It’s a long, slow moving video with a horrific ending.

Invader gets life sentence for shooting East Texas trooper


TYLER, Texas — A Mexican national was sentenced to 14 life terms in prison after pleading guilty to shooting a state trooper and firing on other officers during a car chase.

Ramon Armando Ramos, 38, pleaded guilty Tuesday to 14 counts of aggravated assault on a public servant with a deadly weapon for the March 22 gunfight.

District Court Judge Cynthia Stevens Kent ruled that Ramos would serve two of the sentences consecutively, with the remainder served concurrently. He would be eligible for parole in 60 years.

Ramos and suspect Francisco Saucedo are accused of shooting Department of Public Safety Trooper Steven Stone after he pulled the suspects over for speeding and began handcuffing Ramos for marijuana possession.

The altercation was captured on a video camera in Stone’s patrol car. Stone was shot at least three times, including in his chest and shoulder, and is still recovering.

Ramos and Saucedo fled the scene and exchanged gunfire with Tyler police officers during a car chase before police were able to stop Ramos’ truck.

Smith County sheriff’s Detective Noel Martin said three handguns and an assault rifle were confiscated from the truck. Both suspects were wearing body armor.

Ramos has pleaded guilty in federal court to an immigration violation.

Saucedo also faces 14 charges of aggravated assault on a public service with a deadly weapon. He is set to go on trial next month.

32 Responses to “Video of Invaders Shooting Texas Trooper”

  1. 1 J

    The cold heartedness of these motherfuckers was the worst part of that video. How they unloaded him on him with an excessive amount of shots after just 1 or 2, they clearly had an intent to kill him. How you can do that and not feel like a waste of life and suicide is beyond me.

  2. 2 peter

    how is it that these guys made it to trial . shooting down a police officer in cold blood is a automatic death sentence in my state it strange that they would be wearing body armor. you can’t just pick that up anywhere

  3. 3 johnny

    These are the people that your president wants to grant amnesty to.
    one bad apple “should” spoil the whole bunch!
    why we don’t deport these people is beyond me!
    this video is an act of terrorism, or an act of war against america!
    Fuck Bush, Fuck anybody who supports mexico!
    those fucking mexicans need to placed in front of a firing squad of police officers for what they did!

  4. 4 Darin Wilcox

    I thought Texas was supposed to be tough on criminals? I guess that was the platform for W to get elected, but now his policies have changed to court these felons and give them access to home loans.

  5. 5 johnny

    Hey! who is going to help start a revolution?

    come on people lets all get together and kick this thing off.

    first off we need a treasurer, advetising agent, and a plan!
    we need to come up with a name or plan and start passing out flyers, bumber stickers etc to get the word out! we can not rely on the media to advertise us. look what the media has done to the minute men! the media used to be good for advertising good things now they would rather support anti ameircan assholes!

    once those three things are out of the way all we will need is numbers of people and resources to over power the people who are fighting to destroy america.

  6. 6 Ed

    Right now the best way to handle the illegals is to do what we have been doing sending bricks,emailing the senate & congress & local officials.we are starting to make a deference.I was just at dot com & awoman sitting in for Oreilly ahd two guest on one was american latinos wshe said that the marchers of may the may march by illegals dotn speak for american/latinos.the other guest was a pro illegal & as you can expect he lied he said they took a poll at the march & the majority were citizens & legal latinos.but any ways we are gaining power each day.So lets hold off on talk or a revolution for now.

  7. 7 Contessa

    Ed the knucklehead who was the guest on O’Reilly last night (with Laura Ingraham filling in for B.O.R.) was Enrique Morones of “Border Angels”, he puts crosses on the borders to honor the “memory” of the idiot illegals who cross the desert and then die doing so. Morones called the woman from You Don’t Speak for Me, a “KKK”. Laura Ingraham was angry and told hiim on the air to knock it off, he said it again and Laura told him that she was quite annoyed. His organization should be putting up about 100 crosses for each one of the ones honoring the illegals to memorialize the hundreds of thousands of victims of crimes committed by illegal aliens. He is an idiot,. The illegal aliens and their supporters are losing the amnesty battle and they are becoming more and more violent and obnoxious. Their verbal and physical attacks are becoming more frequent and their true colors are showing. Morones is a moron and he’s despicable.

