The mysterious napsack found by the Minutemen

My favorite radio show here in Los Angeles is The John and Ken show on KFI radio AM640. The other day it was reported that a napsack was retrieved by the CA Minutemen containing phony documents. Here is an update via a Minuteman posting on the SOS forum by the name of “Lobo.”

Aug 5 2005, 07:22 PM

This is what I can tell you about it (I came home from Campo yesterday).

An individual threw a backpack across the fence, from the Mexican side, then attempted to climb the fence.

On our side there was a MinuteMan nearby, who walked up to the location, climbed up on a rock, and looked the guy in the eye.

The individual screamed, jumped off the fence, and ran South.

The pack contained SEVERAL IDs, the name on one of them was Luis Guzman Castellan, on another just Luis Guzman.

Yesterday Jim Chase noticed a pickup truck in the same area, on the Mexican side.
He approached the wall, and said “Hola”.

Two guys jumped out of the truck, one had an M16, one had a sidearm.

Jim walked away, got his weapons, and returned to the fence, telling them everything is fine, he is armed too. One of the individuals pulled out a Federale badge, and demanded the backpack.

Jim replied “Nope, can’t do - it is in the hands of the US authorities”.

There was some yelling, cursing, but that’s where it’s at.

The border is a dangerous place and this is the reason the Minutemen arm themselves. For the most part it seems the migrants are unarmed but the “Coyote’s” that guide them across have guns, the drug runners have guns, and the corrupt Mexican Federales that aide them have guns.


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