Mexican Drug Cartels Take Over U.S. Cities


Mexican drug cartels operating in cities in the U.S. are buying up legitimate businesses to launder money and using some of the proceeds to win local mayoral and city council seats for politicians who can shape the policies and personnel decisions of their police forces, according to Rep. Tom Tancredo, R-Colo., who has led the fight to secure the U.S.-Mexico border and enforce the nation’s immigration laws.

In his new book, “In Mortal Danger: The Battle for America’s Border and Security,” Tancredo exposes what he has learned from meetings with law enforcement authorities regarding a concerted effort by the Mexican mafia and drug cartels to extend its corruptive influence in urban areas dominated by illegal alien populations.

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  1. Sherri Says:

    Hello? Anyone in Washington paying attention? No? How much money are these cartels paying you traitors? This kind of thing is why we need to put the military on our borders and close it off.
    Where is the FBI? If the Italian mafia does this, or the Russian mafia, they’re on them like flies on sh*t! Is the FBI being ordered from above not to do anything? It wouldn’t surprise me. After all, God forbid that we should offend our “friend” Mexico. With friends like that, who needs enemies? This is another reason why the War On Drugs is a dismal failure!

  2. Sarah Says:

    Sounds like more New World Order stuff. Maybe these major corporate CEOs will catch wind of this and fear the competition or something along those lines. If the corporate ladder (the money machine) was against illegal immigration than this wouldn’t be such an up hill battle.

  3. Mike Says:

    O’ come on ladies even home depo is trafficing now! If they can use home depot to smuggle, then you know that they are being helped, its called looking the other way.
    All we can do is shoot the bastards if they show up pushing drugs on our kids in our neighbor hoods….
    Appearently this is to much hard work for bush wars and corruption and illegals and drug cartels…..
    Have we all forgotten the last election every other word out of his mouth was yeh right Kerry its HARD WORK…. ya can’t just do what your saying your gonna do… YUCK … it’s hard work…

  4. Eddie B. Says:

    I just read this book…. a must read! Also on cable TV on the National Geographic Chennel this week is a special on MS-13. The ending portion of this program is on a 17 year preganant woman who was executed in Virginia right near me. This is a must see TV program.

    This is duisgusting and Bush is letting these VIOLENT CRIMINALS in with open arms. He wants to put a super highway in the US to make it easieer for their “interstate commerce”.

    MS-13 is now in 5 differeent countries including Spain. These assh*les are not playing around and we shouldn’t either. And prison isn’t the answer. That just gives them a form of centralized control and a big party room. It is time to take MS-13 and let them reconquer Antartica now that it is melting. Get these freiggin’ bums outta here.


  5. Worried, Austin, Tx Says:

    Yes, IMPEACH Bush now!!! This country can’t take two more years of this deceitful TRAITOR!!! There’s a good ariticle on the Super “Illegal Immigrant/Drug Trafficking” Hightway on He is selling us all down the river from every direction! We all need to stop him now!!! God Save America from George Bush!!!

  6. Charles in Georgia Says:

    I hear ya Eddie

  7. Mike Says:

    bottom left hand side of page / cost of college.

    VIDEO! We should not be fightin for or SSBeNifits, or fighting to keep mexicans from getting in state tuitions when americans can’t!

  8. Mike Says:
    The BUSH admin past a law to give illegal Mexicans SS benifits!

  9. Jimmy Says:

    At the risk of making everybody mad I will say: I do not believe Bush is a traitor.
    I believe he is at heart a good man. I also believe he is either clueless, or being manipulated and or used by the shadow government of unelected powerful cliques and men.

    I also want to state that I do not hate mexicans. I simply do not like what they are doing to our country. For the most part I see them as incompatable with our peoples. But I do hate the practice and idea on reconquista and revolution.

    A better term for illegal aliens, in my view, would be incoming revolutionaries. Because, that will be the ultimate end result of their presence here in America.

    That being said, fire away.

