What Did France Discover That the GOP Can’t Grasp?

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There’s a great number of happy people in France today as a result of the news that the upper house of the French parliament has passed a tough new immigration bill. The bill was passed by an overwhelming number of votes weeks after it was adopted by members of the lower chamber of parliament.

French law enforcement officials, who wholeheartedly support the new law, have argued that the weeks of riots by youths in the immigrant suburbs across France last November showed the system of immigration and integration was failing. These Islamic immigrants kept their own culture while denigrating the French culture and their refusal to assimilate into the French mainstream posed problems for that nation.

Now, how come the French figured this out before the Republican Party’s leadership?

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    I love the French!

    Who says Americans hate the French?

  2. Sherri Says:

    I can’t say I love the French, but they obviously get it! We’re going to see the same exact things happening in this country if this keeps up. I’m afraid that it’s going to take that in order to wake up the idots in Washington—although I doubt it would. France’s new policies were necessary. They are necessary here.

  3. Sarah Says:

    This article reminds me of the search I did the other day. I typed in illegal immigration and I was shocked about how many hits from outside the US popped up. I’m wondering if this is the New World Order at work in a global way. Is there a movement to multiculturalize France and other countries, too? Isn’t it easier to control a group that has lost it’s dominant language and culture. I am very suspicious.

  4. Madashell Says:

    Sarah, I think that is exactly what happening, the new world order is at work, I believe what the Bible say about the anit christ, all this chaos, my son asked me years ago if throught Bush was the anti christ, I told him no. after voting for him twice; i’m not so sure. If I as a home owner were to leave my windows, and doors open, I would expect to get robber, and possibly killed, that is exactly what any rational minded person should think under the conditions in which we are having to deal with.

  5. Eddie B. Says:

    Well, they get it after leaving Algeria in disgrace (like our Iraq) then France went to Viet Nam and left. We came into Viet Nam behind France. And then having their country burned and sacked by lots of pissed off immigrants. A good torching always does wonders in clueing in clueless leaders.

    We haven’t been torched yet…. YET so we remain clueless.


  6. Charles in Georgia Says:

    This iisnt realy related but I watch joel osteen every sunday night. that’s my church for the week. he alway stayed out of poltics until last night. he was going on and on about being loyal to our government. it was realy freaky . even the people there didn’t clap. has this been told to church gurus to repress us. i was so mad that i sent him an email last nite and it wasnt nice. man is he a new world orderer? its the largest church in the country

  7. SkyPainter Says:

    Hey Charles in Georgia,

    Believe it! Illegal immigration = More money in the pan. The problem is that Joel Osteen does not realize that those illegal immigrants and our Amnesty friendly president he is going to pander to, are going to sink him eventually. He does not realize that those new pottential illegal immigrant parishioners he is salivating over, view him as a “Gabacho”.

    Charles, you are quite right is being angry over this. I would too. I would demand that our church leaders start looking out for the American Citizen first!

  8. Tammy Says:

    Hey Charles in Georgia, yes some of these so called evangelists are in on this NWO stuff too. Some of them are even involved with the skulls and bones.
    Hey Madashell, Bush is the antichrist, after doing alot of research theres nothing else left to believe.

  9. Tammy Says:

    Charles in Georgia here’s a link for you.

  10. Eddie B. Says:

    Charles In Georgia -

    You are on it. They want to pass the plate no matter what language they speak.

    If the church wants to butt into politics then they need to pay taxes just like everyone else. If they had to “pay to play” they would stay the puck out of politics I am sure. No taxes, fine, then preach the gospel but stay out of politics.

    That is one of the fundamental ideas of America right? Separation of church and state. At least it was when I went to school. No telling what goes on in school or church now. I know that “civics” is certainly different today.

  11. Ed Says:

    Your all wrong the politicians get it just like the french but unlike thr french they perposly ignore it.because unlike the french they have bought into the one world order.Tammy I read the whole esay about the invasion.it’s realy scary.But fightable if we can get more americans to open threi eyes & soon.

  12. Sherri Says:

    Sorry, Ed, but too many Americans aren’t willing to open their eyes and see what’s happening. They’d rather keep their heads buried in the sand until it’s too late, or they buy into the multiculturalism, PC crap. It’s a sad commentary on this society. What would today’s society do if we were going through WWII? They’d ignore Hitler and say he’s not bothering us, so why not just leave him alone? Thank God the previous generations had some balls, or otherwise, we just might all be speaking German and doing the goosestep!

  13. Ed Says:

    What did the french discover that the dems & many republicians have’nt nothing It’s just that the french dont have treasonist politicans & president & corupt mayors & city councels.

  14. Ed Says:

    Why cant sensenbernner & trancredo get an enpeachment going & we’ll do our job & vote out all the corupt bastards.

  15. Tammy Says:

    Hey Guys what can we do about all of these things, we are being ignored already.

  16. Educated American Says:

    The French did this because they have a real strong sense of national identity. Especially in the areas of language, art, music, culture, etc. They also are very adept as a people in identifying what’s good and what’s bad about other cultures. Example: American culture - Jazz - oui!; Disneyland -merde!. I think other European nations have been overly accomidating in terms of immigration. If anything, the Europeans have it worse than we do. They are mainly dealing with muslims from the Middle East/North Africa that are not as easily assimilated as our Roman Catholic brothers and sisters from south of the border. Additionally, our southern neighbors also at least have historical experience with republican forms of government. After Bolivar and San Martin got finished doing their thing, most of the South and Central American nations at least TRIED to mimic the American and French revolutions. Muslims generally don’t have that in their history. Therefore, democratic government is new and strange to many of them. Vive le France! Vive le Resistance! They’ve gone Free French it appears. The Vichy traitors have been thrown out!

    To Charles in Georgia: DUDE! That is so strange about what you said concerning Joel Osteen. (I believe I even saw about 5 minutes of that sermon while I was channel surfing the other night.) Although I have not read the details, there is apparently a Department of Homeland Security plan to get pastors to tell their congregations to remain loyal to the government. Apparently, that plan will be complete by the end of August. I don’t have the exact link right now, but go to: Prisonplanet.com - one of Alex Jones’ two websites. Fish around and you’ll probably find the article.

  17. Educated American Says:

    OK, I just found the article. Go to: http://www.prisonplanet.com/articles/may2006/240506femaplan.htm

  18. Charles in Georgia Says:

    Ya - thanks for writing
    i printed out the nwo stuff tammy

    joel keeps his sermons on the web go to his site and watch it
    he starts out with loyalty to friends and family and then tells people to be loyal to gov. at least 5 times then he says not to say anythign bad about politicians and governement - the last 10 mins. he hits it hard

    i wrote him an email and told him that he had never done politicis and he should have kept it that way - i also told him that i would be loyal to my gov. when they are loyal to me - you know the Senators vote.

  19. Charles in Georgia Says:

    Educated American

    I am speechless
    I just looked at your link

  20. Educated American Says:

    To Charles in Georgia: Pretty amazing stuff, huh? I downloaded and listened to Alex Jones’ interview with “Pastor Revere” last night. Apparently, roughly 25% of the pastors in this guy’s Ohio county are fully converted on this stuff. The link for the audio interview is at the very bottom of the link I sent you yesterday. Alex Jones has a tendency to talk over his guests (as he does on this one), but it is well worth a listen. It runs a little under an hour long.

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