6 Commies Arrested!

This video was shot at the anti-SPP anti-illegal immigration march in Hollywood 7-8-06. Basically the commies from A.N.S.W.E.R were acting like a bunch of animals and the cops finally had enough. These are the same creeps that have been attacking the bulldozer operators at the South Central Farm. They can’t stay out of trouble.

    Here’s a different angle.

Here is the FOX news report.
Here is the CBS KCAL news report.

The police wouldn’t allow the commies to follow us on the sidewalk while marched so they ran around a couple of blocks and came up a sidestreet where the police pushed them back. The commies start chanting “Who’s streets, our streets” after they are completely suppressed and shut down. Yeah right, these are your streets. Who do these clowns think they are kidding.

You can see us marching safely down the street in the background.

    Here’s the video shot by the commies.

105 Responses to “Commies Get Beat Down”

  1. 1 Darlene

    It’s great to finally see the “Rent-A-Mob” Commies get theirs. Great job!

  2. 2 Sparkler



  3. 3 Sam

    It wasn’t severe enough. First she/they should have received the Rodney King treatment. Then when they opened the trunk of the cruiser, they should have put her in it.

  4. 4 Sonar

    LOL its a beautiful thing to see these meatheads get what they give.
    What a truly great day it was! We all went out and celebrated afterwards.


  5. 5 Don Silva

    One word…PWNED

  6. 6 Jason

    LOL “Cops and the klan work hand in hand” That is creative I do have to say… Man I wish I watched the news last night… I am sure all the commie bastards are going to be screaming brutality….

  7. 7 Kirsten

    It was great to see LAPD give the commies a smackdown.

  8. 8 johnny

    I like the part where the commies are yelling let them go! Let them go! what would be funny is to have some one with a megaphone yelling, “To jail!” right after they yell, Let them go! (let them go! To Jail!)

  9. 9 Old Glory

    None of the reporters for the alphabet channels commented on the fact that many of these wannabe Che Guevaras were masking their identities with their bandannas. My favorite moment was at the end when they were chanting, “What do we want?” (as if illegals had any right to want), followed by “Amnestia,” but we drowned out their word with ours: “Deportation!” The only thing we agreed on was the reply to “When do we want it?” — “NOW!” Of course, someone agreed with me that “Yesterday” would be even better!

  10. 10 Angela

    Wow, another amazing video, Watchdog! I guess the Hollywood division is a lot less tolerant of the animal behavior than downtown LA.

  11. 11 TexasCowgirl

    Awesome. ANSWER has been OWNED. \m/

  12. 12 Kele

    Oh yeah! I am a BIG fan of the Hollywood division of the L.A.P.D.–They rocked, and unlike the downtown marches, we with the permit were allowed to have our march virtually uninterupted by goonage. The L.A.P.D. took no crap from any of those anarchists, and I think they had a good time as well!

  13. 13 Kyle


    That was completely uncalled for, and not only am I reporting those police officers, but I am reporting this site. Not to mention I will be telling your friends at aztlan.net.. I hope your e-mails are filled with hate mail because of this racist incident. They were doing nothing but protesting for immigrants rights.

    I hope this site gets shut down for encouraging racism, abuse, and so forth. It is such a shame.

  14. 14 Proud2bAmerican

    Hallelujah! About time!

    Oh and that guy with the long hair is one ugly son of a b*tch as was that fat lady they took down first. At first I thought she was a guy!

  15. 15 Chris

    Watching these third world scumbags get worked by the LAPD just made my day! Its about bloody time!

  16. 16 TexasCowgirl

    Buzz off Kyle. They were trying to stop AMERICANS from their RIGHT to protest. They acted out of control and they got arrested. In our country we have *RULES* that are *ENFORCED*. Get used to it or please leave.

  17. 17 Darlene

    What happened to the blond woman in the khaki shorts, black tank top and black shoes who tried to intervene the first arrest shown with her thug buddy. LAPD took her down, along with the thug. I didn’t see her arrested on the video. Did they let her go?

  18. 18 Sharon

    America, take note as to what is happening. Do you want this in your neighborhood? It’s coming if we don’t stop it now.

  19. 19 The Watchdog

    DARLENE - I think they let her go.

  20. 20 Darlene


    That’s what I thought. She and her she/man buddy tried to intervene in their friends arrest, one would certainly think she should’ve been arrested. It was so cool when the officer on the bike cut her and her she/buddy off. Great maneuver! Way to go, LAPD!!!