  10. johnny Says:

    I am hardcore! I will do battle with these drug cartells that are hitting our streets! I wait for the pleasure of having these peices of shit try and enter my neighborhood! The first ones that move in will be on my list to harrass and start dangerous confrontations with. Remember the law is on our side and not theirs! Do not be afraid of them. They are only powerful when they hold a gun or have a gang of 10 guys with them. One on One with no gun bring it on! It is time people the war has already started and we are losing!

  11. Jimmy Says:

    I also sort of get the feeling sometimes that Bush tries to emulate Sam Houston.
    Sam Houston, Texas hero, was governor when the War of 1861-1865 started.
    He was against Texas participating. Texans for the most part were so outraged at his position, that they removed him from office. He spent the war in seclusion. Texas was of course ruined, and Sam was right. That war should have never happened. It is a tragedy, I guess we will never really recover from. Anyway, Bush in my view, idolizes Sam, and is willing to go against the flow on a lot of things. Mexican aggression included.

    Sam was right, but I fear Bush is woefully wrong about our “friends” south of the Rio Grande.

    Be seeing you………….

  12. Eddie B. Says:

    People believe Bin Laden, Hitler, Jim Brown and a lot of other “leaders” were good, Jimmy. I voted for Bush (sad to say) because I too thought he was a “good man”. But he is not looking out for anyone but his corporate cronies. He certainly doesn’t give a sh*t about you or me.

    He is an arrogant elitist who is going to jam his agenda and view of America down everyone’s throats and not listen to anyone but his closest elitist advisors. Damn the torpedos. He is a seditous traitor and he is destroying the Bill of Rights and Constitution. He should be sealing the borders right now if he was interested in protecting “us”. He put 40,000 cops in New York city to protect the RNC right after 9/11 and he hasn’t done diddly with 2,000 invaders coming in daily. He is evil.

    To the nextpoint. Ok, so now we will call them illegal, incoming revolutionaries. Better than “undocumented workers”. So with that is mind…. throw all the undocumented, illegal, incoming revolutionaries outta here. Outgoing.

    No disrespect Jimmy.

  13. Eddie B. Says:

    One last point Jimmy, Bush is wrong about our “friends” in the East too. Saudi Arabia is like a snake, you want to know where it is but not in your bed. These are his buddies too.

    And Fox is no friend either. Neither are the MS-13, Mexican Army, Mexican cops or any of the other corrupt official down south. These folks are not our friends.

    Walk softly but carry a big stick.

  14. UTA Student Says:

    “I am hardcore! I will do battle with these drug cartells that are hitting our streets! I wait for the pleasure of having these peices of shit try and enter my neighborhood! The first ones that move in will be on my list to harrass and start dangerous confrontations with. Remember the law is on our side and not theirs! Do not be afraid of them. They are only powerful when they hold a gun or have a gang of 10 guys with them. One on One with no gun bring it on! It is time people the war has already started and we are losing!”

    The problem is, Johnny, that the law obviously is not on our side anymore. Did you not read this article? They’re on money’s side, they don’t care about regular US citizens anymore.

    Also, they’re probably not one on one, or even a gang of ten. Like as was said, MS-13 is now in FIVE different countries! We would all be astonished to see what is truly going on behind the doors of city council meetings. The war has begun, and we are losing. It’s really not even Republican versus Democrat or conservative against liberal…it’s we the people up against those who want to control us. And I wouldn’t be too surprised if they were pitting us against each other, anyway. I’m just glad there are sites like this one and others that are opening eyes. We just need to get the word out and show more people these sites.

    God save America.

  15. Brad Says:

    Hey it just came out Mexico has had a decrease of 18% in crime. We all know where the criminals went that were committing that 18%.

  16. Proud2bAmerican Says:

    You know I have been seeing a lot about these ms13 too and what’s really scary is that these are not stupid mexicans. These people are from el salvador and they were trained by the guerilla rebels who were in the salvadoran war. I hear that not even the mexican mafia will f*ck with them because their tendency for violence is spontaneous.

