I received my CA Border Police petitions and I’m going to collect a few signatures at work today. I have enough petitions for 90 signatures. That seems like a lot for me. I’ve never collects signatures before and I’m not the type that signs petitions either, mainly because I don’t sign anything unless I can read it first and who has time to read these things when you’re going in and out of the grocery store. Even so, I’ve decided to volunteer my time and collect a few signatures. We need a total of 600,000 signatures by December to get the initiative on the ballot. That’s no easy task but they should have paid signature gatherers out in full force soon.

Here is a quote from an ALIPAC archived article.

In neighboring Los Angeles County, the sheriff’s department already has approval to train seven civilian employees this summer for a six-month pilot program to identify jail inmates who are eligible for deportation. About 30 percent of the 18,000 inmates in Los Angeles County custody are foreign-born, but only two federal agents are assigned to determine who should be deported. Meanwhile, overcrowding has forced the county to release 200,000 inmates in the past three years before their sentences were completed. “Our goal is to get them off the street and out of the country so local resources aren’t spent on these individuals,” said sheriff’s Lt. Margarito Robles.

Obviously we need more than a summer pilot program. We need a seperate agency that is solely devoted to enforcing the immigration laws that our federal goverment refuses to act on.

The John and Ken show on KFI AM640 will be gathering signatures this friday.
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  1. Kevin Says:

    Team Watchdog -

    I’ve requested petitions, as well.
    600K is a lot by December!

    I’ve been toying with some ideas on how to get as many as possible.
    Why can’t we leverage the many “urban” events like MLB/NFL games, Festival of Sails, Street Scene, etc., shopping malls, Von’s, whatever has high traffic.

    I’ve also asked Rick Roberts and Roger Hedgecock to do Petition Drive Bys similar to KFI’s.

    Good luck!,

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