Roller Rink Raid Nets 4 Illegal Immigrants

Apparently workplace enforcement isn’t high on the list of priorities for ICE but roller rinks are.

NEW ORLEANS — Dozens of adults were recently pulled from the crowd at a roller skating rink in Jefferson Parish and forced to undergo background checks by police.

Jefferson Parish Sheriff Harry Lee said the Thursday raid at Skate Country on Terry Parkway was part of a national crackdown called Operation Community Shield, the purpose of which is to search for people living in the country illegally.

“We had information that illegal aliens hung out at that location,” Lee said. ” They did arrest four people who were illegal aliens that were there.”

One skater said she objects to the way deputies handled the situation.

“First, they told us to get off the floor and everybody was off the floor,” said Gwen Palmer. “And then they herded us and picked us out like, ‘You, you, you.’ You don’t pick people like that, and you didn’t have to disturb the whole skating rink to get four people.”

Palmer said Thursday nights at Skate Country are for the adult R&B crowd, and she thinks the roundup amounted to racial profiling.

A statement from the rink said management had no prior knowledge of the raid and had no control over the situation.

A roller rink? Operation Community Shield? What? So I do a Google search on this Operation Community Shield and it takes me to the ICE website where I learn the following.

“The goal of Operation Community Shield is to dismantle the MS-13 organization by targeting its members, financial assets and operations. To do this, ICE brings to bear all of its law enforcement and investigative powers, including criminal prosecutions, immigration authorities, financial investigations and asset seizures.”

Are the Mara Salvatrucha gang members really into roller skating or is this the dumbest illegal bust ever?

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