  8. 8 steak knife

    Sorry for my lingo but all I can say is this: These dirty rotten illegal cocksuckin’ motherfuckin’ Bastards need to be put to death!!! I’d love to pull the switch on these pricks! Believe me, we are entering a civil war with these bastards. I’ll be there, you can count on that! Let’s fight the good fight! God Bless the U.S.A. Fuck mexico!!

  9. 9 SkyPainter

    Agravated Assault!?!?

    That looked like a premeditated murder attempt with a deadly weapon on a Policeman! Those two bastards should have gotten the death penalty. I thought Texas as tough on cop killers… what happen here?

  10. 10 C Poston

    Meanwhile thousands more cross the border every day…

    Tick - Toc

  11. 11 johnny

    for every violent illegal who gets caught there are thousands more crossing right now as we speak!

    what baffels me is that I live in Arizona and have been seeing a lot more cars driving around that have license plates from Mexico on them. Are we just letting them in our country so they can over stay their visa? Whats the deal? Our border should be clamped shut right now amidst all the terror threats and what happened on sept 11 2001! Especially now that we are having a serious immigration crisis!

  12. 12 The Watchdog

    Enrique is impossible to have a dialogue with because he spews an endless stream of OUTRAGEOUS lies. You either waste your time disputing his b.s. and never get your message across or you ignore him while he lies over you and tries to cut you off while you are speaking. He’s really an evil disgusting pig and I don’t understand why anyone puts him on television. He’s usually dressed in black and carrying around a cross.

    The open-border crowd loves him though.

  13. 13 Ed

    Dear Contessa: that you for the info they did’nt show the intier discusion on the vidio sorty.yes you are absolutely right they are getting desperate.We just have to keep up the pressure on them & our REPS.I think what we realy need to do is show the accumilated evedince such as cgathering all the news reports of the violent crimes commited by illegals. I believe if the americanspublic seees & hears it in bulk they will be shocked.thanks again for the info.

  14. 14 Ed

    You know what I cant believe is that idiot mayor of NY telling the cross country congress. that if they send all of the illegals packing back to mexico & beyound, that NY would crumble & die who the hell does he think was suporting NY before the illegals invaded them & us. he’s either an idiot or he’s on there side the latter most likely.of course he’s a billionaire so he can only cain by them being here.

  15. 15 Sharon

    I hope that man lived! Those pictures will stay with me for a while.

  16. 16 X

    Please understand that these two men are the exception, not the norm. Most Latinos, whether documented or not, are law abiding people that don’t express themselves through violence. To make these two guys representatives of the Latino people would be like saying David Duke and the KKK are representatives of White people.

  17. 17 Sherri

    Disgusting! And these are the types of people that our government wants to let in here? Maybe they can pull that b.s. in Mexico, but it doesn’t go over too well here! And why should this scum be eligible for parole in sixty years? He should never get the chance to get out—ever! We don’t need their corruption and third-world mentality in this country! They all need to go!
    I saw that interview between the lady from YDSFM and Enrique Morones—notice the word MORON is in his name, and it’s fitting. It disgusted me the way he kept bringing up the KKK. As usual, idiots like that don’t have a legitimate arguement as to why illegal invaders should be allowed to be here, so they pull out the race card. It just goes to show you what kinds of imbeciles you’re dealing with.
    As for Moron’s claim that most of the marchers were legal—yeah, right! They can’t lie, right Enrique? What an idiot! I wouldn’t doubt that groups like his are trying to register illegal invaders to vote fraudulently in elections.

  18. 18 Jesse

    We have a sleeper cell in the Amendments to our Constitution that is cutting our own throats. The 14th Amendment was put there to legalize the slaves and children of slaves.

    Help me organize a nationwide movement to repreal the 14th Amendment. That will help shut the back door to illegal immigration.
    Call your Senators and Reps, send e-mails, letters to the editors. Get the word out.


  19. 19 johnny

    Yo dog, you can not debate a liberal! When the truth shuts them down they change the subject on you or they play the race card.
    Try using science as a defense against a liberal, you will find your debate becomes even more eratic because a liberal’s worst fear is when you use scientific data against them.

  20. 20 Brass

    I’ve seen the figures on the number of murders in the US (everytime some foriegn country wants to slam us), but I have never seen a statistic on the number of murders in the US commited by illegal aliens. After seeing so many stories here and at a few other blogs, I’m beginnig to think that the number is quite significant. Can anyone point me to a site with the numbers broken down in this manner?