  21. 21 Contessa

    tHE Patriots had permits and were peacefully marching, the loser anarchists did not have permits to march alonside them whether on the sidewalk or not. Follow the rules. But, what do you expect from the illegal alien supporters? They know America won’t tolerate the illegal alien anarchy anymore.

  22. 22 Phil Osborn

    The unfortunate thing about all this is the way that the issue is turning into simple polarization. There are rational solutions to the issues. When the talk ceases, the violence is inevitable. There are those on many different sides of this issue who want to capitalize on the violence, using it to generate more polarization, leading to less discussion, more violence and more opportunity to draw support and gain positions of power.

    Peacemaking is much less exciting, but most people of whatever ethnicity or legal status would doubtless prefer it so that they can get on with their lives.

    I am not, BTW, a fan of the Hollywood cops, who are notorious for corruption. In the early ’80’s, for example, I was mugged and robbed in Hollywood while doing an investigation for a possible safe house for the street kids. The police response was to try to find something to charge ME, the victim, with. My attorney got all chargs dismissed with no problem, but that was another $1,000 on top of the ~$600 initial loss. There are a lot of sources on the lousy reputation of the Hollywood PD.

    I did not see anything in the video that would justify the level of force involved. There are other means readilly available to subdue someone who is resisting arrest, if that was in fact what was happening. There are holds that are next to impossible to break out of without injury. There are tasers and shock sticks that usually do no permanent harm.

    I suspect that the cops wanted to make a point, to demonstrate to everyone that if you resist, or even protest being arrested, you will be injured. If so, then they went over the line. There appeared to be plenty of cops on hand to deal with the protest, and there did not appear to be any liklihood that it could degenerate into a mass attack on the cops or anything of that sort. It was easy and probably gratifying to hit someone and throw a scare into the rest, so they did it. That’s not how we generally want police to behave in a free country.


    I think that the police need to start carrying tazers !

  24. 24 Patriotic Dream

    Kyle, well if you are going to “report” websites, then why don’t you start with the Atzlan, Brown Pride, Mecha, LULAC, Answer LA, Indymedia and all the REAL racist AntiAmerican sites!! You think you can come to this country and “force” your immorality and lawlessness and expect Americans to take it?! I don’t think so!! The LAPD did their jobs and they did it well!!!! They arrested all who acted out of the rule of law and it didn’t matter their race! Yeah LAPD!!!








  28. 28 Oldrebel

    The MM, SOS, Ted Hayes, and all wonderful patriots protested in a orderly peaceful way. Good for them! I thought it was super the way the Hollywood PD did such an awesome job! It’s about time the gangsters and thugs get arrested for doing something illegal. Oh that’s right, most of them are just plain illegal by being here!! I keep forgetting that!! Hmmmmm, I thought Atzlan was a racist group. A little like KKK. Always did think that was funny when they say anyone who is against illegal immigration is a racist. LMAO

  29. 29 johnny

    Kyle why don’t you try and rush a cop during a protest and see if that does not happen to you! Just be thankful that Americans are more tollerant these days, because I can tell you if the illegal’s were pulling this shit when my grandpa was a kid he would be beaten some ass!

  30. 30 TexasCowgirl

    Phil Osborn - If you mess with the police ANYWHERE you will get hurt. These communists think they can bully, chat and harrass cops and citizens. You need to watch other videos and realize that this is not their “first offense” and they were probably warned several times. Watchdog just posted the good part for us to see.

  31. 31 TexasCowgirl

    After watching the other news videos, it makes me laugh that these pro-illegal counter protesters don’t think their side is being heard. That is ALL we have heard all year. They had their big “may day” commie boycott. Now it’s time for them to shut the *F* up already. It was nice to see a good sized turnout and the commie assholes getting their bullshit shut down. WAY TO GO AMERICA!

  32. 32 Commie?

    Seriously, you guys are really stupid. Your humor is lame. Your responses display a bonehead knee-jerk mentality that is dull and numbed. Your sense of power is an illusion deriving from your own stupidity and lack of imagination. Your existence is nothing more than a mechanical exercise in dumb violence and brute force. You are not just obscene, you are obsolete. “Commies”? Are you living in the last century still? So lame. You still think communism is a threat and get a kick out of the illusion of wit and cleverness you try to create by calling people “commies”. You guys are quintessential knuckleheads. And it’s amazing what wusses you are–you love for people to tell you what to do so you can follow all the rules. You get a big self-righteous woody for following all the laws and rules. Good thing your “founding fathers” weren’t such cowards about following the law, huh? It’s amazing you ended up controlling the world, given your lack of basic intelligence and sense of humanity. I guess stupid brute force and thug mentality go a long way, eh? USA USA!!! Pendejos.