    Many of them were deported back to el salvador and the salvador police use to shoot them on sight but now even the salvador police are in with them and when they come through mexico even the mexican police leave them the f*ck alone. These people are dangerous with a capital D!

  17. Educated American Says:

    Eddie B.: I saw the National Geographic documentary on MS-13 that you mentioned. I really don’t know what to say other than I HATE those types of people. I’m not really sure what the solution is besides deportation. But they just keep coming back. Any draconian law enforcement measures like the Patriot Act usually end up effecting average, law-abiding citizens more so than actual criminals. . . . But you know, those guys distinguish themselves with real specific tatoos, right? Maybe law enforcement can be give leniency when it comes to use of force against these foes.

    (Deep down inside I want them all dead, of course.)

    Re: “Is Bush a Traitor?” question. Of course! But yes, he is also just a PR man for larger forces behind the scenes. A series of impeachments in ‘07 is vital, however. We need to demonstrate that we still have a semblance of a republic. If Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rove, et al are allowed to finish a second term then the stage is set for the end of The United States. The level of CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR and Constitution shredding by this bunch would have had them hung 200 years ago. I think we are on the cusp of open fascism and dictatorship. We’ve only got one more election to stop it. Let’s just hope “another 9/11″ doesn’t happen between now and November.



  19. dineh Says:

    PENTAGON LISTED HOMOSEXUALITY AS A DISORDER. I guess that they finally had to accept there must be a lot of faggots running the military. Or maybe they just want to look good in the eyes of the number two man in the white house. What do you think? Dineh the devils Advocate.

  20. Sharon Says:

    I am so scared. I am single and I live by myself in a house with just a small dog. I even went and bought a 357 hand gun today. This New World stuff scares me more than the Mexican Invasion. I’m wondering if the Mexicans know about the New World Order. It will affect them. too.

  21. dineh Says:

    UTA STUDENT, talk is cheap, and braggards are a dime a dozen. They like to look good doing the talk, because they sure as hell can not do the walk. We have sufficient proffessionals that can do the job. If the job is not being done , the might have strong reasons not to do so. Times are hard and big money makes even the best cops dirty. So chill out and let nature take it’s course.

  22. Sharon Says:

    Jimmy, I agree with you on most everything except your perception of Bush. He is down right evil. He is beyond a traitor. Anyone who can turn their back of their country in many more ways than one is a very bad person. I do not know how the man sleeps at night. I pick up good vibes from his wife, Laura, but I don’t know how she can stand by his side. I can usually see the good in everyone, but I don’t see anything positive about him. Most people that I talk to feel the same way.

  23. Sherri Says:

    I’ve also seen that documentary on MS-13 on National Geographic. Anyone that doesn’t see these people as a threat has their head buried in the sand. It’s against the Constitution, but what we need is the military patrolling the streets where these gangs are strongest. Why should the decent people that live in these neighborhoods have to put up with all of this garbage?
    Anyone that doesn’t believe that this country is heading toward a huge civil war is blind. That’s what it’s going to boil down to, and it’s innocent people that are going to end up paying the price for our government’s failure to do it’s job.

  24. Roger Says:

    Proceeds from Drugs dealings to win local mayoral and city council seats for politicians are one of the most effective weapons to gain political infiltrations and manipulations, where all law-making decisions are involved.
    This one angle of attacks on the US from South of the border, given time and support from corrupted Mexico, will bring about ” Reconquista “victory. This drug war on America will not only generate hundreds of billions dollars in revenue for Mexico and those central America’s countries, but also poisons the “future” America in the process, and an eventual their final destinations of ” Reconquista “victory.

  25. Darlene Says:

    Watch your local elections in Nov. We have three council seats coming up and our town is probably 35% illegal. I just received an e-mail about this from a community activist and we are going to fight tooth and nail to make sure that we have Americans-only in our city council. And American-only voters. And Americans who are pro-America. Our new election chief in our county won last week because of her proposed crackdown on illegal voting. Become active, volunteer and intensely grill those that are running to make sure that they choose America and Americans first. Ask them if they will implement new laws against illegals like they are doing in Georgia,for example. Thoroughly question and research everybody who runs.
    Combine funds and get a PI to check the backgrounds of these folks. I’m not kidding-we need to do everything we can to save our country and it starts right in our home towns.

