Day labor centers. What a bad idea.

day laborers
Day labor centers are springing up everywhere and the majority of them are tax payer funded. Why the hell are city council members using our money to encourage illegal behavior? They should work with city police and the local area business to drive these illegals out of the area. Although I think the only thing that is going to put a stop to this is interior immigration enforcement and that means deportation.

I love this quote from this article.

The project came about, Mr. Humpton said, because some residents were concerned about the effect of day laborers on the community.

What that means is that day laborers were urinating, defecating and leaving trash all over the street.

Mr. Humpton said officials considered church members’ concerns when choosing the site for the center. “It’s not a very visible location,” he said. The goal of the center is “to keep these people out of the neighborhood,” he said.

These folks are new to the whole day labor dilemma. You can’t build them a center, especially one in a remote location away from the “action.” The migrants won’t use it. It’s a waste of tax payer money and it legitimizes their activity.

I would like to see a bill in California that bans the use of public funds for day labor centers. I would also like to see the “Johns” who hire them spend some time in jail and recieve a stiff fine. It would be wise for the IRS to sniff their butt too.

Here’s a site that collects pictures of day laborers.

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