  33. 33 Eddie B.

    Go fuck yourself Kyle.

  34. 34 Ed

    KYle.you sound like an illegal suporter.Perhaps you are an illegal if so go back to your birth country & stay there.the problem with these illegals is they dont have the guts to stay home & fix their own country.if these goones tried this stuff in their native country they would be brutely beatten.

  35. 35 TexasCowgirl

    Awww…now that the americans have had a successful protest the communists are all butt-hurt. Too bad we have laws and you couldn’t take away our freedoms right? Too bad they marched peacefully and your side was exposed as the hateful violent group you are. Too bad for you, awwwww!

  36. 36 Oldrebel

    To Commie? Says:

    I don’t think anyone is living in the last century. Just the opposite. We are waking up to this century. Communism in all likelyhood has been here many years. The sleeping giant of America is finally waking up. We have been sleeping; now we are yawning and growling! Soon you will hear us roar! Then we will be taking our country back! “You ain’t seen nuttin yet!!”

  37. 37 Go Home

    At least the legal Americans have the courage to march. The wannabe men of Aztlan are hiding behind their women, afraid to march on our streets. All of them have gone into hiding because they know they can never march in our streets again. They are all cowards.

  38. 38 Robert E. Baker

    Kyle & Commie & Other Racist Whimps, as the old saying goes You F–K With The Bull & You Get The Horn. By the way it’s you gentle peace loving Latinos that came up with game of F–k With The Bull.
    If you don’t want to pay the Cover Charge then don’t come to the dance.

  39. 39 Ihatecommies

    Hey “Commie?”
    They are Communists, and hand out the Revolutionary Stalinist material everytime they show up. Fool. What else are we supposed to call them, they call themselves that?

  40. 40 Spillzz1

    Go Minutemen, go SOS, and Watchdog, keep up the good video taping!!!
    Viva La Migra!!

  41. 41 BILL


  42. 42 petit bourgeois

    Quote: “There are rational solutions to the issues. When the talk ceases, the violence is inevitable.”

    “Inevitable’ is the key word here. While some conflicts are resolved with “talk,” most are not. History has always been violent, and it always will be. I hate pacificistic wussies.

    Quote: “I did not see anything in the video that would justify the level of force involved.”

    These are probably black bloc anarchists, evidenced by black bandanas. How is anarachy enforced? With violence, peacenik.

    Quote: ?Commies?? Are you living in the last century still?”

    Nope, check this out:

    North Korea is a Stalinist regime in its most purest form.


    Keep laughing, comrade. The only people wearing tin-foil hats are the commies themselves.

    I am quite pleased to see LAPD busting the necessary skulls. Now if we could just get some incarceration to go along with that, everything would be just peachy.

  43. 43 LAPhil


    We don’t call people like you “commies”. We have another name that fits you better, which is “GOONS”.

  44. 44 The Watchdog

    Some prefer to call themselves Socialists but many are proud to be Communists and they don’t hide it. ANSWER is a Communist front group. They wear T-shirts with Fidel Castro, Che Guevara or a Communist red star on them. This was all present at the Hollywood march. There was one guy at the march wearing a red shirt with a yellow hammer and sickle on it. These aren’t Communists?

    I was handed Communist flyers yesterday at the NCLR town hall meeting. The woman identified herself to me as a Communist.

  45. 45 peter

    when I was in Mexico 20 years ago the hammer and sickle was all over .you can brain wash a lot in 20 years and the thing about communism its like Muslims they both are interested in world domination so it would not surprise for both of them to joined forces it would be better to stop them now while they are manageable

  46. 46 UTA Student

    Reconquista jerks just want all whites out or die…it’s true what Phil was talking about. We are just polarizing the opposition and they will hate us more, therefore not listen to our point of view. We shouldn’t be promoting violence no matter what. We the “racists” should be better than the “commies” because that is all they got.

    And Commie?, if you hate this country so much you can try out North Korea or China or Mexico, if you’d like. Communism has failed to ever do any good. This country might have its flaws, but it’s still the best damn one we have.

  47. 47 Roger

    Commies, you are one sick racist I ve ever heard from. Your purpose in life is nothing but a worthless freeloading filthy parasite burdening this society with your lawless mentality. Your disgusting expression of freedom through use of violence and intimidation is about as animalistic and low as a human can stoop to, and you, slimeball, are repesenting just that. Why dont you di%# head go back south of the border and live off the land like your founding fathers taught you how, cause you wouldn’t last a day with all that BS hallucinations about “stolen lands”. You coward piece of scumbag go back south of the border and protest there, surrounded by your corrupt police officers.

