The CA Minutemen get support from law enforcement.

To get an accurate account of how things are going at the border you need to hear it from an actual Minuteman. Sound bites on the television and lazy newspaper reporters give a very cloudy impression of everything.

From: Jim
Date: 07/28/05 15:08:33

Yesterday Wednesday found me trying to get a nap, unsuccessfully of course. I was only able to secure two 2 1/2 hour “rest periods”, where I never actually fell asleep. I got one at the high base, and one at the VFW Post 2080, where the motor home is parked, but so many people are coming in and out, it’s like a zoo to get some rest. You can actually get more rest up on the hill, with the possibility of being shot, than you can down in main camp. After seeing that our high camp had received their supplies for the day, and attending the 6:00PM briefing with Jim Chase, who was leading the main group out to Campo again, I dressed out in my “Rambo” gear, and went up to camp about an hour before dark. Big Bob out of Fullerton is a good man. If you want something done, just ask Bob to do it, and then forget it! Bob will get it done. Brett had ordered two extra 9mm clips for his Berretta pistol, and Bob delivered. I had asked Bob if he could transport up 6 gallons of gas to camp, and when I got there, the gas had beaten me! That Bob is one O.K. guy! The main crew of MM went to Jacumba (ha-come-ba)near the area where the shooting had occurred on last Saturday night. We have been joined by several off duty Federal Law Enforcement officials, who asked that they and their department not be identified. If we are fired on by coyotes from Mexico, they are going to see to it that those coyotes never fire again, if you get my drift. Also the Border Patrol brought in one of their armored cars to deal with any hooting from Mexico. Things are starting to look bad for people who are coyotes, I would say. However, the only incident of consequence was when a Border Patrol Agent was injured by a thrown rock, which struck him in the hand, splitting it open. MM were the first to administer first aid to the injured agent, whose hand was split wide open by the cowardly Mexican attack. The rest of the shift at Jacumba passed without any significant incidents. As to the Sp Ops area, we were setting up a 30 ft. high communications tower at the observation post when a San Diego County Sheriff’s Helicopter overflew our position. He circled us a couple of times, and then landed about fifty yards away! I was up on top of the platform guiding the connections together as he landed, so I didn’t get a good look at who stepped out of the chopper, but one of the guys said that they thought it was Bill Kolender, the actual Sheriff, himself. He was at least a very high ranking police officer, as this chopper was apparently at his personal command and disposal. He asked the guys if any of us had been shot at yet, and we told him no. He was admiring our 30 ft. high ham tower, and the ham told him we now had better comms than the Border Patrol, since we are much higher than their 100 ft. high tower way down in the valley, and only have to operate on 5 watts. We could operate on much more, but it is unecessary, as it is pointless to reach a unit 20 miles away, and for them not be able to transmitt back to you in response. The ham plans on installing a phone patch in the next day or two. The sheriff took off, after saying he might be back to see us later, but headed back towards San Diego, from whence he had come. He never showed up again last night. Our camp is very professional looking, with a yellow, rattlesnake flag flying atop, with “Don’t tread on me” emblazoned on it, and two more 3X5 American Flags dececding down the hill we are on, in the direction of Gloria Canyon. We even have flood lights on both American Flags after dark. It must look to the coyotes like we are planning on staying for a while. By the way, there were lots and lots of headlights arriving at the “warehouse” last night about 11:00PM or so. We braced ourselves for the onslaught that we were anticipating, but it never occurred. No drug shipments. No illegals. No shootings. Nothing…all night long…Could it be that the coyotes have decided to just wait us out, and then go back to business as usual? We hope so. The coyote’s talk with Brett the other day would tend to jive with the big meeting last night at the warehouse. Can you imagine what the coyotes in the warehouse must be thinking, as they look out their windows and see more construction, and lighted American Flags progressing deep into “THEIR” territory? Now there’s a communications tower erected, and Sheriff’s helicopters landing there? Very, very, bad for “business”, people…very bad. How about the press coverage on the shooting last Saturday night? No wonder they held a big meeting… We have kept the cork in the Gloria Canyon Bottle for three consecutive nights, and plan to keep it there ’till we leave.

More to come,
Junction Jim on the very active Campo Border

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