The Race Card

The open border radicals libel everyone as racist. When they play the race card it puts the other side on the defensive and how can anyone prove that they’re not racists? They can’t. The media loves it too because accusations of racism work so well in 10-second sound bytes. It also takes attention away from the real problem. The real problem isn’t the ethnicity of the people crossing our borders it’s that there are so many of them and there seems to be no limit in sight as to how many will eventually settle here.

Anti-illegal immigration groups would be just as upset if 20 million poor French Canadians crossed our northern border and millions more were following in their footsteps. So it’s not about the ethnicity of the people who are coming here.

Anti-illegal immigration groups point out that illegal immigrants lower the standard of living where they settle, not because of their ethnicity, but because they are poor. They place a burden on our medical system and on our educational system. The poor pay very little in taxes compared to the rich and middle class and illegal immigrants often work under the table so there are no taxes collected at all.

When you have large numbers of illegal immigrants you also have more crime. Poor neighborhoods have more crime than rich and middle class neighborhoods. The real kicker is that illegal immigrants commit crimes and they usually go unpunished, seldom are they deported and if they are sent to prison, we end up paying for that too.

Many illegal immigrants and their children will remain poor because Hispanics drop out of high school at a significantly higher rate than whites, blacks or other ethnic groups. Hispanic’s also have a higher birth rate than whites or blacks and we all know that kids are expensive. These are a few of the factors that perpetuate a cycle of poverty for them. Still, some of their children will go on to become doctors and engineers and software designers but their skills will be of no benefit to Mexico or any other country south of the border where they came from. Mexico will still be Mexico.

Open border radicals don’t like it when you bring up these facts. A discussion of the facts will get them nowhere so they label you as a racist. The race card is all they have. They have nothing else and thier lies don’t hold up very well under scrutiny.

The population of the United States continues to climb as millions of illegals cross the border and more babies are born. How many more should we allow to enter our country in the next twenty years? 10 million? 100 million? More?

Will it be politically correct at any point in time to say no more?

The threat of overpopulation is real and it is irresponsible and morally wrong for a nation not to stabilize its population for future generations.

Some of the open border radicals see their efforts as humanitarian aide. But you can’t fix the third world by bringing their people to the United States. Taking in 20 million illegal immigrants has not made Mexico or any country south of the border any less poverty stricken or corrupt. Change has to happen from within those countries. They will have to solve their own problems.

The anti-illegal immigration movement isn’t about racism; it’s about preserving the quality of life for future generations of Americans.

– TheWatchdog

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