  48. 48 Jim

    Kyle, you can go ahead and report yourself to the mental ward before you report the police, you idiot! It would not suprise if you were anchor baby yourself. By the way, while you are telling the world about us, you can also tell them about the devastating harms the illigal immgrations are to American people. Take your RACIST garbage e mail is out of here, you damned ILLIGAL immigrant should have no rights what soever! you are piece of slimeball, MOTHER F$#%ER.

  49. 49 Jim

    For Phil, his story was not told completely. There must ve been a reason or violation on his part for the police to charge him that way. But that was a quarter of a century ago. Things have changed.
    The Hollywood PD were well within the laws. The thugs with counterprotest did not have permit to march, and they kept intefering and trying to attack the march despite repeated warnings by the HPD. the thugs are known to beat up people and destroy properties (evidences are in the videos, Phil should watch them before he shoots off his mouth with wild accusations.)
    These are products of laws breakers, illigal aliens who are not supposed to be here in the country in the first place, and Phil has a nerve to say the cops went over the line. Obviously, Phil doesn’t have a clue what the word ” crowd control” means. The cops needed to stay on the top of the siuation, and suppress any first sign of violence.. Phil’s brain apparently overheated to say that..

  50. 50 Darlene


    It is funny to hear the illegals say that they aren’t being paid attention to. What that really means in my mind is that THEY ARE NOT GETTING THEIR WAY. Too bad losers, go home.

  51. 51 Darlene


    You have no clue about what you are talking about. Your ignorance is plain to see, as is your racism. ILLEGAL DOESN’T HAVE A RACE! mexico have always been a loser country and the US has been the powerhouse. Don’t you ever underestimate the resolve of the American people. Too many that have come before you did and they are sorry to have wrestled with this great country. Afterall, how many inventions have Europeans & Americans made and how many has mexico made (other than the siesta and the margarita)?
    Hmmmm? Why is it that many mexicans won’t assimilate? Is it because they cannot grasp the concept? Are they lazy? Are they stupid? Are they clueless? Seems to me that anyone with half a brain would want to better their lot and rise above some of this sub-human behavior.

    Have fun in your delusional outlook. And watch the US kick your ass.

    Forbin delsa du!

  52. 52 Sherri

    To Kyle and Commie?—

    Sorry, but people that think the way you do have their heads in the sand! If we were hell-bent on following people around who tell us what to do, we would blindly accept amnesty for illegals. As for that comment about brute force and violence going a long way, how about all of the violence that pro-illegal alien supporters resort to when someone stands up to their b.s.? Funny you don’t mention that.
    Kyle, go ahead and report this site. In America, we have the freedom of speech, so therefore, we have the right to post any comment we like and to discuss any topic we like. Who cares if idiots like you think it’s racist? Want racism? Check out the pro-illegal websites that advocate the ovethrow of America and its government before you accuse us of being racist.
    Both of you—if you hate this country so much, then pack your bags and get out and go live somewhere else and see if you like it better. I guarantee you’d rush back here and kiss American soil and thank God you live in the best place in the world. UTA Student said it right!
    Watchdog, thank you for posting such wonderful video! It’s about time that someone actually stood up to these thugs! Great job LAPD! We need more of that—send the message to these commies and illegal invaders that their b.s. won’t be tolerated anymore! Furthermore, Watchdog, thank you for this wonderful website where people can actually get real information instead of propaganda! God Bless!

  53. 53 Madashell

    Kyle, what is your problem? America is being invaded by illegal aliens, you are either an illegal yourself, or an ancor. If you love the illegas so much then take your ass to mexico. It a matter of time befor most of you, and your illegal socialist, communist are deported.


    Kyle is a BUTTHOLE

  55. 55 The Watchdog

    Deport Kyle.

    Deport all buttholes.

  56. 56 .......

    All of you who said AMERICA when referring to the united states OF America are some ignorant bastards because America is composed of much more than one country. I see ethnocentrism at its peek but guess what you do not own both continents.

    As for the couple of idiotic comments I read …you are not worth any more of my time but don?t forget the only people who are not immigrants are the Native Americans and if you are counting the early wave of immigrants as BELONGING here then we have to include all of the Mexicans who were already living in what is now the south west of the us … learn OUR(yeah regardless of you liking it or not it is mine too.. a MEChistA) history cabrones y cabronas. Oh and next time you want to attack all ?illigelas? at least make yourself sound one hundredth of a fraction more intelligent and don?t refer to all undocumented people as Mexicans.

