Kids that can’t speak English won’t graduate.

American children are being dumbed down by illegal immigrants and the outrageous response by some is to make the English language optional.

Graduation tests in math, reading and other subjects have become an increasingly common way for states to gauge whether students have earned a diploma — even though the content of the exams typically covers material learned through grades nine or 10, not grade 12.

Such tests may not be an accurate way to measure what limited-English students can do, according to the center’s fourth annual review of the exams, released Tuesday.

Some students may fail a math test, for example, because they lacked the English skills to understand the framing of a question, the report found.

I’m sorry but math skills and the ability to communicate in English is important.

The high school exams continue to have little connection to college. Only one state, Texas, specifically aims to tie its test to whether a student is prepared for college.

If they can’t read English in high school they’re in for a shocker when they attend college.

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