Now hiring: 30,000 Border Patrol Agents. A dirty trick?

Since the Bush administration has shot down hiring and funding proposals for more Border Patrol Agents and they have announced PR plans to marginalize the anti-illegal immigration movement in order to secure a victory for their amnesty [guest worker] plans it seems very suspicious that they are now looking for 30,000 “applicants” for the US Border patrol. Some think they are looking to get the personal information on people who would like to see our borders more secure, others think this is a sneaky way to recruit troops for Iraq. To me this looks like the kind of thing they will use as a talking point to show how tough they are on enforcement while they push their amnesty program. They are sneaky bastards, that’s for sure.

Border Patrol Agent GS-1896-05/07
Need 30,000 Applicants by September 30, 2005

Are you interested in a job with wide-open spaces and opportunities to match?

As a U.S. Border Patrol Agent, your primary focus would be to work in tandem with your U.S. Customs and Border Protection partners to prevent the entry of terrorists and terrorist weapons from entering the United States. Border Patrol Agents also detect and prevent the smuggling and unlawful entry of undocumented aliens into the United States, and apprehend those people found to be in violation of the immigration laws. Also, due to the increase in drug smuggling operations, the Border Patrol is the primary drug-interdicting agency along the land border between the ports of entry.

One of the most important duties performed by a Border Patrol Agent is known as ‘line-watch’. This involves the detection and apprehension of undocumented aliens and their smugglers by maintaining surveillance from a covert position, pursuing leads, responding to electronic sensor alarms, utilizing infrared scopes during night operations, using low-light level television systems, sighting aircraft, and interpreting and following tracks, marks, and other physical evidence. In addition, Border Patrol Agents perform traffic checks, traffic observation, city patrol transportation checks, and other administrative, intelligence, and anti-smuggling activities.

Remember the old keep your friends close. Keep your enemies closer?

Link to job posting.

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