    Oh by the way I recommend that you learn Spanish estupidos because regardless of you wanting us or not we (Latinos-yeah surprise surprise there are other countries besides Mexico that speak Spanish) will be the majority and English will not be the main language anymore.

    Besos y Abrasos mis compatriotas

  57. 57 Damian

    I want to start by saying i was born in this country, and my family has been here for ten generations. Those people on that video have the right to protest. The people on this site have the right to protest. This right is clear in America’s constitution. What no one has the right to do is to threaten or harm someone because of their views. I don’t understand what you people are saying. You want to protect this country and our freedoms from immigrants, but you applaud when these freedoms are violated.

    For the most part, Mexican immigrants are hardworking people that want to learn our culture and contribute to this land of freedom. There are some that take advantage, but there are bad people of every race. You’ll probably post some nasty shit after my comment. But try to remember that every person here (except the native americans) were immigrants at one time. Even the founding fathers. It’s what our country is about.

  58. 58 Eddie B.

    Go fuck yourself Commie.

  59. 59 Damian

    Nothing i said had anything to do with communism, Edward.

  60. 60 perroazul del norte

    ?Cops and the klan work hand in hand?
    The Progressive Labor Party and the Worker’s World Party have been using this chant since the sixties. What it means is that they should have the right to assault non-leftists exercising their First Amendment rights without police intervention.

    INTERNATIONAL ANSWER is a front group created by the WWP, which has a history of supporting every Stalinist mass killer from Uncle Joe himself to the current dictator of North Korea. Which makes them-quite obviously- the moral equivalent of Hitlerites.

  61. 61 TeMeto Elculo

    To all of you
    We arent leaving and are preparing everyday for war.
    If you think you have weapons, wait till you see ours.
    Mexicans dont need to assimiliate all of you white people need to, and quick !!
    We are staying !!
    We will fight!
    We will kill !!

  62. 62 james

    there is nothing funny about police brutality…
    i wouldn’t want it to happen to a “commie”, “illegal” or minuteman supporter. peace be with you.

  63. 63 MizGiz

    TeMeto Elculo,

    Some of the American people might say “Thanks for the heads up on your plans.” however, the majority will say, “Please tell us something we DON’T know.”

    You guys have no clue to the American mentality; we do NOT scare easily, we will sacrifice all to retain our sovereignty…our colors do not run! Got it?

    So all you goonie dudes, and dudettes, bring it on!

  64. 64 SkyPainter

    Let’s see…

    You are staying…
    You have bigger weapons…
    You will fight…
    You will kill…

    Ok… and you call yourselves peace loving and not racists… mmmmmm….

    Well… keep thinking that way…

    Just don’t start crying when you realize the mistake you have made by awakening the American Citizens. Go ahead, shout your bravado. Go ahead with you love affair with Che Guevara and Communism.

    Just like Hitler, Musolini and Hiroito… you will get the surprise of a lifetime.

  65. 65 TexasCowgirl

    You’ve got that right Darlene! I don’t know why they are surprised, for years they have been openly saying they are going to “take over america” and “breed out the whites” and then all of a sudden, the americans are fighting back. Thanks to sites like this, people are waking up. I’m starting to think/hope for deportations now. I think we might get it eventually.

  66. 66 Americano

    To those who urge moderation and discussion: the time for “Moderation” is over. Moderation equals appeasement and if we have learned anything from history is that appeasing hostile parties does not work. It amazes me that there is even a congressional debate going on, given the fact that illegals have NO RIGHTS whatsover in this country. I am confident that incidents like this will continue and the nation will have more opportunities to see the pro-illegal movement in their true light.

  67. 67 Ron

    Everyone has an opposing point of view. To all the illegal alien supporters, socialists, communists and those who hate Americans and America understand this…. Americans are fed up and it was just nice to see those anti-American, socialist, commies get there asses handed to them because many of us would love to do that to them are selves.. understand, where fed up and if its a fight you want there are many here like me who are about ready. It’s that simple, this is America and you and your third world hordes cannot have it, comprende!!

    Lastly, to you morons, every country in the world was founded, developed, and occupied by IMMIGRANTS. Unless your third grade education happens to lead you to the belief that human beings sprouted from the ground. EVERY COUNTRY IS A LAND OF IMMIGRANTS. This one is settled by Americans!!

  68. 68 drsherrij

    Thank you for video taping my daughter being beaten. I don’t believe that you should be making comments about the situation unless you have all the information. How would you like to see your daughter or wife being beaten by 5 policemen. I am a law abiding citizen who has never done one thing wrong… I can honestly say I’m horrified about the fact that you and others can justify this… We’ll see who prevails

  69. 69 TexasCowgirl

    Nice job raising that kid. She turned out to be such an assest to society. (I’m being sarcastic of course)
    Maybe you should sit her down and tell her that she needs to respect the law and those that enforce it.

