Pennsylvania city mimicking San Bernardino’s proposed ‘Illegal Immigration Relief Act’

Daily Bulletin

SAN BERNARDINO - Anti-illegal immigration legislation modeled after a proposal in San Bernardino has advanced in a small city in eastern Pennsylvania, adding fuel to the highly debated issue.

As San Bernardino residents await a court ruling to see whether they will be voting on the city’s “Illegal Immigration Relief Act'’ backed by activist Joseph Turner of Save Our State, the City Council in Hazleton, Pa., on Thursday pushed a similar ordinance toward approval.

Both Turner’s initiative and Hazleton’s ordinance would punish those who rent housing to illegal immigrants by fining them at least $1,000, punish those who hire or do business with illegal immigrants by denying permits and contracts, and require city communications be conducted in English.

In addition, Turner’s proposal would ban city-funded day labor centers.

Hazleton Mayor Lou Barletta said an ordinance is a tool to stop the flow of illegal immigrants into the city.

“It’s something that cities can do on their own as the federal government tries to protect the borders of our country. This is a tool cities can use to protect the border of their city.'’

6 Responses to “Pennsylvania city mimicking San Bernardino’s proposed ‘Illegal Immigration Relief Act’”

  1. Sherri Says:

    Yeah! Every city in America should start doing this! If it won’t be done at the Federal level, it can be done at the local level. Make life very uncomfortable for the illegal invaders and their abettors.

  2. Sarah Says:

    “….as the federal government tries to protect the borders of our country…” Dream on…… Go to the site
    On the site go to George Bush letter. While governor of Texas he was adamantly opposed to illegal immigration as you’ll see in the letter date 1995. Too bad we don’t have the old George Bush in office.

    Maybe all cities across this country will begin mimicking San Bernardino.
    Let’s start a new trend.

  3. Darlene Says:

    The good thing about your idea, Sherri, is that once a city implements the “no illegals here” policies, the illegals run to the nearest city. Then when that city becomes so overwhelmed with the crime, perks, etc., they, too, will most likely implement the same policies of “no illegals here” and so, it will go. This is fantastic news that cities are waking up and telling the FEDS to go fly a kite.
    ACT LOCALLY and make illegals go bye-bye. Yeah, I like it!

  4. Eddie B. Says:

    Here, here!

    Another small but important victory. Congratulations to the Americans in San Bernardino and Hazleton, Pa. Onward!


  5. Charles in Georgia Says:

    Let’s pull out some old-fasion ways to do it. we can intimidat

  6. Contessa Says:

    Local and state legislators have to step up to the plate, and “do the job that the FEDS won’t do” when it comes to illegal immigration. Until the FEDS get their act together, secure the border and conduct meaningful, consistent interior enforcement, then its up to local and state officials to protect their citizens by drying up the job magnet, the housing, and the benefits for illegals. No more looking the other way. Don’t be afraid to be impolite or politically incorrect anymore- if you know of a local business that hires illegals, take them to task on the issue. If you know of a landlord that rents to illegals, voice your displeasure in writing or in person. Put the pressure on locally.

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