Arizona Republican Assembly Votes Unanimously to Censure Senator McCain

The censure measure will be sent to Matt Salmon, chairman of the Arizona GOP — with hopes of a state party censure as well — to all Republican county and legislative district chairmen and will be issued as a press release to the media. No one spoke in support of McCain during discussion of the resolution.

ARA member Bruce Barton, of Safford, authored the resolution. The reasons behind the censure focus specifically on McCain’s amnesty bill for illegal aliens, for deserting the ranks of the Republican Party by undermining Senate President Bill Frist’s recent attempt to change a filibuster cloture rule and for ignoring constitutional concerns with his campaign finance reform law.

The likelihood of persuading Arizona GOP to get on board with the censure is practically nil. The state party typically takes a neutral approach to wayward Republican office holders.

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  1. noel I Doran Says:

    I am a retired INS officer, EOD at Yuma, AZ BP Dec. 1956. I voted for Bush both times and RINO McCain in 2004. I agree with Bush 85% of the time except on his Immigration Amnesty proposal and I disagree with the RINO’s position 100% of the time. I sent him an E-mail complaint stating that I considered it a slap in the face of every Republican for his votes with the minority party, and when he teamed up with Teddy Kennedy who has done more damage to the Immigration Process than any other congressman in the last 50 years, I thought he ought to resign. No anwer of course. There is a solution to the problem of 20 million illegal aliens in the USA. Every employer must provide the name, Date of Birth and the Social Security number of every employee. When the IRS or Social Security Administration finds that the Social Security number was fraudulent, Stolen, or a temporary number provided to the alien by the IRS so that he could file for Earned Income Credit or Child Care Credit, Those wages paid to that illegal alien will be charged to the employer as a profit and he will be charged the commensurate tax on those wages. I think this one thing will take the incentive out of hiring this so called cheap labor. There are quite a few other little items that would help in the long run, such as do away entirely with 2nd preference with over 7 million appl.s on the waiting list to enter, probably, most already here in the USA, already working and sending money home (20 billion to Mexico alone, each year) and how about changing Teddy’s cry of “Family Re-unification” to All Immigration to the USA will be based on Reciprocity, the way they treat us is the way we treat them. Can you imagine if no mexican could become a citizen of the USA. Can you imagine if no Japanese could become a permanent resident of the USA, can you imagine if no french citizen’s child born in the USA could become a citizen of the USA.

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