  70. 70 UTA Student

    Those who live by the sword shall die by the sword, as said by Jesus. This website is not encouraging violence towards anybody. We demand justice and accountability from our government and we’re pretty displeased (a light word) about illegal immigration. I personally don’t think this video should have been on here and celebrated like it was. We are not about hatred or racism.

  71. 71 Oldrebel

    All these negative comments make no logical sense at all. Sounds like a few condone Communism, and say it’s a free country so they can express themselves anyway they want. Well guess what, if Communism took over…they couldn’t!! So there goes the logic of that arguement!! I think everyone here agrees this country is made up of immigrants, no arguement there. But here is the ilogical part again…NO ONE has anything against immigration!! It’s the ILLEGAL part that American citizens have a problem with!! The immigrants who did things the legal way are very upset with the illegals thinking they can have a free ride, when the honest law abiding are doing it the hard way! And no one has a right to just come here and begin a new life, without going thru immigration laws…or this country would be disease infested; over populated; jobs would be scarce; etc. And it is not fair to citizens of this country who have to pay for health insurance; taxes; car insurance; drivers license; etc….and illegals think they do not have to!! So there is no logic in any of these ‘pro-communism, pro-illegal’ arguements! It’s hard to believe anyone can be that stupid!!

  72. 72 Americano

    Dr Sherri,
    the females in the video appear to be attacking the police officers who were attempting to make a justified arrest. It is pretty obvious that the officers were simply trying to control a large angry mob that was about to attack. The police used a justified and minimal amount of force. The only one injured in the incident was an officer. Maybe if your daughter wasn’t running around in the streets, hanging out with criminals wearing bandanas over their faces she wouldnt get into confrontations with the police.

  73. 73 Darlene


    If that was my daughter treating the police with such disrespect and I was there, I would’ve grabbed a billy club myself and helped them. Looks like you spared the rod and ruined your daughter. I wouldn’t be very proud of her if I were you.

  74. 74 Darlene

    Well American Patriots,

    Looks like we’re hitting some raw nerves with the illegals and their panderers. There’s been a swarm of them lately on this site….it’s so amusing seeing them make their last gasps for air as their ship sinks into oblivion.

  75. 75 peter

    you cannot be blaming us for your daughter antisocial behavior. but play the victim card for all it is worth someone will feel sorry for you and your daughter but don’t hold your breath. but you really need to take responsibility for your actions. you are probably harboring some deep emotional anger against authority figures. this would account for not obeying the police officers when they ask you to disperse .just remember for every action there’s a reaction when the police officers said to move on and you did not then you left them no choice but to react. I’m explaining this to you so that you will see the error of your ways by the way in America that called law and order

  76. 76 The Watchdog

    Press Conference to Denounce LAPD Brutality
    Against Immigrant Rights Protestors in Hollywood

    ANSWER is also putting out a call to all progressive people who attended Saturday’s anti-Minutemen protest for video footage, photos and eyewitness reports of police brutality.

    Tuesday, July 11, 10 am
    National Lawyers Guild Office at the Peace Center
    8124 W Third St, Los Angeles (Corner of Crescent Heights and Third)

    Eyewitness account of the demonstration…

    Since I’m not a “progressive” person I bet they wouldn’t want my videotape. Especially since I can show how unruly and disgusting these people are when they are protesting. No jury would ever side with them once they had a good look at their behavior that day. They were provoking the police the whole time.

  77. 77 TexasCowgirl

    You’re right watchdog, they are disgusting.

  78. 78 peter

    as far as the police officers over reacting those police officers have families and being an ex MP I can tell you this. most police officers have one rule that they live by and THAT is they are the ones who are GOING home at the end of the day. that means if anyone is going to be the loser it is going to be the bad guy. so what you see as over reaction is really self preservation . besides all you have to do is go home if you do not like our laws . here is a number to turn yourself over to the proper authority 866-347-2423 you’ll fill much better when your living in your own country if you leave now you might be doing yourself a flavor. well all I can say is I’ve tried to use diplomacy. now onto plan B.

  79. 79 Charles in Georgia

    the tape didnt show everything
    cops had a reason to be after them
    we couldnt hear what was goin on
    maybe they were yellin racial slurs to peopl
    the cops were doing there job to prevent a showdown
    why does everyone always blam them
    what would you do in there shoes in this situetion
    looks to me like its at a boiling point in LA right now



  81. 81 Oldrebel

    As soon as I saw the tape I knew they would be calling racism and police brutality. Let them do whatever they want to, or you’re a racist!

