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If the entire border was secure, migrants wouldn’t attempt to cross the desert and die. Unfortunately the U.S. government isn’t doing its job. The Bush administration is giving them mixed signals and refusing to enforce our laws. The Mexican government is putting out comic books that give tips on how to cross and groups like the Border Angels are setting up water stations in the desert giving the migrants a false sense of security.

The pro-illegal crowd and Bush would like everyone to cross freely at the regular ports of entry. Unfortunately, we cannot take everyone into the United States that would like to be here. A country that doesn?t recognize its own borders is no longer a sovereign nation. It will be the end of the United States of America. It’s just not possible without destroying this country to let everyone in. Bush and the Globalists would like to take advantage of these poor desperate people for their cheap labor, the same way that the Mexican Globalists have done to their people.

As an American I feel I have to stop this from happening in my country. I hope Mexicans and the peoples of other nations will also stand up to their governments who are not representing them. Politicians are representing corporations that prop them up with their money. This is a tragedy what is happening to all of us.

The citizen group Minuteman Civil Defense Corps aided Border Patrol in the capture and arrest of 21 illegal aliens attempting to cross into the United States.

Founder and leader Chris Simcox called the success a “textbook weekend.”

“In addition to the 21 arrests we were able to rescue one person, giving them much-needed food and water until Border Patrol agents arrived to take over,” he said.

The group claims it has prevented more than 60,000 cases of illegal immigration ? at least 20 percent of whom had criminal records.

Simcox noted it’s rarely reported that hundreds, if not thousands, die every year in the desert trying to make their way onto American soil.

“It is not a problem of too much security on the border that’s causing folks to die; it is the lure of too little security,” he said. “If our borders were secure, people wouldn’t be attempting to cross hundreds of miles of desert without adequate food or water.”

The Minutemen also found a young woman who apparently had died of dehydration and had been left for dead by her companions nearly a month ago.

“It was really sad in two respects,” Simcox said. “First, the government has setup aid stations inside the border, which give false hope to illegal immigrants. They cross over thinking they’ll reach a station and end up dying of starvation or more likely dehydration. Second, and most unfortunate, people who can not keep up are abandoned by their groups or their coyotes [guides]. If someone is slowing them down, they’re left to die.”

The group said 24 new recruits were initiated this weekend.

MinutemanHQ.com ? the combined effort of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps and the Minuteman Project ? has now established more than 25 Minuteman chapters along the U.S.-Mexico border.

The group says its volunteers are trained to peacefully assist in the detection of illegal border crossings, which are then reported to U.S. Border Patrol officials.

Where ever the Minutemen are posted, the border is secure. The migrants and drug runners [and the terrorists among them] must wait until their patrol is over to cross or they are forced into another area. It doesn?t cost a lot of money to put boots on the ground and the Minutemen have proven that this is all it takes to secure our border.

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