  21. 21 The Watchdog

    X- We know these two don’t represent all Latino’s or all illegal aliens. The point is that if we had secured borders (yes, it can be done) these criminal invaders wouldn’t be in the country.

    These illegal alien criminals are usually repeat offenders using phony ID’s and often times they slip through the cracks of law enforcement. Once they have completed their sentence we want them deported, never to return.

    We have enough of our own criminals to worry about.

  22. 22 steak knife

    X, I read every post on this article & nowhere did I find anyone saying that these two represent Latinos. Why don’t you think before opening up your mouth?

  23. 23 Mary

    Most Latinos, whether documented or not, are law abiding people that don’t express themselves through violence.

    Hello? They are in this country illegally and working here illegally. They are ALL lawbreakers.

  24. 24 C Poston

    Exactly Mary! In addition many of them are committing document fraud, driving without licenses or insurance and many other tax, driving and fraud laws. Law Abiding MY ASS!

  25. 25 steak knife

    Brass, 25 people are killed every day in this country by illegal invaders. More then the number of soldiers overseas. This includers drunking driving as well as 1st degree murder. And this number, sadly, will escalate as more & more invade our borders.

  26. 26 Mike

    No this is beyond murder, those are killers! Big difference guys BIG, those where not the avaerage run of the mill Mexicans… and thank the feds who let these one’s get in fully armed and almost fully protected, these guy are along the line of hired guns… our troopers are not geared for what happened there… that is a federal agents job description, on the boarder you expect to have to come face to face with what was in that video,… but not on an AMERICAN road…

    Death to these guys would have been justice for what they did… this was what one see’s in war! Soliders face this,.. not state troopers… they should have never taken these two in alive … they are worse than soilders, worse then mercinaries… COLD BLOODED KILLERS! More of this will come because more are aware of what these illegals are doing and they are going to be exposed more often now…

    And this is what the darkest of the illegals will do,.. China had the right idea.. Build a wall!

  27. 27 Mike

    Some one runnig trying to get away from the trooper, with some regard for life fire’s once twice… they practically fired every bullet in there guns… we have very few of these type of killers on our streets… these are people who come from a place where what they did IS common place… they had NO FEAR of return fire… two guns to one or not they new they where not shooting it out with another killer .. the trooper never fired…aimed but when aimed @ never fired…
    These are not the same as Americans gone crazy and killing, this is the norm to those two…

    Thats why the boarders should be shut…we don’t bread those here in our society we weed them out @ a young age and lock em up… SEND this to BUSH 6,000 thousand national guards men on the boarder will not keep troopers from being in this situation AGIAN!

  28. 28 x

    to steak knife:

    …it was johnny’s post and also your first post…

  29. 29 Hawkeye

    This is not meant as any disrespect to the Trooper or his family but this video should be used as a training film on what not to do when dealing with suspected illegal aliens, terrorist or drug dealers. I’m my opinion this Trooper was way to trusting and did not protect his position. Once the suspect admitted that he had a pocket knife the Trooper should have forced him into a spread eagle on the tail gate and preformed a complete pat down with his weapon drawn. Had he done this He would have discovered the Gun immediately and disarmed and cuffed the suspect. Then he could have forced the second suspect to exit the car with his hands in the air until he was subdued and searched.

    He was very lucky that he lived through the experience. I bet he wont make those mistakes again.

  30. 30 DAnn

    Imagine being the loved one of this trooper or worse, like Houston Officer Rodney Johnson (4 shots to head and face from handcuffed illegal alien)..the phone rings. The man you love who was standing up for our safety, our soverignty, he’s not just injured or dead, he’s down or dead over a illegal alien.
    I blame every so called U. S. citizen who sits complacant-we don’t have to go with the MM TO the border and pick up a gun…some can’t..but why, WHY, would every American NOT call, fax, write, HOUND their Sen. or Rep. and demand every one of these illegals get the hell out of our country…this video, that trooper screaming…God help us.

  31. 31 rbert16000

    I say it should be 10 of them for every one of us….

  32. 32 borderraven

    Johnny,Without incriminating myself or tipping of the enemy, I can only say a revolution requires the population to be greatly motivated, enough to participate. The rest would flee, or wonder about the theater of battle, frequently caught in the crossfire. Shutoff the electric grid, natural gas delivery, agriculture, manufacturing, refineries, distribution, etc., and see how the population responds.

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