  82. 82 Robin

    FANTASTIC video Watchdog - LAPD fabulous

  83. 83 The Watchdog


    Someone else’s video appeared on the nightly news before I had mine up on the internet you jackass. Click on the links provided to watch the footage for yourself. It’s completely different from mine. I heard someone else’s footage also aired on Lou Dobbs.

    I wouldn’t give any of my tape to the commies.

    They’re not going to win a damn thing.


  84. 84 Darlene


    The commies are just pissed off that your camera work caught them doing what they do best….trying to shut up our free speech. And finally they are getting nailed. Don’t listen to that idiot WATCHDOG IS A TRAITOR. He’s just another commie caca head. Keep posting those videos so that we (and others who don’t get it yet) can see, firsthand, what these America haters are up to.

  85. 85 marleen

    great videos Watchdog! dont back down from these clowns!

  86. 86 Contessa

    Dr. Sherri: obviously your daughter needs a lesson in peaceful means of protest, she could take a clue from the Minutemen. Dress civilly, speak civilly, be respectful, follow the rules - it’s that simple. It’s what I teach my children. They are allowed to experss their opinion even when it may differ from mine, but I sure won’t put up with screaming, yelling obscenities, or violence. Your daughter is example of what’s very wrong with America today. The First Amendment gives you the right to say what you want, however, that is only within the framework of our other laws and certainly interfering with law enforcement in protecting lawful, peaceful marchers violates that. What a nice family you must have.

  87. 87 TexasCowgirl

    This is great. The more they harass the LAPD the more problems they will get. This is the beginning of the end for them.

  88. 88 Oldrebel

    Keep up the good work with the videos Watchdog! Ya got ‘em running scared! Yours wasn’t the only video out there, don’t let anyone intimidate you! (But yours might have been the best!) ;)

  89. 89 Fabian Nunez

    Great job fellow MM racists. You are all showing your United States of AmeriKKKa just what kind of shit you are all about. You know that white shit that smells like fresh taco bell. i dont want to get all your blue and red panties in a bunch but yo enough racism. BROWN PEOPLE ARE HERE BECAUSE WE BEEN HERE. THIS IS OUR LAND. MEXICA TIAHUI… catch yalls at the next rally with my indigenous warrior attire

  90. 90 LAPhil

    Dr. Sherri:

    Next time tell your daughter to get a permit and she can hold her own demonstration instead of trying to disrupting someone else’s.

  91. 91 Educated American

    I think we set a record for Longest Thread! It seems only natural that the communist, pro-illegal side would eventually get that sort of treatment. Given their track record in previous Watchdog videos (and others I’ve seen) it seemed only a matter of time. It’s just crazy that Americans need police protection to protest illegal immigration in an American city!

    Logic of arguments -

    Just remember, it may be US that are getting beaten down by the police someday. Why? If this North American Union stuff ever really gets going, then it may no longer be legal for us to protest. Of course, it was highly illegal to defy King George III but we did it anyway. I’m just trying to say don’t “obey the law”-yourself into a concentration camp. Some laws make sense, others are stupid. Wanting to preserve the borders of the United States and having a rational system whereby someone gains entry into the US (if they qualify) are GOOD, sane laws. Laws and agreements such as the USA Patriot Act, NAFTA, and the North American Union stuff are BAD, and insane. They should NOT be obeyed. I understand what you guys are saying, though: we had a permit - they didn’t! F-’em! Fair enough.

  92. 92 Kitty

    U gonna do that stupid azz native dancing as well???

  93. 93 I am awake now!

    Fabian Nunez,
    You claim that this video shows that the Minutemen are racists. Yet they marched peacefully. Did you not see that in all 3 videos? Yet, Mr. Nunez, I listen to you on the “”Aztlan”" video and it’s easy to see that you are the racist. I am from Mississippi and we resent you calling us rednecks. You don’t scare us. America is awakening to the truth. I was once on your side and had sympathy for the hispanic plight. But now I and America see that you all have an agenda to take over the United States.
    You will lose, sir, you will lose.

  94. 94 Marci

    It’s about time the police start protecting the American people.
    I have been to several rallies including Baldwin Park. We got no police protection what-so-ever.
    I praise the Hollywood PD for doing a terriffic job of protecting American Citizens.

