Illegal sex offender (6 time deportee) in ICE custody

After six deportations and an enormous criminal record including child molestation, ICE reassures us that they’re going to keep this creature off the streets. Really?

I guess ICE is pretty proud of the work they’re doing because they put this out in a press release.

Illegal Alien Sex Offender

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. - A complaint was issued today on an admitted Mexican gang member, convicted child sex offender and six-time deportee who was arrested last week by Cedar County Sheriff’s Department a day after a high-speed chase with Missouri Highway patrol, and ultimately turned over to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

Roberto Madrigal-Lopez, 33. His extensive criminal conviction history, which includes:

First-Degree Sexual Abuse of a Minor under 14 (10-year sentence) October 2002 Arkansas
Evading a Police Officer and Disregard for Public Safety (16-month sentence), December 1998, California
Re-Entry after Deportation (2-year sentence), January 1996, California federal conviction
Revocation of federal probation for violating 1996 Re-Entry conviction (12-month sentence) August 2004
Auto Theft (16-month sentence), February 1994, California
Sale and Possession of Heroin (3-year sentence), June 1993, California
In addition, Madrigal-Lopez has been deported from the U.S. on: October 1993, March 1995, April 1997, June 1997, November 2000 and March 2005. Re-entering the United States after being formally deported is a felony punishable by up to 20 years in prison.

“Madrigal-Lopez has continually demonstrated that he doesn’t belong in this country,” said Elissa Brown, special agent-in-charge of the ICE Chicago office. “With his extensive criminal activity, we’ll work with the U.S. Attorney’s Office to keep him off U.S. streets.” Brown heads the ICE Office of Investigations which includes a six-state area of: Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky and Wisconsin.


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