Corruption in Jacumba, CA

James Chase, the CA Minutemen organizer has a good read on thier website.

There is a major drug war going on just south of the border for control of the flow through the area we are working. July 31, 2005, for example. the Minuteman area to our front lit up with rifle and machinegun fire. and, California minutemen were stoned and fired on 5 times at Jacumba, CA on July 23, 2005.

The fear is real and the money is great. What we have on this California Border in East county San Diego is a basic question from the cartel to all involved…”The Silver or the Lead you choose?” That is the apparent message from the Smugglers. The residents are shaking in their boots with good cause. No protection from the Sheriff or the Fed’s. The FBI and the DEA has turned a blind eye. From both the Mexican side and the American side, California Minutemen have been requested to stay in East County.

In my opinion the Sheriff’s department is looking the other way in most cases and in other cases taking the Silver. In my opinion some deputies are actually helping the anti-minuteman by setting up California Minutemen for abuse. Orders from the cartel? Many cops from the Sheriff’s department, the BLM, the Forestry are on our side, in spirit, but we are being told the retribution on residents and anyone that has aided us begins when we leave.

Dirty Cops!

I am being told there are some very dirty cops, by long time residents. Ice is running through their veins and they refuse to do right, are they taking the silver or fearing the lead? Some old time residents in the known say this whole area is buried in corruption.

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