over-zealous and/or corrupt precinct workers in certain areas in the US to pad the votes when not enough Hispanic-American and illegals show up? More and more states are looking into the serious problems that can happen using the electronic machines and some have converted back to the paper ballot, thus leading to a paper trail.

  5. Sarah Says:

    I do not understand how an illegal alien is able to vote in any way, shape, or form in this country. I don’t care if they have been here for 30 years. Voting is a sacred right that only legal citizens should have the priviledge of exercising.

  6. Mike Says:

    There actually talking about having anchor babies vote in favor of there illegal parents not getting deported, thats exactly what this artical is all about!

  7. Eddie B. Says:

    Won’t make much difference if we continue to buy our voting machines from the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela…. Even Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid hated Bolivia…. and they were bank robbers…. but I hear they make GREAT VOTING MACHINES! Can only be fixed by Venezuela….

    It is not weird enough for me yet.

  8. Charles in Georgia Says:

    did you ever think that they may vote 2 or more timesby using fake names. they are so good at that you know

  9. SkyPainter Says:

    Wake up guys. One of the tenets of the reconquista is to use our own government system against us in order to reshape laws and communities to favor their hidden agenda. That agenda is already in motion as evidenced in California with the election of government officials such as Villaraigoza, Baca, Nunez, Cedillo and others. Now they are trying to get the illigal immigrants to vote in oder to get more of their seditious and traitorous reconquista buddies elected to government positions.

    The problem is, what can the American Citizen do to stop this? Although I see signs of people waking up, I still run into a majority of people who don’t understand how big the problem is.

  10. Juan Says:

    Keep in mind the following: they will use tactics and concepts that have been in use in Latin America, in order to undermine a political event. Yes, voting fraud, intimidation tactis and other means will play into the votes. Since many HAVE NOT assimilated and udnerstood our Amercian concepts and methods, they can oly rely on what they know fromt their host countries. For example, in Mexico, they have a book, printed with b/w copies of a person national id card - and when you go to vote, they match your ID with the printed information in the book and this is checked off prior to entering the voting booth. This is done to AVOID VOTER fraud and duplication. So, if they know this is done in Mexico and it is NOT DONE in the US. — then they will circumvent the system by going to vote since they is know their is no ID check for voting. They can register and get in line. If they can use a false SS# they will use whatever means to get in line and vote. The concept behind this is simply to “UNDERMINE and CIRCUMVENT the law and system. The illegal imigrant population have become very very good — if not excellent - at this type of behavior. It is a mode of thinking this is very common to all of them and this has display itself in many of these cited articles.

    So, be prepared for the fraud because there is more to come that we need to understand and also combat in more complex ways. This is not an easy war of words here — they have the upper hand since they have ben playing this game for years and they are quick to turn a corner for an answer. We need to plug every legal hole that is out there to combat this problem.

  11. Jimmy Says:

    Can you say “backfire?” I really dont think that they are going to make sure the person being registered is really Illegal. They are gonna register every hispanic they can get their hands on and I predict that a lot of them are gonna be legal. Also, from what Im hearing around here, their biggest opponent is gonna be legal immigrants. So, go ahead, Make my election!

  12. Proud2bAmerican Says:

    Sarah, I’m with you! I thought only citizens could vote and not even legal aliens had that right so how the hell do illegals vote? We need to tighten up the voting process because that is why all these idiots feel they have the right to march down our streets protesting against are just disgust as they wave their foriegn flags! Please, somebody wake me up! This has got to be a bad dream!

  13. Arlen Sphincter (pretend Republican name) Says:

    I just got my daughter registered to vote in Colorado. They require a photocopy of a valid Colo. drivers license or a Dept. of Revenue ID card….BUT, if you don’t provide a copy of these forms of ID, you can provide your Colo. drivers license number or Dept. of Revenue ID number, OR “at least the last four digits of your Social Security number”.
    Sounds like the last four digits of your phony S.S.# would probably work too.
    There is a warning that it is a crime to provide false information, but we know that by the very act of entering our country illegally these people have no respect for, or fear of, our laws.

    VIVA la MIGRA!!!!

  14. Sharon Says:

    I’m with Sarah also. How in the heck do they get to vote?

    I don’t trust the election process anyway.

  15. Darlene Says:

    They don’t require anything to vote in CA. Just fill out a card with your name, address and party affiliation and then sign your name stating that you are an American citizen (no proof required) and you are in. Then if you vote absentee ballot, no one would ever guess you are illegal. We don’t even have to show ID when we go in to vote! I kid you not! I know someone who registered his dog to vote just to prove the point that anyone can vote. It’s anything goes here. This is really scary!

  16. Jim Says:

    Amnesty and anchored baby US birthright citizenships are powerful weapons of political infiltrations and influences in their ultimatum objective of De Facto. These 1 million new voters, an assembly of 1986 amnesty and anchored babies turned voting age adults, have been patiently exploiting loopholes in the laws and granted amnesties in achieving their final goals of invasions and permanent occupations of the US.

  17. peter Says:

    our wonderful EXE president Jimmy Carter help chavez to get elected. he went to Venezuela to show them how to run there election . piss the people off .having an American tell them what to do. chavez was anti-American and was losing until old Jimmy stuck his nose were it didn’t belong. Thanks Jimmy. who knows how long we will have to put up with chavez. and he is building up his military

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