  26. Ed Says:

    Yeah sharri some one is listening san digao police& ice are fighting the mexicandrug loards with the rico law I read earlier that many of these drug laords are laready inproson but they are evn going after them.they have just completd a two ywar investigtion & are starting to come down on them
    so thank goodness some portion of our gov have not been bought off & yes the cops very aware of the politician that have been bought off.I also think that tha u.s. supreme have been bought off example the newly decission on inimit domain was for the purpouse of the super invader high way.

  27. Ed Says:

    sure Sharon it will affect them that’s why the nwo is useing because they are too ignorent to see that.too bad but they deserve it.

  28. Ed Says:

    So anwy hwo’s stipid the french politicians or the amerian politicaians.they just passed very strong anti immigration laws can you believe i the bleeding heart ultraliberail french have;nt ben bought off.yhe British are also working wowards a french style anti illegal laws.

  29. Mike Says:



    We are not a part of nature’s cousre any longer, we are capable now of altering the very course of nature itself as a civilization, from weapons that can break this planet, to life culture that can throw off the very fabric of the earth off it’s balance.
    Reconsider your thoughts of sleep till nature resolves these issues, no longer are we in the day of reliance upon nature. Strength in numbers and movement in groups for a solid cause is where we are @ today. Chaos in this ERA has far greater costs to pay than chaos of our fathers and, grandfathers day.
    Take your nose from your student books and, expand your view to see a much greater picture. One that requires unity of all for the future of all.

  30. Mike Says:

    That was meant mainly for ” Dineh “

  31. Jimmy Says:

    On another note, I saw on the History Channel that China is developing a 6 engine super bomber.
    I also see how the Chinese and Mexican governments are beginning to make deals on minerals, mining, etc.

    Because of Jimmy Carter, the Chinese control the former U.S.A. territory of the canal zone.
    I’ll bet they already have missles covertly there, aimed at us.
    Soon I’ll also bet they will have bases in Mexico with their super bombers.

    Sino-Mexican pact, within 10 years, but also maby not. Who knows? Only God.

    IF Bush is really a traitor, I guess Carter is the mother of all traitors.

    Anyway, I still have hope that Bush really is a good man, with poor advisors.
    I just don’t know, for sure.

    I vacillate from being a pessimist to an optimist. I sure would like things to turn out right for us here in America. Send us good leaders God, we need em…….

  32. Eddie B. Says:

    Good for you Sharon!

    You made a wise decision because forces are at work to take away our ability to own guns. A .357 is probably one of the best pistols ever made. You need to go to the range and practice and get GOOD EAR PROTECTION.

    Start with .38 caliber ammo. I can tell you that if you have a home invader and you are using .357 ammo that the sound alone will make them vacate in a hurry.

    I have been burgularized 8 times! Enough is enough. If I am home and someone comes in… they are not leaving. There will only be one story. And no I will not be sorry.

    MS-13 are murderous, evil gangsters with only thing in the fore fornt of their minds…. to get money and power any way they can using any means necessay. Protect yourself and your child.

    God Bless America and protect us.

  33. peter Says:

    sharon 357 get rid of it what you need is a 12 gauge with about 10 inches cut off loaded with alternating shells deer slugs and double 0 buck just in case someone is wearing armor . this makes a fine home defense weapon but if you are going into combat AR 15 are a mini 14 is a excellent weapon. any one of these weapons should be within your budget lol just make sure you use Magnum loads for the 12 gauge by the way the Magnums kick

  34. Sharon Says:

    Thanks Eddie and Peter for the advice.

  35. peter Says:

    JimmyI just have one thing to say about Bush. Satan will come as an Angel of light and he will also called all things good bad . like when he said the Minutemen were vigilantes evil will always give itself away in this manner. look for more of this to come they are trying to brand patriotic Americans as racist bigots because we want to defend our country

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