  95. 95 Educated American

    To Fabian Nunez: How are any of those videos “racist”? The Minutemen marches are merely an expression of nationalism. This land belongs to the people that BUILT IT - Americans. Americans of all colors.

  96. 96 Valor

    Well Done LAPD! Bravo, Brava!!!! Perhaps Answer LA should go back to Mexico. I’m sure they will find THEIR streets there! But here, we have laws!

  97. 97 mary

    I viewed the video. They have said they would be violent against Americans and they are. The blonde shoved the officer if you watch very closely. She should be charged with assault at the very least. Not to mention obstruction. It was a hostile environment that could have easily turned pretty bad and of coarse they would jump up and down about it. They don’t have the rights they think they have and the communist loving idiots can take their happy butts to Mexico or Cuba. We all know illegal aliens aren’t only Mexican, just an estimated 80 percent here illegally are. I am sorry their country is bad, but that is not Americans fault nor do we owe them. There is 6 billion people in the world and most of them would like to come here. No, we can not support these numbers. Assimilation is in no way occurring. Yes Americans are picking up the tab. Yes, we are tired of it. Because another country’s government is corrupt does not make Americans responsible for its people. This is not an entitlement. As seems to be the general consensus among the illegals. Terrorists are coming thru our southern border, fact. Maybe some haven’t been to border hearings are not knowledgeable of the facts and some ignore them and all they can do is call whites, black, Asians and Mexicans that are pro American names. There is no discussion with the pro illegal crowd because they have no valid point or ground. This is a nation of laws. They had no permit to be in the streets that day, oh that’s right the laws of this nation doesn’t apply to them?

  98. 98 mary

    by the way go to That staement says and I quote “While the now hundreds of cops escorted around 150 Minutemen down Hollywood Boulevard in their racist march, the progressives started to follow them on the sidewalk. LAPD officers impeded once again the rights of the protestors and denied them access. So, the anti-racists, led by the ANSWER Coalition, took over the streets of Hollywood, stopping oncoming traffic in an effort to outflank the police and get close to the Minutemen. They chanted, ?The streets belong to the people!?

  99. 99 DXY

    Like “he’s retarded” is an excuse for being disorderly. If you can not obey a direct order from a police officer, you need to stay home, where it is safe. What a lame excuse.

    It’s about time California Police Departments started dealing with the illegal supporters. They have let them go unchecked and look at what they have created. From now on, they are just going to have to step up and take care of business. Maybe they realize who the real trouble makers are.

    I can not wait for all of you La Raza Lawyers to go broke filing frivolous lawsuits. Better have a friend that practices bankruptcy. Also, who?s going to hire you when the illegals are gone because you are doing a job a real Americans wouldn’t do. What a resume.

  100. 100 BrightWhiteLight

    That bleached-blonde traitor who got a righteous smack-down probably won’t be so quick to interfere with an arrest at her next “goon-get-together.”

  101. 101 SOlshine

    You think that a punk ass organization like A.N.S.W.E.R is all you have to fear. think again. we’re on to you, and we’ll fucking squash you like the scum you are. we’re not afriad of pigs, and we’re not afraid of you, bring it. we are not asking for amnesty, you should ask for forgiveness from the god you fear. Who is satisfied with a minuteman anyways.

  102. 102 Educated American

    SOLshine: What do you want? We want sensible immigration policies enforced. We also want a return to Constitutional government in this nation: no police-surveillance state, no North American Union. We only wish to express the core ideas that created this nation. What do you want?

  103. 103 Shannon McGauley

    It’s about time that the Americans are protected by the law not the illegal aliens. I’ve watched the videos 5 times now! Now that my gut has stopped hurting, I think I’ll watch 5 more times!! Where did I put that popcorn?

  104. 104 rbert16000

    Thanks to LAPD for being there and defending our rights!

  105. 105 l1qu1d

    maybe you are right in some part , they were acting antisocialy , maybe they all are commies , maybe they are drugsellers of bandits , but for all the replys that i see i notice that you guys put all inmigrants in a big basket , for you they all are the same , but thats not true , they are a lot of inmigrants that are professionals and work in the us , they shuldnt be treated the same way that those that are ilegal , maybe you dont understand what a person (professional but legal inmigrant ) feels when they read post like this ones , there are people like me that study a lot (i mean a LOT) enought to be competitive in the us , for example i wish a house , a car, when i want to see a cubs game just simply go to the stadium , go to Ny in christmas and that stuff and i want those things for my family too , i wish a place with freedom , im sure that was the same that your ancestors wanted for you when they arrive in america the first time , so plz , ppl with no culture are still ppl with no culture in their native countries , plz make a difference betwen the people

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